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How to Speed Up Your Metabolism in 8 Easy Steps

How to speed up your metabolism – The chemical reactions that are constantly happening in our body to keep it alive, functioning and active are all known under one name and its metabolism.

It’s important to know how to speed up your metabolism or increase your metabolic rate because higher metabolic rate increases the calories that are burned and this improves your chances to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.


So if you’re looking for a way, how to speed up your metabolism and do it naturally you’re in the right place because we have prepared quite a few easy ways that combined together will surely speed up your metabolic rate and get you to a point where the weight loss process is much easier and faster.

Hydrate With Cold Water

Cold water has a much better effect on your metabolism compared to other drinks that have added sugars and many individuals that are drinking water have higher success rate at losing weight.

The reason is because of the high calorie count that is present in sodas and drinks.

Drinking water often might also speed up your metabolism and this was discovered in a few studies where the resting metabolism was increased by up to 30% for a whole hour after drinking 0.5l of water.

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Cold water also uses more energy which increases the effect of burning calories because the body has to bring the water to its own temperature.

Another good reason to drink water is that it will help you eat less especially if you drink about half an hour before your meal.

A research done on this discovered that people who drank 0.5l water before they ate were able to lose more weight contrasted to the ones who didn’t.

Increase Your Protein Consumption

Increasing your overall food intake can get your metabolism increased because of the thermic effect of food or TEF which occurs because there are extra calories that must be digested, processed and absorbed.

Food that is high in protein spikes the TEF the most and may increase your metabolism by up to 30%.

It’s also known that eating more protein rich foods fills you up faster and it may stop you from eating too much. How to speed up your metabolism, a research that was done on a small group of participants resulted in people eating 441 calories less on average when their meals consisted of 30% protein.

Another benefit of eating protein rich food is that you won’t suffer from losing muscle tissue which often happens if you’re on a diet for weight loss.

high protein foods with low calories

Consume Spicier Food

The reason behind this is the compound called capsaicin that is present in peppers and it can increase your metabolism.

If you’re someone who enjoys spice, you’ll have no problem to get to the dose that shows results but some people aren’t able to because the does that needs to be consumed might be too spicy for them.

Consume Spicier

A research discovered that consuming capsaicin in average doses is burning 10 more calories per one meal which means losing about 0.5kg in a span of 6 and a half years.

It’s not a big change but if you are looking to speed up your metabolism every little bit of help is good.

Drink Oolong and Green Tea

These two types of teas are able to increase our metabolism for about 5%. They are able to turn some stored fat in our bodies to fatty acids that are able to burn through fat tissue and increase the process of burning fat by up to 17%.

Oolong and Green Tea

Another benefit of these teas is that they don’t have too much calories and help with weight loss.

Research done on them isn’t conclusive especially about their metabolism boosting properties and there’s some that doesn’t support that they are able to increase the metabolism but it might be possible for these teas to be effective on some people while others have no effects at all.

Drink Caffeinated Drinks

The caffeine in coffee and other caffeinated drinks is linked to increasing metabolism by up to 11% while it also supports burning fat.

Drink Caffeinated

A study that was done on women discovered that women who were lean had their metabolism increased by 29% while those who were obese had a lower increase of 10%.

Another benefit that you get when drinking these types of drinks is that they increase your weight loss process and weight maintenance ability.

Avoid Cooking Fats and Use Coconut Oil Instead

Coconut oil is much better for speeding up your metabolism when compared to cooking fats because of the medium-chain fats who are able to give a boost to your metabolism much more than the long-chain fats present in cooking fats such as butter.

Coconut Oil or MCT Oil

A research done on this discovered that medium-chain fats were able to speed up the metabolism for 12% while long-chain fats raised it to only 4%. Another benefit of coconut oil is that it might also help with weight loss.

Get Enough Sleep

People who aren’t getting enough sleep have been linked with a higher risk of becoming obese. That is probably because people who are sleep deprived have bad effects on their metabolism.

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Not getting enough sleep is also closely connected to developing type 2 diabetes because it raises your blood sugar levels and your insulin resistance.

Another reason is that sleep deprivation increases the creation of gherlin which is a hormone that increases hunger and lowers the creation of leptin which is a hormone that helps you know you’re full.

Start Exercising

Exercising regularly is also a way to increase your metabolism because when you exercise you’re increasing your muscle mass and the more muscle tissue you have the faster your metabolism is because muscles have higher metabolic rate and burn much more calories on a daily basis when compared to fat tissue.

Start Exercising

Lifting weights is one way to go when it comes to exercise but you can also go for a high intensity interval workouts too.

They are both great ways of increasing your metabolic rate, burning fat and increasing muscle tissue which is much more active and speeds up your metabolism.


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