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The Real Key to Good Health is … The Gut!


How To Improve Gut Health Naturally


New Research Determines:


The Real Key to Good Health
is … The Gut!


Discover What You Really Need to Know to Protect the Most Valuable Asset You Have – Your Health


How To Improve Gut Health Naturally


This is Your Chance to Find Out How to Become What We Call a ‘Bluezoner’ so You can Live a



What if I told you manyhealth conditions including serious brain diseases like Depression, memory loss and even Alzheimer’sare all directly related to the health of your gut…


Would you believe me?


In a moment, I’m going to show you the devastating impact the foods served to you at your local restaurants and grocery stores are wreaking havoc on your gut health…


Then I’ll give you the 3 steps you can start doing now to help improve your Gut health…


…which in turn may help improvemany health conditions you’re currently facing and prevent you from experiencing them in the future.


Hi, my name is Dr. Ron Eccles, and what I’m going to say next may shock you but it’s the truth – the best thing you can do for the health of your mind and body is take better care of your gut.


How Could Your Gut Possibly Have an Impact on Your Brain Health, for Instance?

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally


How To Improve Gut Health Naturally – Well, it’s due to a little thing called the “gut-brain axis” and I’m going to explain it to you in just a minute.


I’m going to tell you what it is and how you can tap into its power to improve your health and help prevent the development of serious health conditions, such as brain diseases like depression, memory difficulty and even Alzheimer’s.


I’m also going to share three steps you can take to improve your gut health so that you look and feel younger and healthier.


Solet me warn you now – you should get prepared to have your mind blown as you read this!


But before I tell you about the amazing role Gut health plays in our overall health … I want to briefly touch on the harsh environmental factors that we’re all being forced to live with today.


I’m talking about the pollution and chemicals that are all around us.


I’m talking about the processed, GMO-filled foods we’re constantly eating.


All of these things have a direct impact on our gut and eventually our overall health.


It’s a sad fact that… death from brain disease has risen dramatically over the last 20 years andyesthe US is the leading country for brain related diseases


In factfrom 1979 to 2013, brain related diseases increased 66% in men and 92% in women.


In the US, we spend $50,000 annually per dementia patient, which amounts to a total of $200 billion annually.


That’s 200% more than is spent on heart disease patients and 300% more than on cancer patients.


1 in 4 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. 40 Million Americans suffer from anxiety and 10% of the population is on some type of prescribed mood disorder drug.


The numbers go on and on … and they’re not getting better. In fact, they’re getting worse.


The main reason is the failure of medical officials to recognize the “gut-brain axis,” which I’m going to talk about in just a minute.


Let me just say right here, right up front:


Studies Have Proven That Brain Healthcan be Directly Related to What Happens in the Gut!

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally


  • 90% of all human illness can be traced back to an unhealthy gut
  • 55% of the population has Leaky gut which causes inflammation
  • 10% of the population has been diagnosed with diabetes and 30% have pre-diabetes- again this is due to the gut!


Here’s another statistic for you – 1/3 of the US is considered clinically obese and another 1/3 is considered morbidly obese.


That’s 2/3 of the US living in a very unhealthy obese state.


All of these issues stem in some degree from the gut– yes, genetics and our environment also play roles but the gut is a crucial part of the equation.


That’s Why if You’re Battling Health Issues, It’s Most Likely NOT Your Fault!


The traditional medical system, ‘Big Pharma,’ big food manufacturers and the fast food chains have fed us all a bunch of lies to fill their wallets.


Now that’s the bad news … but here’s the good news:


The good news is it’s not too late to fix what ails you.


How To Improve Gut Health Naturally – At Life Renu, we’ve made it our mission to educate the public about the harsh environmental factors facing everyone today and educate you on how to improve your overall health – including by tapping into the power of the gut-brain axis.


So I urge you to keep reading. Get educated now and you can not only help yourself but you can also help your loved ones… such as your parents, your kids and your friends … get healthier as well.


That Brings Me to the “Blue Zones”


What are blue zones?


They are areas of the world that don’t live on the bad foods that Americans consume on a daily basis.


The people that live in these areas of the world eat local organic food, not the processed, GMO filled foods that we eat.


You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that people in these areas – which include Japan, Italy and Greece – enjoy much better health than we do and typically live much longer, healthier lives.


For example, we know that brain-related diseases in blue zones are a mere fraction of what they are in the US.


So today I want to send out an invitation to you and your loved ones to join us and become a Bluezoner.


We know it’s not realistic to pick up and move your family to a BlueZone Country and so we’re going to do something even better for you.


