SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes-Coronavirus Syndromes-2) is a scientific name for the coronavirus, which is the reason behind the outbreak COVID-19. The coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, the city of China, in December 2019. After Wuhan, the virus has been infecting other countries as well. As of now, more than two hundred countries are suffering from rapid increments in the number of infected cases. The rate of people dying because of the virus is more than any other seasonal flu.


The infected cases are experiencing different and new symptoms. The symptoms of the virus are unusual in every person, especially when they are from dissimilar locations. However, it is confirmed that the coronavirus attacks the enzymes of the lungs. Enzymes are the healthy tissues of the lungs, which protect them from germs and viruses. The infection directly attacks these enzymes and slowly kills them.


The infection spreads rapidly throughout the whole world. Authorities have even canceled all the significant events such as the Olympics because of the outbreak. Everyone is under self-isolation so that they can control the spread of coronavirus.


Government and health authorities are closing all public places such as shopping malls, parks, restaurants, etc. It is also one of the efforts to flatten the curve and diminish the wide transmission of the virus. Meanwhile, scientists and research experts are working on clinical trials of the virus so that they can find a cure.



You must be aware of the current situation regarding vaccines. There are no vaccines for the coronavirus. The world has been able to fight for decades against different kinds of viruses and diseases with the help of vaccinations. However, there isn’t one ready to fight this virus.


Your body is tough enough to handle diseases if you have an excellent natural resistance system (immune system). The white cells in our immune system can destroy germs and infections. However, if you have a weak immune system, then these germs and viruses may cause severe damage to your body.



Drug Treatment:

The only thing people need and want is a particular treatment for the coronavirus. The kind of treatment that you need is the one that can delay the infection and treat it. We all are still hoping for a treatment that can make people better.




Right now, scientists of at least fifteen NHS (National Health Service) are studying and experimenting on a handful of drugs. One of the drugs they are using for treatment is known as the remdesivir. Its production took place at a pharmaceutical company.


Yet there are no approved therapies from the WHO (World Health Organization) for the infection. You should not lose your hope though; the processes occurring in laboratories will show a promising outcome to fight the virus.


Meanwhile, doctors are advised by medical experts to help their infected patients with other medicines. Those medicines have ingredients that will help the immune system respond more proactively. According to some research, antigen and adjuvants are the essential elements for treatment. They both are efficient enough to amplify the immune system.


Moreover, you must not forget that if you experience any of the symptoms of coronavirus, you should contact a health provider. Also, avoid taking any non-prescribed medicine.



Common Symptoms:

During the outbreak of the coronavirus, the government declared it a public health emergency. you must be panicking when watching new updates and the quick increase in numbers of infected cases.

However, in such scenarios, you must act calmly and be precautious. If you are more than fifty years old, then you might be in danger. If you have any diseases related to the heart, or diabetes, and high blood pressure, then you might be in danger too.


Coronavirus Symptoms
Coronavirus Symptoms


If you want to act proactively, you must be a little smart. If you or anyone near you is old and has the above diseases, then he or she must stay indoors. Their quarantine period should last until the pandemic is over.


There are cases of infection where people hardly carry any symptoms for at least the first four to five days. Below are the most common symptoms that will appear in your body;


  • Fever – During the initial days of infection, you will feel a slight fever, which will increase gradually as time passes.

  • Headache – As the fever increases, it will start affecting your body due to which you will experience headaches and backaches.

  • Coughing – Your coughing will become more intense slowly because the virus is damages your lungs. It can be because of seasonal flu, but it would be better if you consult a health care provider.

  • Difficulty Breathing – The lungs come under this virus attack right away, and as it keeps on attacking, your lungs will become weaker. Due to weakened lungs, it will be difficult for you to breathe.

  • Sore Throat – The entrance of the coronavirus is your throat. A few droplets of the infection stick to your throat and start killing healthy cells. However, as the days pass, you will have an sore throat.


The above symptoms may seem like a regular seasonal flu in the starting days of the infection. If you or anyone near you has any of the above symptoms, do not panic. It must be your first action to call a doctor or any other emergency number for health service. These experts and doctors are the ones who can accurately diagnose you and help you fight the virus.


It will be horrible for you if you neglect these symptoms. Proper treatment can save you and others from death. After detecting coronavirus in an early stage, and by treating it with appropriate medicines, you can heal quickly.



Preventions of Coronavirus:

After getting enough information about the coronavirus, it is vital that we take this pandemic seriously. We need to stay conscious, both physically and mentally, and your mind must be on high alert. While the vaccination is not ready yet, you can adopt some preventative measures.



The following are the measures that you must implement in your routine; these precautionary measures are recommendations from the WHO (World Health Organization) and other health care authorities.


  • Your hands should be clean. To keep them clean, you wash them for at least twenty seconds after touching or before touching anything.

  • Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and moth.

  • Maintain social distancing because you never know which object or person is carrying the virus. Exposing yourself to a crowd will only mean danger.

  • Cover your mouth with a mask while leaving your house.

  • Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you for an emergency.

  • Visit your doctor or health care laboratory for screening if you notice any symptoms, and isolate yourself too.


In case if you feel sick, you can keep yourself in isolation too. Self-isolation is beneficial in every aspect.


Each one of us is a victim of this virus regardless of whether we are infected by it or not. We know, as of yet, there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, so we solely have to make sure that if we can’t do anything to cure it with, the least we can do is prevent it from spreading.

None of us can say we are not aware of this infection’s nature, as to how it spreads, and what the symptoms occur. We are continuously informed about them, and if we still ignore them, then we won’t be doing ourselves any favors.

Thus, it is highly advised by our government and help centers who are doing their very best to ensure our safety, to make sure you and your loved ones are taking every precaution. Our only role in this outbreak is to stay at home and stay healthy.

We have mentioned all the aspects you need to know about. Please follow them for the sake of your safety and your loved ones.


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