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Best Home Workout Equipment You Need To Try Now!


Working out and getting a good amount of exercise is definitely important.


Sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle owing to the fact that getting a good workout requires some effort and resources, to begin with.


Joining a gym, paying a monthly subscription and then perhaps hiring a personal trainer all add up.


On to of this, you might not enjoy the atmosphere of having to tend to your fitness needs in the presence of total strangers.


So working out at home might seem like your only viable alternative. Problem is, you don’t have access to the plethora of wonderful equipment a gym would normally provide…or do you?


In recent years, the push for more accessible, easy to use home exercise equipment has lead to some genuinely useful innovations.


In this article, we’re going to look at a few useful options, but before we do that, let’s take a look at


What Makes A Great Piece of Exercise Equipment?

Best bicep exercises





Versatility is key when dealing with limited options such as space. You want whatever equipment you get for home use to have multiple applications so that you get the most value.


Promotes Functional Exercise

One major area of importance is functionality. Aim for equipment that gives you the right training effect for functional performance. Exercising should make you stronger and more useful.


Easy To Use

User-friendliness is another key factor you should consider when picking equipment for home use. You want to be able to set it up and go with little to no explanation. There’s not much point of working out at home otherwise.



One of the objectives behind training at home is to save a bit of cash right?

 Well then, buying the most expensive, state-of-the-art equipment might not be the right approach.

 Seek out cost-effective options for your home gym set up


Space Efficient and Portable

Since you’re working out in your living space, you want equipment that regards the functional and aesthetic requirements of your home.


In this case, aim for equipment that is portable or at the very least, can easily be disassembled or concealed allowing your home to remain home and not a gym with living room furniture.


Now let’s take a look at some innovative and functionally efficient home workout equipment.


Top 5 Pieces Of Workout Equipment


Isokinetic Exercise



Ab Roller

The ab roller is a super simple, but super effective workout option.


We’ve seen many ab trainers come and go, ceaselessly and shamelessly over-advertized on infomercials. Many of these never quite made the cut, serving more as gimmicks than useful pieces of equipment.


The ab-roller however, in its pure simplicity, shines as a genuine way to train your core.


That’s because it simply guides how you apply tension to your abs rather than decide how that happens.


Its a super convenient, versatile and portable option for training one of the most important muscle groups in your body


Tri-fold Workout Mat

No workout is ready without the right training surface, that’s where workout mats come in.


While any old yoga or exercise mat would actually do, the trifold mat adds some versatility to the mix.


The folding function can allow for a variety of configurations and applications therein, whilst still preserving its space efficiency.


Doorframe Pull-up Bar

Having a decent upper body pull trainer is essential for you to meet all your goals, but adding hefty back-row machines or lat pull-down machines isn’t what we’re going for.


A pull-up bar also seems a bit far-fetched for a home setup.


But what about a portable pull-up bar? That’s, exactly why the innovation of the door frame pull up bar, has stood the test of time. Easy to set up, easy to store and easy on your budget.


Bowflex Machines

Let’s step things up a notch and take a look at something a little more complex.


Bowflex machines are gym machine alternatives that use constant resistance tension delivered through elastic tension as opposed to the traditional weight and pulley system.


This means you can have the benefits of heavy gym machines in a less hefty setup, one you can move and store with relative ease.


Exercise Pedals

Exercise pedals function just like an exercise bike without the frame and handlebars or clunky data console.


Instead, you have just the pedals, which come with variable resistance as you would expect from a full-sized exercise bike.


The beauty is, your workout data can be synced through your smartphone and fitness tracker for more accurate results. All this in a portable, space-effective set of pedals.



Working out at home doesn’t need to just be a series of basic bodyweight exercises. You can get a full-body blasting workout with the correct equipment and approach.


Remember to back these bits of equipment up with some of the tried and trusted essentials such as kettlebells and some resistance bands for example.


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