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Natural Remedies For Diabetes To Lower High Glucose Level

How to Reduce Sugar Level Home Remedies

An estimated 27 million Americans are said to suffer from diabetes. Diabetes occurs when your pancreas (a gland located behind your stomach) does not produce enough of the hormone insulin or when a body is not able to use said insulin. Simply put, diabetes is when there’s too much sugar in your bloodstream. High blood sugars can be very dangerous if not properly managed; it can lead to both short and long-term complications.

What to Do If You Suspect Diabetes

When left untreated, diabetes can lead to alarmingly high levels of glucose in the blood; also referred to as Hyperglycemia. For Type 1, this can quickly lead to an emergency.

Type 2 diabetes can lead to serious complications such as strokes, diseases of the eyes, nerves, and kidneys, cardiac and other vascular disorders, and hypertension.

If you have diabetes, you need to call your doctor if you contract an illness with chills and fever, such as flu, dental infections, or urinary infections. You should also consult with your doctor if you develop any skin sores, rashes, or any other skin changes that do not seem to heal.

Can Diabetes Be Prevented?

There are no known prevention measures for Type 1 diabetes. However, you can lower risk of Type 2 diabetes by:

    Exercising regularly

    Avoid smoking

    Avoid high triglycerides

    Avoid low HDL cholesterol levels

    Control your weight

    Manage your diet

Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Eat Foods Rich in Proteins


How to Reduce Sugar Level Home Remedies


Incorporating high-quality protein foods in your meals can help improve your health in various ways such as lowering high glucose levels and increasing your muscle mass and strength. Additionally, a high-protein diet also reduces blood pressure, aids in losing weight, especially belly fat, and can help fight diabetes. Consume foods that are low on carbs and high in proteins such as fish, beans, oats, chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, etc.


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Apple Cider Vinegar


How to Reduce Sugar Level Home Remedies


For decades, Apple Cider Vinegar has been used as a remedy for many types of illnesses and ailments. Derived from acetic acid in fermented apple cider, these capsules have been found to be effective in lowering blood pressure sugar levels – making them very beneficial to people with diabetes.

Apple Cider Vinegar supplements contain vitamins, amino acids, and mineral salts. These supplements are best known for boosting the immune system, improving the digestion, improving on a variety of ailments, and raising your metabolism. The supplements are mainly used as a detoxification aid or to help control the blood pressure in people with diabetes, and in some cases, for weight loss.

The most thoroughly researched benefit of apple cider vinegar is in the area of type 2 diabetes. Several studies have proven that vinegar helps lower the blood glucose levels.

A study conducted in 2004 in the American Diabetes Foundation’s Publications Diabetes Care showed that taking vinegar supplements before meals increased insulin sensitivity and reduced the glucose and insulin levels that tend to occur after meals.

Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

Research has shown that consuming a low-carb diet reduces blood sugar levels. The body breaks down carbs into sugar that the body then uses as energy. Do note that eating too many carbohydrates can cause high glucose levels. Simply put, reducing the number of carbs you eat will reduce the amount of your blood sugar level.

Eat Low Glycemic Index Foods

The glycemic index measures and ranks foods based on how much they cause glucose levels to rise. Research conducted by NCBI showed that following a low glycemic index diet can decrease the glucose levels. Some examples of low glycemic foods include:

  • Low-fat milk
  • Leafy greens and non-starchy vegetables
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Fish
  • Nuts, seeds, and legumes

*The best low glycemic index foods should score below 55 on the glycemic index.


How to Reduce Sugar Level Home Remedies

A recent study showed that cinnamon could improve fasting blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes. When cinnamon is used in foods regularly, it can significantly reduce blood glucose, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. Sprinkle this delicious spice on anything you desire. It's especially beneficial when paired with higher carbohydrate foods such as sweet potatoes or oatmeals.


How to Reduce Sugar Level Home Remedies

Garlic is known as one of the oldest medicines worldwide. Garlic has a profound effect of reducing blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol and triglycerides. Garlic should be consumed in its raw state for better results. Try blending it and adding it to salad dressings to get the benefits.


How to Reduce Sugar Level Home Remedies

Oregano is a favorite spice used in Spanish, Italian, and Mediterranean cooking. Oregano is said to be one of the best herbs to lower glucose levels and prevent or delay the onset of renal damage.

Stay Hydrated

How to Reduce Sugar Level Home Remedies

The key to a healthier lifestyle is proper hydration. It's especially crucial for people trying to lower high glucose levels. Drinking a lot of water prevents the body from dehydrating and helps the kidneys remove any excess sugar and toxins from the body through the urine.

As simple as it might seem, drinking a lot of water and keeping your body hydrated is a natural remedy for diabetes to lower high glucose levels. Avoid all sugary drinks such as sodas and fruit juice – stick to water or Greek yogurt to avoid raising your blood sugar levels.

Drink Matcha Green Tea Powder

How to Reduce Sugar Level Home Remedies

Matcha green tea is not something new – it has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine thanks to its healing and immune boosting abilities. This powder comprises of potent antioxidant properties – Matcha tea does not come in tea bag form – the entire powder is added to boiling water. This way, a user can derive all benefits from it. A recent study conducted in 2011 and published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that this green tea could significantly help lower total cholesterol. When cholesterol is lowered in a body, there are visible improvements in overall blood circulation which in turn decreases blood pressure.

Preparation is quite simple. Pour almost boiled water into a cup and add your powder. Use your matcha whisk to dissolve it into your water and there you have it. If you wish to drink it in your lattes or smoothies, just add about one teaspoon powder to a sizeable vegan protein shake. Drink Matcha is culinary grade Matcha green tea powder and can be made as a tea, delicious lattes, smoothies or used in foods and cooking.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to consult your doctor before trying any natural remedy in addition to your standard treatment. Inform your physician about any supplements, herbs, and other natural treatments you are using to ensure they do not clash with your medications. Better to be safe than sorry. And remember not accurately controlling diabetes can lead to life-threatening consequences.


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