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Health Hacks To Boost Metabolism

How to increase your metabolism – When it comes to weight loss, we’ve all heard how metabolism plays a role, even if it’s not in a very informative way.

How to increase your metabolism

 Simply put, the understanding is that the faster and more effective one’s metabolism is, the easier it will be for them to lose weight and ultimately look good.


 Some people pride themselves on having a “fast metabolism” and ascribe their enviable physiques to this. This is under the presumption that metabolic activity is governed primarily by genetics, and those with fast metabolisms are genetically privileged.


 But the question of what governs metabolic rate is far more varied that a question of genes. How to increase your metabolism, there are so many variables, most of which are under your control, but in order to truly tap into them, you need to understand what really makes your metabolism tick.



How to Increase Your Metabolism?

So your metabolism has 3 basic tasks. It breaks down organic matter for energy (catabolism), it builds up organic matter using energy (anabolism) and it transfers energy for all life functions in the body.


When it comes to breaking down organic matter, it relies on macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat, when it comes to building it up, it creates the components for cells, which are the components of tissues.


So in order to optimize you general metabolic activity, both the breakdown or catabolic phase, build up or anabolic phase and energy transfers need to be happening faster.


How to increase your metabolism


In order to lose weight, you need less anabolism and more catabolism to happen, and this occurs through an energy deficit or caloric deficit.


That is to say, the energy you bring in through eating is less than what your body requires for building. It then turns to internal carbs, fats, and proteins, thereby decreasing your overall biological mass in exchange for life-sustaining energy.


Looking at this, we can see that being slim build has nothing to do with having a great metabolism. Its all about how you end up treating your energy balance.


A really thin person can have a slower metabolism than a sumo wrestler for example. Its all about what exchanges take place



What To Avoid For Metabolic Efficiency

What we just described is the effect your metabolism has. Its efficiency is what you really want to nail.


For your metabolism to operate efficiently, it simply needs to be operating faster, and to operate faster, there needs to be a greater turnover between what you put in and what you burn out.


Before you get to unlock these secrets, you need to understand what to avoid.


One thing you need to be aware of is your energy intake. Losing weight is all about having a caloric deficit right? But that deficit needs to be reasonable and progressive.

How to increase your metabolism



Slashing a drastic amount of calories out of your daily intake will only achieve one thing, a re-calibration of your metabolic set point.


This set point is the optimal set of variable settings your metabolism will function to maintain current conditions. When you gain weight, your metabolism tends to work faster to bring it down. When you lose weight, your metabolism will try and readjust in order to bring you back to a familiar size.


This typically happens when drastic fluctuations are experienced. That's why you should take it easy.


This article will look at ways you can boost your metabolism naturally and healthily, but before we get into that, make sure you check out our Life Renu store for some awesome health-boosting supplements.


And without further ado, lets get right into it



5 Healthy Tips For Boosting your Metabolism



How to increase your metabolism



1. Get Active

Increasing your activity level from where it currently is will definitely boost your metabolism both in the long and short term.


High-intensity activities such as strength training and HIIT cardio have been shown to give prolonged cardio boosts.



2. Rest is Best

Just as being more active is essential to a better metabolism, so is getting more rest.

How to increase your metabolism

This is more essential when we consider sleep.


That's because sleep is where it all happens. How to increase your metabolism, all the growth and repair as well as the manufacturing and release of all the hormones and transport molecules that drive your metabolism.



3. Stay Hydrated

Water is essential to life and is thus an essential component to metabolic activity. It is needed in every step of the process whether its the catabolic or anabolic phase of metabolic activity.

How to increase your metabolism 

Drinking cold water, in particular, has been shown to boost metabolism.


That's because the cooling effect of cold water on the GI tract creates a temperature gradient that the body corrects by boosting metabolic activity.


So drink up, you’re gonna need it.



4. Protein is Key

Protein is not only an essential component of a lot of your tissue and essential biochemistry. It also has the highest energy requirement for digestion out of all the 3 macronutrients.

How to increase your metabolism

This is called the thermic effect of digestion, and when it comes to protein, your body requires about 30% of the total energy value of consumed protein just to digest it.


So eating protein will help boost your metabolism



5. Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee contain caffeine, and caffeine is a known metabolism supercharger.

How to increase your metabolism

This stimulant moleculre has great a thermogenic (heat making) effect on the body, leading to an elevated metabolic function.


It also stimulates physical activity.


We suggest green tea as your caffein fix since it comes packed with other healthy nutrients.




So there you go, how to increase your metabolism, your metabolism and how to boost it in a nutshell.

By making a few worthy tweaks to your daily habits, you can improve your metabolism and the time it takes to reach your weight management goals

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