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How To Manage Stress In Life

How Stress Affects Your Health


Dr. Ron Eccles with LIFE RENU here again with a new topic on stress.

Did you know that stress is actually your friend most of the time?

Granted, the term stress has a negative connotation most of the time but I just wanted to educate you more on this subject since I've been studying it for about three and a half decades. There was a researcher back in the 60s and 70s, doctor Hans Selye who wrote a book called The Stress of Life. How stress affects your health, in the book he reveals something very important, that in our lives we have stressors. Things that are either externally stressing our bodies or we have internal thoughts or emotions that are stressing us in our psyche.


How stress affects your health

As a result of that stress, our body will respond in one of two ways: healthy or unhealthy way. Here's an example.


Gravity. Gravity allows you and I to exercise, to strengthen our muscles and bones. Our bones will not stay mineralized unless they are under the force of gravity. When astronauts go into space, into zero gravity over time, their bones will become demineralized. So it's very important that you exercise in order to keep your muscles strong. Ligaments, tendons and bones should be mineralized.

That's a result of stress. How stress affects your health, you've got to put stress on your system in order to make it grow, and your brain works the exact same way. That's why famous authors like Daniel Aimen talks about what are you doing to learn new things and donew things that challenge your brain. In other words, what are you doing to stress your brain properly, to make it grow? And we're aware that not matter what age you are, you can still create new neuronal connections, which essentially is brain growth.


How about your finaces or your spiritual life?

How stress affects your health

It's about stressing yourself through learning and application that causes you to grow. See, stress is not a bad thing because stress can have two types of results, good and bad.


What happens when we have too much stress that our bodies can no longer adapt to it properly?

How stress affects your health

How stress affects your health. Then we enter into an alarm state. The body goes into an alarm reaction and begins to get a chemical change inside the body that if left long enough and it's strong enough, can cause your body to enter into a disease state, and depending upon your body makeup and what the stressors are, it can manifest itself in different ways.

I used the word manifest because Hans Seyle was able to take mice, put them under certain stressors and develop certain diseases, but we're a little bit more complicated than mice, however, I want you to think about this.


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How can you create an environment that lowers the effect of unhealthy stress in your life?

How stress affects your health


Here are 3 big tips that you can implement in your life. Firstly you've got to eat healthy and put the right supplements in your body. Here at Life Renu we're commited to not only resourcing you and equipping you with the right information but also providing your with top quality, worldclass supplemets so that you can actually stack the deck in your favor. Second, you got to keep your body in motion, Exercise, but check with your doctor before you do anything like this because it's super important that you maintain a healthy level of exercise that is appropriate for your age and your physical condition. Third is probably brand new to you. Learn how to close loops to help manage your stress better.


What do I mean by that?


As a professional coach for top business owners and executives, one of the things I've watched over time is that they don't know how to say no, often enough. They need to learn how to manage the things they will take on and you need to do the same thing because if you have too many things you take on and you can't get them all done, that creates a Mental overall stress on your system.


So here's some advice on how to actually do that. First is don't say yes as often, say no to things that are not important, to things you can't do. How stress affects your health. I only say yes to things that are super important, that you've indentified to be the highest and best use of your time, talent, energy and resources. Finish those tasks and than close the loop.

In other words you close it down, you put it away. It's done, doesn't take any more energy of your brain power or your emotional will. It's like a computer, imagine openning up all the programs and let them run, you're going to have a less efficient program or less efficient computer. By closing down programs that aren't needed at the moment, you increase the efficiency and speed in which your computer will work best. Basic analogy, right?

How stress affects your health

So the more things you close down, finish and put aside, the more you have the capacity to do and you will not overload your system. How stress affects your health, so spend some time looking and thinking about what you can finish and what you can say no to.

The second thing is to make sure you exercise regularly.

The third would be making sure you're not taking on more than you can handle and then finishing the things you do take on.


I wish you and absolutely phenomenal day and hope that you'll share this with as many of your friends as you can so they can also educate themselves on topics that concern their health and healthy lifestyle as well.



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