We are going to show you how to the live the BlueZoneLifestyle where you’re currently living.


We are going to show you how to live not just a longer life but a much healthier life that is free of illnesses and brain diseases.


It All Starts With the Gut – and What We  Call the Gut-Brain Axis


Here’s the deal: we have an entire ecosystem of microbes living in our digestive tract called the Gut microbiome and this gut microbiome has a significant say in our physical and even mental well-being.


Actually, of the cells that make up your entire body, 90 percent are your gut microbiome.


That means only 10 percent of you is actually bone, muscle, skin, and other cells.


And these cells aren’t just hanging out. Along what’s called the gut-brain axis, these microbes have a direct line of communication with your brain.


You might think the brain does most of the talking, but research shows those microbes have a lot to say, too.


The bottom line is… healing gut issuesis critical to our whole wellbeing.


One Big Obstacle to Better Gut Health is the Standard American Diet …


How To Improve Gut Health Naturally


How To Improve Gut Health Naturally – The standard American diet is packed with foods that can damage our digestive lining.


For example, preservatives and chemicals in processed Foods can damage the digestive lining, and so can consumption of gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.


Add to our poor diets a number of other factors that are prevalent today, including stress, poor sleep, antibiotics and eating too much sugar and processed or refined foods,and you create an environment in our gut that allows “bad” bacteria to thrive and “good” bacteria to be eliminated.


This imbalance can damage the digestive lining and lead to a number of these health problems.


The thing with damaging the digestive lining is that it can cause leaky gut syndrome, which is when gaps form in the digestive lining allowing harmful pathogens and toxins from waste to spill out into our bodies where they wreak havoc and lead to a variety of illnesses.


Nobody wants that.


If You’reon a Keto, Paleo or Other Low Carb Diet, Pay Special Attention to What Comes Next …


The Human Food Project reports that low-carb diets can create a less acidic environment in your intestines and colon that allows bad bacteria, such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Vibrio and Helicobacter, to bloom.


This is obviously not a good thing.


The Human Food Project also reports that a “low carb microbial community will most certainly lead to increased gut permeability (leaky gut),” which means microbial parts and whole microbes themselves will “leak from the intestinal track into the blood, leading to low-grade inflammation that is at the root of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.”


One way to fight this is to supplement with beneficial bacteria, which I explain in step 3 in just a moment.


LetsNow Discuss How We Can All Protect OurGut&Our Overall Health …

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally


Let me give you three steps you can take to improve your gut health and begin to feel younger and healthier.


Do these three things consistently and you may also find yourself losing weight and increasing your energy.


So here’s step one:Avoid Certain Gut-DamagingFoods


Here are 3 Types of foods you should cut from your diet immediately:


  • #1 is Processed Foods.

Processed Foods


You should avoid eating all processed foodsand here’s why:


Food processing uses higher heat, preservatives, and excess sugar, which results in higher levels of advanced glycation end products or AGEs.


AGEs do exactly what their name implies; they age you more quickly in a variety of ways by increasing your intestinal permeability.

  • #2 is Gluten.

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally

Avoiding Gluten is a good idea for just about everyone at this point.


A recent study found that gluten can cause leaky gut in both celiac and non-celiac individuals.


  • #3 is Lectins.

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally

These are proteins that bind to sugar and consequently your gastrointestinal lining, which can lead to leaky gut and inflammation.


Lectins are found in cereal grains, wheat, legumes, beans, lentils, peas, and peanuts, to name a few.


Other things that are bad for your gut that you should try to cut from your life are:


  • NSAIDS, such as Ibuprofen, Aleve, and Motrin
  • Alcohol
  • Excessive Exercise
  • Chronic stress

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally

Step 2 is to Add Foods That Are Good for Your Gut toYour Diet.

Here are 4 types of foods you should eat more.


  • #1 isgrass fed beef – Grass fed Beef is rich in glutamine, which is great for healing a leaky gut.

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally

On top of its glutamine content, grass fed beef is also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which helps fight inflammation associated with leaky gut syndrome.


  • #2 is bone broth – To repair the tissues of your Stomach lining, your body needs plenty of amino acids.

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally

Bone broth is rich in amino acids, especially the incredibly important glutamine. Glutamine actually helps tighten the joints of your gut lining, reducing leakiness.


  • #3 is Fermented vegetables – Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi, naturally contain pre- and Probiotics, which helps restore microbial balance (a common cause of leaky gut).

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally


How To Improve Gut Health Naturally

That Brings Us to Step 3.


How To Improve Gut Health Naturally – Now we understand that accomplishing step two could be difficult for a lot of people. Not a lot of people enjoy eating fermented vegetables, after all.


