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How to do HIIT Right!


A lot of people are catching on to the idea of HIIT as a great way to get in shape.


HIIT Right


This new buzz in fitness has quickly become the most searched workout related topic for average fitness consumers.


The main reason is because of the promised rewards HIIT brings, especially when it comes to body composition.


Body composition in this case concerns losing weight, shedding pounds and dropping that body fat.


HIIT Workouts For Men


What Is HIIT?


To put it simply, HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training is an intense anaerobic (oxygen deficient) workout designed to put your metabolism into overdrive for improved fat burning potential.




That's because, without oxygen, your body uses up more of its macronutrient energy reserves to compensate for the lack. This leads to more carbs being burned as well as more fat.



The interval part of the whole equation concerns the cycling between rest and work that HIIT puts you through, allowing enough time to catch your breath between bouts of maximum effort.





That's because HIIT is going to boost your metabolism even after your workout for up to 48 hours!




Imagine walking or even sitting around knowing that you’re melting fat off your body for a whole 2 days!



Well this miracle workout doesn’t stop there. Because it's so effective, you don’t need to engage in copious amounts of training to achieve the desired effect.



In fact, it’s recommended that you only train a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes per HIIT session and to do no more that 2 sessions a week.



That's because the level of intensity and metabolic stress can quickly lead to overtraining syndrome.



So there you have it. A quick and very rewarding workout. What are you waiting for?



Well, the one problem is, many people don't get how to do HIIT properly.



Most people figure as long as you destroy yourself in 30 minutes, then you’ve done HIIT properly.



That's not the case at all, HIIT doesn’t just work because you've exerted yourself. You need to have a solid strategy and know what sort of stressors to place on your body for the real deal HIIT effect.



In this article, we’re going to look at what common mistakes are made with regards to HIIT training, and how to fix them for better results.



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With that said, let's jump right into it!



HIIT Myths


Counting Reps


One thing you want to avoid when doing HIIT is rep counting. This is ridiculously ineffective if you want to achieve any real training effect.


Counting Reps


Firstly, your body does not respond to arbitrary quantities like reps. It simply responds to stress based on it’s current limitations.



10 reps for you might do more for one person and less for another.



Secondly, reps don't allow you to go to your maximum effort, which is the whole point of HIIT training.



That's because your mind will be focused on task completion based on a set number of reps as opposed to the real limits.



This leads to you placing your reps and “breaking the set”. You can also have a situation where the set amount of reps isn’t even pushing you at all.



HIIT workouts for men is a time-based principle. It works based on time under stress, not the number of stressful actions.



The concept of time isn’t very farfetched for most people who do HIIT, it's just the way time is implemented that isn’t quite done right in a lot of cases.



That brings us to our next HIIT foible…



Time on, Time off


The key to a successful HIIT workouts for men session is bouts of maximum effort.


Home Workouts for Losing Weight


Just as with resistance training, you want to put your body into metabolic hyperdrive by going all out 100%, then resting just long enough to be able to do it all again.



That basically means that a HIIT program will always vary from person to person.



It's not going to be as cut and dry as a 1 minute on/1 minute off type of deal.



For a person with an incredible anaerobic threshold, like a marathon runner for example, one minute is way too much rest between bouts of intense activity.


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At the same time, 1 minute is just way too much time to be able to realistically go to 100% effort.



The average person can realistically sustain maximum cardio effort for 25 to 30 seconds.



Exertion period and rest period not only changes from person to person, it also changes from the beginning to the end of a session.



The former becoming gradually shorter and the latter, gradually longer.



In order to really take advantage of hiit workouts for men, you have to learn your limits, be disciplined enough to push them and be able to rest just enough to take a whack at it.




HIIT is effective for sure, but it's also hard! It's not called high intensity for nothing. This is about pushing yourself to the max and only resting when that becomes impossible.



This takes a lot of discipline and determination. The true HIIT warrior will be in and out of a training session absolutely destroyed.



Not because they burned their lungs out, but because they burned everything else out!



If you have any other questions about HIIT, please leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.



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