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How To Cure Your Sugar Addiction

How to stop sugar addiction  – There are few things more enjoyable in life than a delicious sweet treat.


How To Stop Sugar Addiction


Sugary goodness is something that most of us have craved at some point if not currently.


If you are among the millions currently craving sugar, and at a chronic level, you might have an addiction to the sweet stuff.


We don’t blame you, sugar is super delicious.


However, too much it has known negative health effects. How to stop sugar addiction, it can lead to a host of metabolic issues such as diabetes and obesity as well as poor oral health.


Excess sugar consumption has also been linked to hormonal imbalances such as a decline in male testosterone.


With all that considered, it’s pretty clear that limiting sugar intake is an important step, and to do this, you have to eliminate your sugar cravings.


Why We Crave Sugar


Sugar has a natural purpose in our lives. The sweetness associated with sugar indicates a food source high in easy to metabolize energy.


How To Stop Sugar Addiction


In nature, many plants, especially when it comes to their fruits and flowers, have capitalized on the demand for sugar.


These parts of plants contain high concentrations of sugar which then entice animals into eating or interacting with them, thus assisting in their reproductive process.


The quick release of energy provided by sugar creates a conditioned behavior that causes us to seek it out.


In modern times, however, this natural demand has been twisted into a full-blown addiction with the advent of refined sugar and added sugar.


The level of sweetness and energy density in industrially processed sugar has taken a natural affinity and turned into a national addiction.


Why Sugar Is So Hard To Escape

The problem with escaping the orbit of sugar cravings is that sugar is everywhere.

How To Stop Sugar Addiction

You would assume that sweets and candy should be your only concern when it comes to which foods to look out for, but the truth is, sugar is added in some form or fashion to almost all the food you buy and eat.


That’s because the majority of the food we consume is processed, and adding sugar is one of the key aspects of economically viable food processing.


Sugar is such a fixture in processed foods for 2 major reasons:


  1. It's tasty and addictive, ensuring repeat sales and more profit.
  2. It's a cheap and easy preservative meaning higher product value for lower cost, leading to bigger profits.


So the real reason sugar is so hard to escape is money, but you can save yourself and the country a whole lot more money by avoiding the health, risk here is how to stop sugar addiction.


And with that, here are 5 ways you can eliminate your sugar cravings and reduce your intake.


5 Simple Ways To Cure Sugar Cravings

Reduce Your Exposure to Sugar

Reducing your exposure to sugar is the first and probably hardest step.


How To Stop Sugar Addiction


This will require you to start with what’s at home.


All the stashes of candy, cake, and ice cream you usually have lying around will have to go.


You will have to take it further than that and eliminate most of the processed food you have lying around.


This food will most likely contain excess added sugar in some form or fashion.


The next way in which you can eliminate sugar from your daily life is by limiting your exposure to situations and environments where sugar is in excess abundance.


Limit your interactions with buffet tables, fast food restaurants, overly festive events and try and communicate your preferences with those that care and understand so they can not only assist you in reducing sugar exposure, but they can also hold you accountable.


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Switch to More Unsweetened Foods and Drinks.

Decrease your intake of sweet-tasting foods and enjoy more savory flavors instead.


Your sugar cravings are greatly linked to the pleasure brought about when your taste buds are stimulated. That means even healthy sweet foods such as organic whole fruit could be holding you back from curbing your cravings.


Increase in Protein intake

Increasing protein intake has been shown to decrease appetite and with it a decrease in sugar cravings.


How To Stop Sugar Addiction


When you are very hungry, one of the first things your body recognizes is a need for energy, and what is the easiest form of energy to access? That’s correct, sugar.


Protein helps here because it is very satiating. It creates a sense of fullness higher than most other things you will eat.


Your body will generally shut down any cravings once you feel physically full, and protein is the best way to do this.


Increase Fiber Intake

Fiber is another satiating food component that provides similar benefits to protein.


How To Stop Sugar Addiction


Because it is indigestible, it is also not affecting your energy balance or caloric input.


Fiber also has the added benefit of lowering blood sugar. It does this by limiting the absorption of any sugar you happen to have eaten, acting as a gatekeeper to the effects of sugar you may have consumed.


Limit Your Use Of Artificial Sweeteners

This might sound counter-intuitive, but limiting your use of artificial sweeteners can reduce sugar cravings.


That’s because while artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose are great for limiting the health impact of sugar consumption, they do little in the fight against sugar addiction.


Sugar addiction is primarily a sweetness addiction. You are craving the taste of sugar.


So by replacing actual sugar with something that is actually sweeter, you aren’t extracting yourself from the psychological dependence one bit.


As we previously stated, you should aim to limit your exposure to anything that tastes sweet, regardless of its health implications.



Sugar cravings and sugar addiction are common, and occur to some degree in everyone.


Recognizing that your cravings are a life hindering problem is a mental journey.


That’s why just as with any other form of addiction, how to stop sugar addiction we strongly recommend the support of experienced profession

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