Also, buying organic bone broth can be expensive and if you try to make it yourself it can take a lot of time and fill your home with smells that are not exactly pleasant.


So here’s what we’ve done:


We’veCreated the GI RenuProbiotic Supplement!


With this ground-breaking pre and probiotic, men and women can get the essential probiotics they need to maintain good gut health in as little as seconds a day.


That means no expensive trips to the grocery store. No searching for hard to find foods.


No struggling to completely overhaul your diet – though making the changes we suggested above would definitely be beneficial.


Our GI Renu Probiotic contains 40 billion culture forming units (CFUs) to help replenish the beneficial bacteria living in the gut.


Our formula contains what we believe are the most important health boosting bacteria, which may help you quickly feel better, lose weight more easily, and, of course, heal your gut.


So, at last there is a fast, convenient way to rebalance gut bacteria without

altering the diet to include a lot of hard to find, hard to eat foods, without spending tons of money on an organic diet and without having to give up all sugar and other favorite foods.


Among other things this probiotic may help you:


  • Improve irritable bowel symptoms
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce the permeability of your gut
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Fight infection
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Slow the signs of aging
  • Heal the intestinal lining
  • Prevent fat tissue accumulation
  • And much more


Imagine feeling healthier and more energetic than you do now …


Imagine that satisfaction that will come from knowing you’re doing what you should to protect your long-term health …


Imagine being able to become a “bluezoner” who lives a longer,
healthier life …


It may all be possible when you make the commitment to take GIRenu on a regular basis.


Many People Don’t Realize It But Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal when It Comes to Replenishing the Beneficial Bacteria in Your Gut

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally


The problem with many Probiotics is that their bacteria die before they’re able to do any good.


They may die from heat during manufacturing, from exposure to light or from exposure to the acid in your stomach.


However they die … it’s definitely not good for you and your health.


The good news with GI RENUis that you don’t have to worry about any of those things happening with our product.


We’ve carefully manufactured this supplement so that the bacteria make it to your gut.Our MAKTREK Bi-pass Technology makes sure of it.


MAKTREK Technology is a ground-breaking delivery system developed over months of careful testing.


While other probiotics are dissolved in stomach acid and never reach their intended target, we have specially coated our pills to pass safely through the stomach and release the probiotics at their intended target.


That’s right, MAKTREK protects the probiotic strains and makes sure they reach the intestine alive.


Don’t Waste Money on Inferior Probiotics That Dissolve in Stomach Acid!


With GI RENU, you’re also getting a supplement that is 100% natural and made using only ingredients that are tested for purity and quality – no artificial fillers, flavorings, or colorings; just premium ingredients you can trust.


GI RENUis also made in the USA in an FDA-approved lab!


Taking GI Renumay be your opportunity to fight back against weight gain, energy loss and dull skin as well as the serious health conditions we mentioned earlier, such as brain disease.


As You’ve Learned by Reading This Page SoMuch of Our Health Depends on Our Gut

How To Improve Gut Health Naturally

But the gut is often the last thing that people focus on.


Well, I’m here today to tell you that by making an effort to improve the health of your gut, you can dramatically change your life.


At age 52, I was 25+ pounds overweight and heading toward heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. I had a serious addiction to sugar and couldn't out-exercise my poor diet.


I was overweight and in a state of inflammation and toxicity. As a doctor, post-graduate instructor and health speaker, I knew I was headed for trouble.


I decided as a husband, father, son, brother and friend that it was my mission to live a long, quality life. I also decided I wanted to help others do the same.


I finally took control of my health. I started eating to live, taking better supplements – like GI Renu – and retraining my brain to crave healthy lifestyle habits.


As a result, I broke my lifelong sugar addiction, dropped 30+ pounds and massively increased my energy level.


Today at 60, I Feel Like I’m in thePrime of My Life!


I’m fit and healthy despite my gene pool. My goal is live till 105 with maximized quality!


One of my favorite sayings is “stack the deck in our favor”, and I believe you and I have the ability to live a healthier, higher quality life by making some common-sense lifestyle changes.


It all starts with GI RENU.


After doing months of research back when I was overweight and unhealthy, I realized that gut health waswhat was really keeping me from achieving my health goals.


Once I realized this, Itook action and change the way ate.


I immediately introduced daily probiotics into my supplement regime, HOWEVER, I always wondered how they could survive the highly acidic environment of the stomach!


It was years before I discovered the RIGHT probiotic that utilized a proprietary process that ensured that the helpful bacteria made it to my intestines!


