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How testosterone works in women.

Giving your body a gentle boost in testosterone is a crucial part of the Female factor that will get you living younger.


It’s always important to know about what you’re putting in your body, however. Something that LifeRenu encourages even with their tried and tested supplements.


Men pretty much own the discussion of testosterone. It is their “Primary Sex Hormone” after all and is secreted in 7 times higher amounts.


Ignoring its effect on women, however, is a mistake. A mistake that causes a lot of women to age faster than they need to.


Testosterone plays a critical role in female health and development. The androgen is secreted by the ovaries and pituitary glands in smaller amounts compared to estrogen, but still plays a vital role in the following:


  • Bone development and maintenance

  • Muscle development

  • Libido and fertility

  • Breast health

  • Vaginal and overall menstrual health


With time, however, the amount of natural testosterone you produce will decrease. If left unchecked, you will end up looking and feeling a lot older than you are.


Female Factor supplements work to change that for you. After reducing your cortisol, the unique formula helps gently up your testosterone in ways that, not only improve your general health, but will also help you hit your fitness goals.


Let’s take a look at how.


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General Health.

The superior physical performance in men is owed largely to their heightened testosterone production. In women, the hormone does still contribute greatly to the development and maintenance of a healthy physique.


Women deficient in testosterone generally show muscle weakness and lower bone density. Athlete or not, this is not ideal, as it puts you at a higher risk of injury, and takes the youthful spring out of your step.


The “macho” behavior of men is also owed to testosterone. Women deficient in the hormone are often less assertive, which will do you no favors in today's world.


Testosterone deficiency has also been shown to increase the incidence of mood fluctuations, anxiety, and depression. This is especially true during menstruation.


When it comes to sex drive, men once again take the cup due to their heightened testosterone. This fact has unfortunately left sexual dysfunction in women to be largely neglected.


In fact, studies have shown that up to 43% of women between 18 and 59 have some form of os sexual dysfunction, with millions of those cases being due to lower testosterone levels. Decreased sexual desire and difficulty to orgasm are among the symptoms.


Fitness and Athletic performance

We already mentioned that superior physicality that men have is due to heightened levels of testosterone. The hormone helps improve bone and muscle density, as well as upping the rate of fat loss.


For women, a boost in testosterone levels produces the same effect. Studies have shown faster and more consistent strength gain and fat loss in female athletes who took testosterone enhancing supplements when compared to those that didn't.


Even if your goal is not to become the next IFBB champion, having extra testosterone in your system can make your fitness goals easier to obtain. This is especially true as you age and your testosterone levels decrease.



Beware. Not all Testosterone Enhancers are made equal.

Exceeding healthy testosterone levels in your body is only going to do more harm than good.


The simplest way to understand the side effects is by just picturing yourself turning into a man. Excess body hair, a deeper voice, balding are among the most obvious symptoms.


You will, also undergo psychological changes. Increased aggression and violent behavior, which can then degenerate into depression.


If your testosterone is too high, your libido will decrease, contrary to what we talked about before. Your ability to conceive will also take a hit, unfortunately.


Keeping this in mind is why it's vital to only use a testosterone enhancer specifically made with women at heart.  Many enhancers on the market strive to simply up your levels in general, or worse, are designed for men.


LifeRenu Female Factor supplements were formulated to change this. Their ingredients are tailor-made to suit your unique, feminine body chemistry.


Unlike other enhancers, The female factor pills are also unique in that they work to first lower your cortisol levels too, enhancing your body’s response to testosterone.

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