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How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

How to reduce inflammation in the body fast – Inflammation is something that can happen to anyone and it’s a natural process that happens when our body is damaged and needs healing or is in need of a defense against some harm.

How to reduce inflammation in the body fast

While inflammation is good when we have a damaged tissue, if it persists afterwards and develops into a chronic one it becomes very harmful.


It’s possible that it lasts for weeks and even years and might develop other health issues which is why knowing how to reduce inflammation in the body fast can prevent many health problems that might develop in the future.


Get Enough Sleep

As adults we need about 7-8 hours of sleep for our body and mind to function properly and be able to give in the best.

This doesn’t mean that you need to sleep only one day for that long but make it a habit and do it continuously. If you’re constantly getting less than enough sleep it may result in getting some inflammation even if you’re the healthiest person.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

It also increases the chances to get some metabolic problems like become obese, develop a heart disease, type 2 diabetes and sometimes even Alzheimer’s and dementia. Resting properly is one of the ways to reduce inflammation in the body that acts fast.


Eat plenty of salads

Leafy green salad is extremely good for reducing inflammation so the more you can eat of those the better it is for your body.

It takes just a few minutes to toss in a few salad ingredients like spinach, lettuce, kale, arugula and pack it up to take it to work and not only it’ll help you battle inflammation, it’s a much healthier meal altogether.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

Leafy greens are good anti-inflammatory food because they have an abundance of anti-oxidants and substances that battle inflammation and stop free radicals from developing new inflamed placed.


Walk your dog

Exercising regularly is the best way to reduce inflammation fast but if you’re not the exercise type at least take your dog for a walk and walk alongside him as well. It’s not nearly enough but it’s much better than not doing it.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

A study done in 2017 showed that by taking a walk of only 20 minutes participants showed reduced levels of inflammatory blood markers. So if you’re not feeling like you want to work out today, it’s ok but make sure you take at least 20 minutes for a walk.


Try not to go hungry

Make sure you’re not hungry at any point of the day but also make sure that you’re not stacking up on food from the vending machine. How to reduce inflammation in the body fast  a snack that is rich on fiber and protein is ideal when you’re feeling like you need something to eat so packing up an apple and eating it with some peanut butter should be a delightful snack.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

If you’re not a fan of apples you can also go for cheese cubes and almonds or hummus with some veggies. The whole point is to stay away from sugars and carbs so that your blood sugar levels remain normal and lower the chance of getting a sudden craving or a burst of hunger.

Keeping your blood sugar level normal is a way to prevent inflammation and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity.



Eat spices

Eating some spicy food with some garlic is a great way to battle inflammation. Although it might be logical to people that spicy food would cause more inflammation, researchers found out that it’s actually battling to reduce it.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

Spices and herbs like garlic, turmeric, cumin, ginger, fenugreek, rosemary, and cinnamon are able to reduce inflammation that is associated with degenerative brain conditions, cancer, respiratory issues and heart disease.



Avoid alcohol

While drinking alcohol in moderate quantities might be good for your body and has some benefits, drinking a lot of it has very negative effects and the line between those two is very thin and very easy to go overboard.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

Taking a break from any alcohol consumption along with adjusting your diet will give your body a chance to battle the inflammation and reduce it significantly.

It doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment to stop drinking alcohol but avoiding it entirely for some time should help you with your inflammation issues.



Take a fast

Intermittent fasting is something you could consider as a way to reduce your inflammation.

It’s not something everyone should try just for the sake of it but if you tried everything else, you can go ahead and see if intermittent fasting will help you with your issue.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

Researchers found that this type of fasting has anti-inflammatory effects on our system and it’s able to reduce not just inflammation but lower the risk of heart disease, inflammatory bowler disease, brain health and insulin sensitivity.



Use probiotics

Avoiding added sugars helps you gut and the good bacteria that are living in it. How to reduce inflammation in the body fast, trans fats are also something you should avoid because they are also harmful for these bacteria and the best way to go is to focus your diet on whole foods or ones that aren’t processed too much.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

Products like yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, and miso are some of the best ones that have probiotics in them that are valuable for the good bacteria living in our gut.

When the gut has a stronger microbe barrier it’s much harder to become inflamed and it’ll reduce any inflammation that is already present.


Replace one of your coffee breaks with green tea

Caffeinated drinks are all good to wake you up and keep you focused but green tea is something that will help you with your inflammation issues a lot so try to cut back on at least one of your daily coffee drink and replace it with a green tea.

How to Reduce Inflammation in The Body Fast

The green tea has polyphenol substances that reduce the radical damage and prevent from being further inflamed.

There are a few studies that people who drink green tea often has a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s, cancer and other joint conditions.

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