I read study after study, book after book.After consulting with digestive experts, eventually a strong consensus emerged.


I needed four particular strains:


  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium lactis
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus paracasei


Now like I said earlier, I realized there was a big problem with most probiotics that are on the market – they don’t ever make it to the intended target … the intestine.


That’s when my team and I, consulting with many experts, discoveredMAKTRAK Bi-Pass Technology.


Now We Had a True Solution to the Poor Gut Health That is Affecting so Many People Today


This is the only solution that contains THE best, most beneficial bacteria that puts them in a highly protective delivery system that ensures they reach the target area alive.


It’s also very important for your supplement to have a PRE-Biotic which is why we formulated GI RENU with just the right amount offructooligosaccharides or FOS for short.


Simply put, Prebiotics are food for your probiotics and they make your probiotics grow and work more effectively.


Prebiotics by themselves are not very effective but when combined with our probiotic strains in GI RENU, they together become a super power.


You’re going to be amazed at the positive effects this supplement may have on you!


You may improve your digestion – that includes being able to get rid of bloating, gas and irregularity.


You may boost your energy as it is well known that fatigue and irritability are often caused by poor nutrient absorption.


As a bonus, your mood may also improve – you may be happier, and you may feel more youthful.


You may also experience a number of other benefits like improved brain function – you may be able to remember things more easily and think of answers faster.


And don’t forget, you could also lose weight and start looking younger!


SoWhat Are You Waiting For?


Order GI Renu today. Just click on the order button below.


Remember, this probiotic contains 40 billion Culture Forming Units (CFUs) to help replenish the beneficial bacteria living in the gut.


Also remember, this probiotic is carefully formulated and manufactured to ensure you get live probiotics that are able to deliver the health benefits you’re after.


We’re so confident in the amazing results that this supplement produces that we won’t even require you to make a final decision right now on whether it’s is right for you.


That’s right, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee that means you can order and then get your money back if you end up feeling this supplement isn’t for you.


Here’s the Deal:


I completely understand that it may be difficult in your particular condition to imagine yourself realizing the benefits I’ve discussed earlier, such as having a younger looking, thinner body that’s filled with energy …


It may also be hard to picture protecting yourself from dangerous brain diseases and other health conditions …


So we’ve decided to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with your purchase of GI Renu.


We are so confident that this breakthrough product is going to deliver amazing results that there is ZERO risk what-so-ever to try it out.


Take Advantage of the Unconditional 100% RISK-FREE, Money Back Guarantee & Get Results First, Then Decide


You’ll have 60 days – a full two months – to see if GI Renu Probiotic is for you.


If it’s not, simply return the unused portion for a full refund. You can even return an empty bottle! This is truly a no-hassle guarantee.


So don’t delay, order your GI RenuProbiotic now by clicking on the order button below and get on the fast track to looking and feeling healthier and younger.



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It’s Not Too Late… It’sTime to Act!


Don’t let poor gut health zap your energy and cause you to age faster than you should.


And you definitely don’t want to experience the serious health conditions so many are facing – remember a lot of these conditions originate from the gut!


Get the probiotics you need to improve your health with GI Renu.


Just click theorder button below.



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Remember, the Digestive System is Vitally Important to Our Overall Health


How To Improve Gut Health NaturallyIt’s responsible for breaking down and assimilating the food we eat, for eliminating waste products and for protecting our bodies from toxins and foreign invaders from the environment.


Unfortunately, it may take years of dysfunction in the gut before symptomsactually manifest.


That’s why it’s so important to take proactive steps to protect your digestive system now … even if you don’t have any negative symptoms.


AND, of course, it’s especially important for you to take action if you are experiencing symptoms now!


Get the probiotics that may allow you to be more vibrant and healthy – even without giving up all the foods you love and without eating an expensive organic diet.


Simply click the button below, enter in your information in our 100% secure order form page, and get started today.


Remember, when you purchase GI RenuProbiotic you are protected by a full 60-day, no-questions asked money back guarantee … along with world class customer service!


That means there is absolutely ZERO risk to you …


If for any reason you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply send us back the bottles within 60 days, and you will receive a complete refund – even if a bottle is completely empty!



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Thank You for Reading This Page!


I hope that you have found it informative.


And one last time, I just want to say if you are fed up with being overweight…


  • if you want to protect yourself against serious illnesses…
  • if you want a flatter stomach and more energy…


I hope you will consider trying GIRenu.


It has worked wonders for me and I’m confident it will do the same for you.Just choose the ordering option that is right for you and watch your health improve.



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Now it’s YOUR Turn To Stack the Deck in YOUR Favor!

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