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HIIT It At Home: Home HIIT Workout Guide

If you’re like many of the millions grinding it out in the rat race, you’ll find that squeezing in a workout schedule every week can be an absolute chore.


Home HIIT Workout Guide


Trying to find the time and the motivation to haul your butt to your registered gym when it's time to exercise can seem like an insurmountable feat.


But your body and your health don’t really care about your lack of determination.


Let’s say you just don’t have the time to make it to the gym, even though you are fully amped and ready for action.


well, that might mean working out at home is your last resort.


Fear not, this isn’t such a bad thing, especially if you're in the market for some good old fashioned high-intensity interval training or HIIT.


Home HIIT Workout Guide


A great HIIT workout plan is a fast ticket to shred town.


That’s because HIIT places your body under intense metabolic stress owing to the max effort anaerobic exercise you’ll be doing.


After a HIIT session, your body will be in a heightened fat-burning state for up to 48 hours.


The wonderful thing about HIIT is it does not exercise specifically. You can do it with any form of exercise.


It’s all about how you do it that determines if it’s HIIT or not.



Special Considerations For A Home HIIT Workout


As we said, HIIT isn’t so much about what you do, but about how you do it.


Home HIIT Workout Guide


The interval aspect of HIIT is one factor, the effort aspect is the other.


When it comes to the intervals, you will have them divided into a work interval and a rest/recovery interval.


The length of the work interval in relation to the rest interval will differ based on your performance capabilities.


A low work: recover ratio is a typical beginner’s level, the more adapted you become, the higher the ratio goes.


The amount of time spent on each interval and active period also varies based on your endurance level.


When it comes to the work portion, you need to put in the maximum or near-maximum effort.


The rest phases are simply there to allow you to catch your breath for repetitive maximum efforts.


Home HIIT Workout Guide


Now while many proponents of HIIT will try to push specific numeric quantities for what each work and rest interval should be, the truth with HIIT is each participant is individual and unique amount of effort required for the right kind of stimulus.


So since you will be doing this workout on your own, you can pace it to your own level and limits. But just to give you a decent starting point, we’ll make each exercise 3 minutes on the clock.


How you divvy up the work and rest cycles is on you


Remember to be honest and push yourself.


With that said, let’s jump into your home HIIT workout.



The Ultimate Home HIIT Circuit


Jump Squats

Home HIIT Workout Guide

Stand with a neutral spine and feet hip-width apart.


With slight flexion in your knees and an upright chest, jump as high as you can.


Launching of the forefoot. Land with some yield by bending your knees on impact to absorb the force.



Lateral Plank Walks


Start in a high plank position,  making sure to stack your wrists directly below your shoulders. Engage and lock your core.


Home HIIT Workout Guide


While maintaining this position, walk sideways four steps in one direction, then back four steps in the opposite direction.



Plank Jacks


Start in a high plank position,  making sure to stack your wrists directly below your shoulders. Engage and lock your core.


Home HIIT Workout Guide


In this position, simply jump your feet in and out repeatedly and as quickly as you can to push that intensity.



Limb Lifts


In a tabletop position, which basically means your back is parallel to the ground, knees bent at 90 degrees and wrists stacked below your shoulders, lock your core and look ahead.


Home HIIT Workout Guide


From this, begin lifting one arm and one leg contralaterally, that means when your right arm goes up, your left leg lifts and vice versa.



Jumping Lunges


Standing with your feet at the shoulder, initiate a jump by stepping your right foot forward and your left foot behind to end in the lunge position.


Home HIIT Workout Guide


From here, with a minimal pause, of course, jump and switch legs, repeating this movement at your maximum effort level.





These home HIIT exercises are designed to allow you a space-effective workout in the comfort and security of your home.


You will feel the burn, and that’s the point. Who said results only happen in the gym?


Also just remember not to overdo it with the HIIT workouts. Each session should be no more than an hour and try not to do more than 2 sessions a week.

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