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Visceral Fat: What It Is, Why It Is Dangerous

What to know about subcutaneous fat and the more dangerous “visceral belly fat”… Plus a simple spice that helps to REMOVE it.


Whether you’re a man or a woman, this article is a must read. Even if you only have a small amount of excess stomach fat, you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to share.




Did you know that the majority of people in America are carrying extra weight around their midsections? And those numbers are equally disturbing in other westernized countries too. In fact, by most estimates as much as 70% of the population can be classified as either overweight or obese.


And when we think of being overweight, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a fat stomach. However, having a big belly isn’t only ugly, embarrasses people and causes them to cover up…but it’s also extremely dangerous.


Research shows that being overweight puts us at risk for all sorts of health problems, and it’s belly or visceral fat that poses the greatest risk.


When we look at fat around the midsection there are really two different types. One acts as almost a layer and keeps you from seeing your abs. This type of fat is often referred to as subcutaneous fat because it is located directly beneath your skin.


Visceral Fat


The other type of fat located in and around your midsection is called visceral fat. And goes much deeper. This type of fat extends deep into your abdominal cavity and surrounds your organs.It’s also the kind of fat that gives men that almost “pregnant looking” beer belly where their abdomen extends out and can almost feel hard when you touch it.




Both types of fat can lead to serious health problems, but researchers have discovered that visceral fat is the more dangerous of the two.


And while it’s true that both types of fat contribute to heart disease, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and body wide inflammation. Visceral fat releases even more inflammation causing chemicals into your body.


One of the biggest reasons so many people are affected by visceral fat is because of our modern diet. The standard American diet aka SAD diet is extremely high in carbohydrates. And high carbohydrate diets can cause insulin resistance over time (years of overloading your system with too many carbs causing your pancreas to produce so much insulin your body eventually has to decrease its sensitivity to it) Fructose in the form of high-fructose corn syrup has been highly implicated in this process. It’s in so many of the processed foods we eat.


So how can you rid yourself of excess deep visceral fat?


Diet and Your Exercise


The obvious answer is that both diet and your exercise play a key role.



The good news is that here at LIFE RENU we’ve spent years researching and analyzing the science of getting into shape. Not only that, but we’ve also applied what we’ve learned to ourselves and the  thousands of clients we’ve worked with. So, we’re not just booksmart on the topic of shredding visceral fat we’ve seen the science in action.


And there’s one thing that's for sure.


The combination of both a healthy diet and moderate exercise works best. In one study researchers looked at thousands of people. Some tried to lose weight with diet alone, while others combined it with exercise. Both groups made progress, but the combo group lost far more weight.


When we work with clients in our gym or through our online coaching program FITSQUAD ELITE there are two incredibly important things we do to help reduce and eliminate visceral fat.


The first is to recommend something called HIIT training. You may know it as High Intensity Interval Training. This type of exercise has been shown to be better overall to get rid of deep visceral fat. An example of this would be sprints. The second thing we do is to recommend a full-body weight training program.





The Truth About Yogurt


Working out with weights is extremely effective at improving your body's ability to manage glucose and increase your sensitivity to insulin. Getting your insulin levels under control is a key factor in eliminating deep visceral fat.


Besides being great for controlling blood sugar and insulin the combination of HIIT training and full body weight training also helps to balance your fat-burning hormones. Hormones play a critical role when it comes to the accumulation and the elimination of deep visceral belly fat.


Foods You Eat


The other important factor when it comes to losing excess visceral belly fat is to get your blood sugar under control. Keeping blood sugar in check can help restore your insulin sensitivity.


Best foods to eat to lose weight


The best way to do that is by reducing the amount of sugar, refined starches and processed foods you eat. Instead, focus more of your diet on healthy carbs, clean protein and nutrient dense vegetables. The standard diet recommended by most government organizations and many so called nutritionists and dieticians contains way too many servings of grains and will not help reduce blood sugar, reset your insulin sensitivity or help you lose deep visceral belly fat.


Eliminating grain and wheat from your diet and eating clean carbs like those found in vegetables and low sugar fruits goes a long way.


Another thing you can do is increase your intake of the vital mineral chromium. Chromium has been shown to help increase glucose metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity.


On the next page I’ll explain what type of chromium is best especially if you’re looking to lose both subcutaneous fat and deep visceral fat.


Discover a specific type of chromium that FIGHTS against deep visceral fat and (how to stabilize your blood sugar and reestablish healthy insulin sensitivity.)

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