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How To Protect Against Corona Virus

After previous pandemics, the coronavirus is coming across as one of the most lethal pandemics. Up till now, more than 1,286,200 persons have fallen victim to the disease. However, the number of recovered patients is higher than the number of deaths.


How To Protect Against Corona Virus



At the time of writing this article, we have around 943,966 active cases. Out of these cases, 897,961 are mild cases whereas, 46,005 are in critical condition. The number of closed cases is 342,328, in which around 271,882 have cover come to the virus, and 70,446 have passed away.



How to Protect Yourself from the Virus

The coronavirus is a lethal virus; however, protecting yourself from it is very easy. When you look at the report, they will tell you that around 80% of people that get the virus will recover on their own without any special medical treatment.



  • Washing your Hands

By now, you must know about the primary safety measures you need to take to protect yourself from the virus. The first of the safety measures is washing your hands for a good 20 seconds. Ten seconds of lathering your hands with soap and then rinsing for another 10 seconds that all the viruses’ go in drain. To ensure that you are free from viruses and germ, make sure that you disinfect your hands with disinfectant or a hand sanitizer.


  • Use a Tissue

Another necessary precaution is that you should sneeze and cough on a disposable tissue. If you do not have access to a disposable tissue, you can also sneeze into your flexed elbow. For a reason, COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, and it spreads through droplets of infected persons sneeze or cough.


  • Self-isolation and Quarantine

You need to avoid contact with people at any cost as long as this virus is around. Try that you stay on 3 feet to 1 meter. It is a safe distance. Try to maintain this distance from people who you know are sick or unwell.

The best way to protect yourself from this dangerous disease is by staying home as much as you can. You need to self-isolate yourself and quarantine yourself at home. It will help you stay away from the virus all over. You will not see a potential corona patient and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.




  • Disinfecting your house

Disinfecting your house and the high touch places of your home is very important during this pandemic. It will keep your house clean and free from germs.

When someone comes from outside, make sure they leave their shoes outside the house. They need to wash their hands as soon as they come in and disinfect their hands with a sanitizer or a disinfectant.


  • If a Family Member falls Sick

If any of your family members fall sick, you must quarantine them in a room for around 14 days. Make sure the place you allot them has a separate restroom so that they do not need to leave the room.

If the member falls sicker, report to the authorities that they take them to a medical facility and start with unique treatments.


  • Avoid Touching your Face

It is one of the essentials in the precautionary measures against COVID-19 that you entirely avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes. Especially if you came from outside and you know that they are not clean.

You must know that the disease spreads through droplets, and your hand might have the disease on it if you have come from outside or your hands are dirty. For this reason, you need to avoid touching your face altogether.


  • Protect Yourself from Flu

You might know that COVID-19 is a respiratory disease whose primary symptoms are the same as the flu. For this reason, you need to protect yourself from the flu. You need to keep away from things that might trigger you sinuses like dust, cold beverages, and other flu triggering foods and stimuli.


What is Coronavirus?

Many people think that coronavirus is a newly found virus. However, that is not the truth. Scientists first discovered the coronavirus in the 1960s. Since then, the virus kept on evolving, and currently, we see a mutated form of the virus.


The coronavirus is a family of viruses that mostly affects birds and mammals. Since humans are also mammals, it affects them too. The coronavirus family causes respiratory diseases and infections in the respiratory tract.



In most cases, the virus causes mild damage like the common cold, and in other cases, it causes diseases like COVID-19, SARS, or MERS. The symptoms of the COVID-19 vary among species.


You would be unhappy to know that up till now, there is no vaccine for the COVID-19 or an anti-viral drug. However, medical professionals are trying to treat it with vaccines for similar diseases and anti-viral drugs.


In other news, the coronavirus is a subfamily member of Orthocorornavirinae. It also paty of the Coronaviridae, the order Nidovirales, and also from the realm of Riboviria. All of these viruses are single-strand positive-sense, and nucleocapsidis, enveloped together with helical symmetry. It is an RNA virus of approximately 27-34 kilobases, which makes it the largest amongst all RNA viruses.


The coronavirus’s name comes from the Latin word corona, whichmeans ‘crown.’ this is because of its attributes that resemble a solar corona, as it has virus particles around it, which you might know as virions. When you see the virus under an electron microscope that has a two-dimensional transmission, it also has protein spikes that look like horns.


How the Coronavirus Kills

Many people are still taking the COVID-19 pandemic as a joke. They need to know that if they get the coronavirus, they will die in the most brutal ways as possible. You need to acknowledge that the virus is lethal, and you need to help the world by staying at home.


You get attacked by the virus once you come in contact with the person who has the virus. You can get the virus from the microdroplets floating in the air, or you can get in touch with someone that has the virus via shaking hands, using their utensils, hugging, or any kind of contact if an infected person.


How To Protect Against Corona Virus


When the virus enters your body, you will start feeling the initial symptoms. The initial signs are that you start feeling like you have flu. You will see that you have a runny nose, you start having dry coughing, chest congestion,and slight fever.


The good news is that 80% of the people recover from corona in this stage. However, you need to have a robust immune system to improve in this stage.


Later you enter the second stage if you do not recover in the first stage. At this stage, you will start feeling pneumonia symptoms. These symptoms are fever, chills, sweating, coughing, shallow or rapid breathing, a feeling of being stabbed in the chest when you cough, and loss of appetite. You start feeling like you have very low energy, and you also feel fatigued.


Then you enter the next stage where you would need a ventilator. At this stage, you will feel like you are worse, and at this stage, you need to report yourself to doctors. You will start feeling that your chest has a lot of burden on it. There will be a cloud form in your lungs and around your rib cage. At this stage, if you do not have a ventilator supporting your lungs, you might die.


At this stage, doctors are only fighting to keep you alive until COVID-19 completes its cycle.


Now you enter one of the most critical stages of the disease. In this stage, your body will start fighting for itself, and it starts producing a liquid in the lungs. The liquid will fill your lungs and try to combat the cloud in your chest. If you survive in this stage, your body will start healing itself, and you will go back to normal after defeating the disease. However, very few people are able to recover from this stage.


Final Feedback

The coronavirus is one of the deadliest epidemics that humans are currently seeing. Many people say that the virus is human-made. However, the virus shows no signs that someone engineered it in a laboratory. It is a mutated virus that is here to kill humans.


If you want to save yourself from the horrors of the COVID-19, you need to protect yourself from the virus at all costs. You never know if your immune system is strong enough to deal with the illness.


However, you are aged and you have some lung disease or you get sick quickly, you need to remain more cautious. You need to take all the measures that governments around the world are regulating.


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