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How I Healed My Leaky Gut Step By Step


How I healed my leaky gut – Modern lifestyle, foods, and the environment can be hard on the gut. How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome Fast. The digestive tract can be affected by alcohol, medications, stress, processed foods, bacteria, and much more.


How I Healed My Leaky Gut


Conditions such as skin problems, food Allergies, constipation, autoimmune diseases, and even Joint pains can all be linked to compromised gut health; leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut is a condition that affects the intestinal lining. The syndrome allows undigested food particles, bacteria, and other toxic substances to enter the bloodstream and can cause a number of reactions of inflammation and intestine permeability.

In order to stop this, How I healed my leaky gut. There are steps you can take to heal your leaky gut syndrome fast. These steps are safe and beneficial to everyone.

How I Healed My Leaky Gut


The gut uses Omega-3 fatty acids to calm inflammation and rebuild healthy cell walls.  Adding essential fatty acids has been linked to improved tight junctions between the gut lining cells. How I healed my leaky gut Syndrome Fast.This enables the gut to fend off additional damages.

Some great omega-3 food resources include:




Coldwater fish



2. Take More Vitamin A and D

Vitamin A and D are quite beneficial to healing and rebuilding the gut and immune system quickly. These vitamins help the body secrete Immunoglobulin A, which is highly useful to the immune system function and mucous membrane secretion.

Vitamin A is not only good for the skin; it’s also a powerful vitamin for healing the gastrointestinal tract.

Some of the best natural sources of Vitamin A are:



Yellow vegetables and fruits

Red Meat

Fish liver oil

Dark green vegetables



Dairy products


Deficiency of Vitamin D has been associated with a leaky gut. The research found that vitamin D helps maintain the intestinal barrier which leads to reduced inflammation. Vitamin D can be found in cod liver oils, Supplements, and of course, from direct sun exposure.


3. Herbal Supplements

How I Healed My Leaky Gut

Two adaptogenic Herbs that can help you heal the gut are deglycyrrhizinatedlicorine and marshmallow root. The herbs help support the stomach while it heals.

Additionally, the herbs aid with:


Decreasing inflammation and reducing digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation

Restoring the gastrointestinal lining

Improving acid function in the body

Stimulating the production of protective mucus


 4. Steer Away From Pro-Inflammatory Foods

Due to our fast-paced society, pro-inflammatory foods are a favorite in the American population. Fast Food drive-thrus and packaged foods are loaded with artificial sugars and trans-fats.

Additionally, pro-inflammatory foods such as grains and legumes can be hard to digest thus promoting perforations in the intestine.

These foods are very damaging to gut health. They can cause inflammation and damage the gut tissue, leading to holes in the gut lining.

You should start reducing the level of pro-inflammatory foods right away and replace them with those that aid in fighting inflammation. how long does it take to heal leaky gut. Some foods that you should implement into your daily diet are:

Replace dairy milk with nut milk from almonds, Coconuts, and hemp

Use organic oil to cook such as coconut oil, tallow, ghee as opposed to margarine, canola oil, or non-organic vegetable oil


5. De-stress

How I Healed My Leaky Gut


While diet plays a crucial role in causing inflammation, chronic stress can also cause the Leaky gut to weaken the immune system.

In our ever-busy lives where stressors are unavoidable, reducing stress levels can be harder than you’d expect. However, ignoring the issue only leads to future health problems. You should immediately incorporate any form of stress relief routines into your lifestyle to heal leaky gut syndrome fast.

Some simple and effective techniques you can use to reduce stress are:

Sow long does it take to heal leaky gut Spend some time outdoors and absorb some vitamin D. A simple 20-minute walk per day can promote happier mood and reduce gut inflammation.

Switch off the world. Try and spend time away from technology. Have a curfew where you take a step back from the artificial blue light from screens such as the TV, smartphones, iPads, etc.


Quick Tip:Artificial blue light has been directly linked to disturbances in the natural sleep-wake cycle.


Take on yoga. Meditation, Yoga, and cardio exercise help the body to release endorphins, the body’s natural anti-depressant.


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6. Glutamine

How I Healed My Leaky Gut

Glutamine is an amino acid that is very effective in healing a leaky gut. Glutamine shields the intestine lining from future damage and even aids in reversing existing damage. Include foods rich in glutamine in your daily meals.

An ideal glutamine level is about 3 to 5 grams per day.

Foods high in glutamine include:




Bone Broth

Beef from grass-fed cows


7. Probiotics

How I Healed My Leaky Gut


How I healed my leaky gut, gut healing supplements such as fish oils, glutamine, and Probiotics are an essential part of the gut healing process. Probiotics replenish the good bacteria and crowds out the bad. Probiotics play a vital role in healing, rebuilding, and maintaining the structural lining of the digestive tract.

Dietary supplementssuch as LIFE RENU’s GI RENU 40B CFU Probiotichave anti-inflammatory properties that protect cell walls and promote proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

Eating fermented foods which contain natural probiotic components will help the body rebalance the good gut bacteria in the system.

Here are a few foods to try:


Apple cider vinegar

Unsweetened coconut yogurt

Beet Kvass


Organic kefir

Natto, Tempeh, and Sauerkraut


Quick Tip: You can also take probiotic supplements.


8. Avoid Overloading Toxins in Your System

Unfortunately, toxins are inevitable as we are exposed to them every day. How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome Fast. Try and reduce your daily exposure to Toxins.

Here are a few things you can do to reduce toxins in your system:


Use chemical-free products whenever possible including body care products and household cleaning products

Drink plenty of filtered, clean water

Avoid drinking and smoking

Stay away from plastic containers as they contain harmful chemicals such as BPA – use aluminum or glass bottles

Take our DAILY DE

TOX Supplement


Final Thoughts

The state of your gut can make all the difference in how healthy your body is on a daily basis. Even incorporating the smallest tips one at a time can help heal leaky gut syndrome fast. In no time, you’ll have more energy, healthier skin, fewer illnesses, and more restful sleep.

Combine these 8 gut healing steps to restore proper functions of your intestine. Whether your gut issues are small or large, the more you incorporate these steps into your daily routine, the better!


Recommended Supplements for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Here are several supplements we recommend to combat the daily health and environmental challenges associate with leaky gut syndrome:

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IMMUNE RENU – Rid Your Body of Inflammation and Boost Your Immune System

GI RENU – Improve Your Gut Health with Daily Healthy Probiotics

How I Healed My Leaky Gut

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