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Real or Fake! How To Spot Bogus Weight Loss Claims

Real or Fake! How To Spot Bogus Weight Loss Claims


Let's face it, health and fitness are now billion-dollar industries. It's crazy to think that something that we had full access to through basic human activity has now been successfully commodified and commercialized by a free market.


Walking and hiking wherever you needed to go, lifting what needed to be moved and swimming across what needed to be crossed were once upon a time, things we just did. Eating whole, unprocessed food was just how all food was.


But now all that is gone. What didn’t leave, was the benefits these things brought to our lives.


And because of this, the reintroduction of healthy habits that we once took for granted now comes with a hefty price tag.


While most of these commercial health and fitness products and services such as gyms and supplements offer the proclaimed benefits, there are a few less genuine offerings out there.


Health And Fitness Scams.

There was once upon a time a trend that swept the internet. Instant Abs! Everyone and their grandmother’s dog was promising the best workout for 1-week abs or something similar to that effect.


These claims and the businesses that profited from them were gradually understood to be scams.


Firstly, you can't grow your abs in a way that eliminates overlying belly fat. And secondly, even if site-specific belly fat reduction were possible, most of the workouts were absolutely bogus when it came to effective muscle building.


In spite of this particular brand of bogus fitness being debunked, health and fitness scams still run rampant. The most popular among them is the weight-loss scams.


This article will delve into several ways you can spot a fake weight loss claim, product or service before you end up getting duped.


But before that, make sure you take a look at our Life Renu supplements store. Our product is genuine nutritional supplements, backed by sound science. We don't make any promises about what our supplements do, and we advise you to use them just as we call them, supplements.


And with that said, let's help you peel the veil behind some of the weight loss industry scams.



5 Ways To Spot A Weight Loss Scam





1. Results Are Promised Too Quickly

Any weight loss or diet plan that promises drastic results in lightning speed is doing one of two things.


1: it's outright lying to you because healthy weightloss from current to goal weight for most obese and overweight people cannot be achieved in mere weeks. It takes months and maybe even years, along with a total lifestyle shift.


2: it's not lying, but the weight loss method is totally unhealthy. This would be a crash diet where a drastic reduction in calorie intake is the go-to method.


This typically leads to the weight piling back on as quickly as it was lost.


Whatever the outcome, a huge red flag is a diet or weight loss plan that promises too much, too soon.



2. No Medical or Scientific Evidence

Do your research, and we don't mean go read a bunch of blogs, that includes this one. Research means scientific, peer-reviewed articles that come from expert research in the field of nutrition and health.


If any claims, processes or ingredients your weight loss product/service comes with aren’t backed by science, it's probably a great idea to steer clear.



3. Radical Claims

Aside from promising unrealistically quick results, scammy products and services often come with other radical claims.


Slogans such as “get the body you always dreamed of” or “look like a CoverGirl with this miracle cure” stand as radical claims that are too good to be true.


A good and honest supplement will not only avoid such crazy claims, but it will also come with a ton of disclaimers that actually kind of lower your expectations for a realistic experience.



4. Presented as a Single Source Solution

Losing weight the healthy way requires many different inputs and controls that manage all the different variables at play.


Any weight loss plan or product that promises a one-stop solution is a lie. There are no magic diet pills or secret herbal teas that are going to be your one-way ticket to abs and thigh gaps.


Weight loss is a full-on journey that requires many things about the way you live your life to change.



5. Celebrity Endorsement

In this day and age, we can all agree that celebrity does not equal role model or goodwill ambassador.


So when a weight loss product is being endorsed by a rich, famous person, it's a highly suspicious thing.


Celebrities often have teams of personal health and fitness experts managing every aspect of their lifestyle in order to help establish the desired body composition.


The ones that don't, are certainly not relying on a jar of skinny gummies to keep them toned.


Products that are backed and endorsed by independent science are the ones to trust.


Final Words

It's so easy to get confused with what’s real or fake in today’s world. Things are so easily misrepresented, facts are often skewed and reality just isn’t what it used to be before the internet.


But if you’re shopping around for healthy ways to lose weight, you can at least rely on these five points to guide you away from potential scams.




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