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How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

How to make coffee without a coffee maker – If you don't have a coffee maker? Are you on the road or in the back-country and in need of some campfire coffee? No worries, we have a solution for when you don't have your go-to coffee-making supplies. How to make coffee without a coffee maker, is provided here! It's a simple way to brew coffee without using any complicated machinery and is also known as “Cowboy Coffee.”

There is a significant probability that the coffee you're going to make won't be one of your best because you don't have a coffee maker. However, there are a few straightforward and well-known procedures you can take to ensure that it will be almost as delicious:

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

With this method you can make a coffee without any coffee maker
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 13 minutes
Course Drinks
Servings 2 People
Calories 28 kcal


  • Tea Kettle


  • 3 tablespoons ground coffee
  • Hot water
  • Salt Pinch of


  • Use ground coffee bean's for awesome taste


Keyword How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

If you have all the necessary tools, you can make coffee without a machine. Here are the basic steps, or you can find the “how to make coffee without a coffee maker” below:

Boil the water using whatever method you have access to.

To make the perfect cup of coffee, start by blooming the coffee grounds. Add the coffee and salt to a small pot, jar, or coffee mug. Add enough boiling water to just wet the grounds and let sit for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, fill the mug with boiling water and stir.

Brew the coffee: Wait 4 minutes.

We recommend using a strainer to strain the coffee into a mug. If you don’t have a strainer, you can dribble a bit of cold water across the top of the hot coffee, which will make the grounds sink to the bottom. For more information on the straining process, keep reading.

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how to make coffee without a coffee maker


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