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Food That Strengthens Ligaments and Tendons

How To Heal Tendons And Ligaments Faster

How To Heal Tendons And Ligaments Faster – Every day we work on building muscles by eating the right food and training the right way but we often forget the Ligaments and tendons in the process until an injury occurs. After that happens we realize just how important they are for our body since the muscles are rendered useless without them.

Why tendons and ligaments?

How to heal tendons and Ligaments faster. Tendons are thick bundles of collagen that connects muscles to the bones and process the movement and the ligaments are flexible bundles of collagen that connects the bones to other bones and protect the joints. Although they have quite different functions they are both connecting tissues composed of collagen, elastin and minerals like calcium, manganese and others, so we can affect their condition by consuming the right foods that strengthen ligaments and tendons.

How to Heal Ligaments Faster




What they need the most is the following:

Vitamin C and manganese

Largest part of the connecting tissues is composed of the protein collagen. To create collagen the body needs vitamin C and the mineral manganese. We can find vitamin C in broccoli, kiwi, orange, grapefruit, peppers and manganese can be found in seashells, hazelnuts, walnuts, spinach, pineapple.

How to Heal Ligaments Faster


Vitamin B6 and B12

These vitamins support nerve functions and help in forming the amino-acids which are building blocks for the proteins that our organism uses to form Muscles, tendons and ligaments. Vitamin B6 can be  found in salmon, Chicken meat, turkey meat, potatoes, spinach, banana, sunflower seeds and vitamin B12 can be found in seashells, eggs, beef meat, cereal and trout. These can also be consumed by using supplements such as multivitamins and B-complex pills.

How To Heal Tendons And Ligaments Faster



Magnesium is a mineral that provides relaxation to the muscles, forming of bones and synthesizing proteins. You can get magnesium into your body through food such as spinach, Avocado, almonds, peanuts, Indian nuts or it can also be taken as a supplement

How To Heal Tendons And Ligaments Faster



Zinc is another mineral that helps synthesizing proteins when forming connective tissues and it also acts as a support for the immune system. It can be found in chicken meat, oysters, Pork, lobster, Indian nuts but it can also be taken as a supplement.

How To Heal Tendons And Ligaments Faster



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An extract of Turmeric which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities and it also protects the joints, tendons and muscles. It acts preventively to pain instead of just lowering it after it appears. How to heal damaged ligaments, it's not only good for preventing pain but it also helps for increasing the overall mobility of the joints and tendons as well as slowing the aging process of the cartilage. Although it's completely natural, it's best taken as a supplement because the quantity in the turmeric is very low.

How to Heal Ligaments Faster

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