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Female Fit: How to Get Lean and Mean

How to get a Lean Body Female

Getting and staying fit is quite a feat for most people. Men however, tend to have it easier. The male physiology is designed to be a performance machine. Bone and muscle density as well as the structure of the skeleton all allow for greater physical fitness in men. The male body also has the advantage of testosterone, a hormone that grows muscles, builds strong bones and burns fat.


Avoid This Gym Equipment


Women of the other hand, have a bit more to contend with. A lower bone density and hypertrophic (muscle building) affinity make it hard to perform at the same average intensity as men. The female's body also has a harder time getting rid of excess body fat. This is for good reason though. The reproductive functions of women are an intricate and highly complex system that requires, on average, a higher body fat percentage than men. Fear not fair maiden, being lean and toned isn’t out of the question, you just have to do it like a lady.


Despite all of these subtle differences, a correct training and eating plan will offer the same benefits for both men and women. Healthy is healthy, no matter how you cut it. But in light of these subtle differences, it’s always great to have a program that is specifically tailored to your needs as a female.



The Lean Queen: A Lean Muscle Diet for Females.


Healthy Fats

How to get a Lean Body Female


How to get a Lean Body Female. Right away, many women will snark at the idea of eating fat in order to lose it. The thing is fat can be the greatest way to lose fat as ironic as that sounds. It really depends on what sort of fat you consume. If you're gorging on large amounts of saturated and trans fats, you’ll definitely pack on the pounds. If, however, you go the route of healthy polyunsaturated fats, you’ll actually be boosting your body's ability to lose excess body fat.


This is because polyunsaturated fats come in the form of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These are essential, meaning your body needs them and can only obtain them from a healthy diet. Omega 3 and 6 have many vital responsibilities, but when it comes to getting lean, these fats are fat busters. Omega 3 reduces triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are fat molecules absorbed from the digestive tract. They are quickly absorbed due to insulin activity and stored as body fat. Omega 6 helps reduce blood sugar. A spike in blood sugar triggers a release in insulin which will also lead to storage of fat in the body.


So, load up on fish, nuts and seeds, these are sources of healthy fats, along with a good deal of other health boosting nutrients.


Protein Galore

How to get a Lean Body Female


Another surefire way to lean out and stay healthy is to up the protein intake. For every 2 lb of body mass, you should be aiming for at least 2 grams of protein. A higher protein intake will allow you to lose weight without compromising too much existing muscle.


Another benefit of protein is its tendency to make you feel fuller than other macronutrients (fat and carbs). That's because protein is far more satiating than the other two. This means you can eat less and not feel starved as long as a large portion of your meals consist of protein.


Great sources of protein include meat, eggs, dairy and specific plants like hemp seed, spirulina and quinoa.


Make sure you get your protein from a source with a complete amino acid profile. All 9 essential amino acids must be present in a lean muscle diet for females.


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High G.I. Jane: Carbs and the Lean Muscle Diet for Females


How to get a Lean Body Female


How to get a Lean Body Female. When dealing with carbs, we all know by now that they can be a major obstacle towards fitness and physique goals. But it’s important to remember that carbs aren't bad, just bad carbs are bad. And what do we mean by bad carbs? Carbs with a high G.I. or glycemic index are bad carbs. Carbs with a low G.I. are considered healthy.


G.I. is a measure of how a carbohydrate source affects your blood glucose. This in turn affects your insulin response, which, as we’ve discussed, affects your fat loss ability. The more insulin being pumped into your system, the more likely you are to store, rather than burn fat.


High G.I. foods typically include what you know as “simple” and “refined” carbs. These are carbs that have been stripped away and isolated from their natural source through commercial food processing or human food preparation habits. Sugar and white flours are examples of high G.I. carbs. Also, look out for foods that have a healthy association such as 100% fruit juice and some breakfast cereals. These foods are also incredibly high on the glycemic index, despite being portrayed as healthy. That’s because they lack one important thing, fiber.


Dietary fiber is responsible for mediating and slowing down the uptake of sugars into the blood. Low G.I. foods have a running theme, they are high in dietary fiber. Check the fiber content on food labels for the G.I. value. Bran flakes over corn flake for example. Better still, source whole foods over processed food items. Eat a fruit instead of drinking the juice. Less sugar = more lean.


Know your Macros and know your needs

A woman typically has lower energy demands than a man, so always make sure you learn your BMR (basal metabolic rate) in order to accurately determine your intake needs.


Final Words

It's also important to realize that female leanness is inherently different to male leanness. As mentioned, women need to maintain an average higher body fat percentage than men for reproductive and general health reasons. The average for a healthy, fit female is between 21 – 25% body fat, with elite athletes dropping to 15%. For men, the average of a healthy, toned male body is 14 -17% with elite athletes going as low as 6%! A woman with a single digit body fat reading is deemed a medical emergency, so don't put an extreme amount of pressure on yourself. It's all about being health at the end of the day, and health has many shapes and sizes.




Female Fitness.


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