Sex Drive and Nutrition. How Your Diet Plays A Role

Sex Drive and Nutrition. How Your Diet Plays A Role

How to increase male libido, our sex drive or libido is one of the most coveted attributes regarding the real quality of life.


Our ability to harness our sexual desire and energy is not just fun and games, however. It is also important to our species of course.


How To Increase Male Libido


Reproductive health doesn't just matter in the bedroom too. It is commonly understood that sex drive and libido also drives our ability to be generally productive and not just reproductive.


Creativity and ingenuity in the enterprise, the arts, and competitive sports are all linked to our sexual nature in some way.


That means your ability to tap into your sexual nature is important in daily life too.


So when libido drops, what do we do about it?

What Happens When We Lose our Sex Drive?

Your sex drive is governed by many factors, one of which can easily turn things upside down even if the others are being satisfied.


One big cause is mental state.


High levels of stress or chronic mental illness can have a dampening effect on sex drive.


How To Increase Male Libido


Another reason may be due to age. As we get older, how to increase male libido the hormone balances that drive us to reproduce decline, such as testosterone in men.


Other causes include certain illnesses that limit sexual desire.


In this article, however, we’re going to look at how nutrition plays a role, and exactly what nutrient deficiencies or toxic presence lead to a decline in libido.


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And with that said, let's get right into it!

6 Dietary Deficiencies and Toxins that are Decreasing Your Libido

1. Zinc Deficiency

Zinc deficiency currently affects many Americans. This vital mineral is essential in many bodily functions including the immune system.


It also plays an important function in the health of your reproductive system and hence, your libido.


How To Increase Male Libido


Zinc plays a role in natural testosterone production.


Get your zinc levels up by consuming shellfish such as oysters and grains such as pumpkin seeds.

2. BPA

BPA or bisphenol A is a chemical agent used in the production of most plastics, especially those used in food packaging.


As if the effects of these types of plastics aren’t bad enough on the environment, the presence of BPA also means plastic has a toxic effect on us internally.


This is especially true with regards to the male sex drive where it functions as a synthetic estrogen, counteracting the presence of libido-boosting testosterone.


Look out for plastics with the “BPA Free” label, or avoid plastic altogether.


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3. Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is a unique nutrient in that it actually functions as a hormone that helps with many vital functions such as calcium absorption.


How To Increase Male Libido


It is actually created naturally when certain forms of cholesterol, present in the skin, are activated by the sun’s rays.


Vitamin D also plays an active role in testosterone production. Average year on year declines in male testosterone levels globally have been partly attributed to a decrease in vitamin D levels.


This is both due to dietary deficiency and a decrease in sun exposure because of increasingly in-door, sedentary lifestyles.

4. Trans Fats

Trans fats are the unhealthy version of fat you should definitely avoid. These types of fats, when constant in the diet, lead to chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, making you a breeding ground for all types of diseases.


They also lead to obesity over time as well as the accumulation of LDL or bad cholesterol, both risk factors in declined testosterone production.

5. Cholesterol Balance

How to increase male libido Since we’ve just mentioned vitamin D and trans fats, both of which are linked to cholesterol, let's look at how this fatty molecule plays a role.


So your body is typically dancing between two common forms of cholesterol, LDL or bad cholesterol, and HDL or good cholesterol.


When it comes to your sex drive, you’re going to want more HDL and less LDL.


You’re going to want this like this for your health in general, but when it comes to sex drive in particular, HDL is partially involved in manufacturing testosterone.


So your goal is to increase HDL and increase LDL. by including a diet with more healthy fats (unsaturated fats), moderate saturated fats and far less unhealthy fats (trans fats), you can achieve a healthy cholesterol balance and boost your sex drive.

6. Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are plant-derived estrogenic compounds.


Estrogen, as you may know, is the female sex hormone. It functions in the total opposite way that testosterone, the male sex hormone works.


How To Increase Male Libido


This means, the more estrogen you have in your system, the lower your testosterone. The lower your testosterone, the lower your libido.


Avoid soy or soy containing foods for this very reason.


So there you have it! How to increase male libido Six ways your nutritional habits can kill the mood.


Aside from watching out for these, general lifestyle tweaks like being more active and getting more sleep as well as mental health checks can really tip the scales and get the fire burning again.


If you have any questions you feel this article didn't get to, just drop a comment in the section below, and we’ll get right back to you.

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