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HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

HIIT workout for PCOS belly – In terms of weight reduction for PCOS, several studies show that high-intensity interval training routines are among the most beneficial. Incorporate an HIIT workout for PCOS into your daily routine to reap the benefits.


There is a lot of intensity in the exercises, but they are brief.


HIIT workouts may be done at home or at the gym, making them handy. In only 20 minutes, you'll be able to complete your exercise without any equipment. Because of this, there is no reason to believe that you cannot get your daily activity in.


What is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is characterized by short bursts of intense anaerobic activity followed by less intense rest periods. It is performed at a heart rate of 85-100 percent of one's maximal heart rate.

HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

HIIT is a sort of aerobic exercise where the idea is to get and keep your heart rate up throughout your workout.

This PCOS exercise is brief, but because you are exercising at a greater level of intensity, you will get the benefits in less time than a longer typical workout.

HIIT entails performing activities at a rapid rate with a brief recuperation interval so doing as many jumping jacks as you can in 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds is an example.

HIIT is not for the faint of heart! It's a pretty difficult exercise. If you're simply going to perform a fast workout, it has to be intense.


Why is HIIT Good For PCOS Belly?

Several medical research have found that High-Intensity Interval Training has a favorable influence on PCOS. Here are some of their results:

HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

When compared to typical cardio exercises, HIIT performs a better job of addressing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is at the basis of many PCOS symptoms. Fortunately, exercise can help improve insulin resistance, and studies show that HIIT is especially effective at improving PCOS women's insulin response.

A research published in the International Journal of Obesity, for example, compared young women who conducted HIIT workouts to young women who did regular moderately-paced cardio workouts. Fasting insulin concentrations were reduced by 31% in women who conducted HIIT compared to 9% in women who did moderately paced cardio sessions.

HIIT exercises assist PCOS women in losing weight. A number of studies, like one done by Norwegian researchers, have revealed that PCOS patients who engage in High-Intensity Interval Training can lower their body fat percentage. It's also worth mentioning that HIIT workouts help women lose abdominal fat in particular.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been found to enhance heart health in both PCOS women and the general population.

HIIT workouts are shorter than typical cardio workouts, yet they provide comparable outcomes. In one recent research, women were divided into two groups: one completed 20-minute HIIT workouts for five weeks, while the other did 40-minute moderately-paced cardio workouts for five weeks.

Both groups of women had improvements in their PCOS, including decreased testosterone levels. The HIIT group, on the other hand, spent 50% less time at the gym.


Other Great Ways to take care of PCOS Belly

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic workouts are cardiovascular conditioning activities. The terms cardio exercise and aerobic exercise are frequently used interchangeably. Despite their diverse origins, the terms are fundamentally the same and deliver the same advantages.

HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

Physical fitness is improved by raising your respiration and heart rate. Aerobic workouts that can assist with PCOS include jogging, brisk walking, cycling, and utilizing an elliptical trainer.


Strength Training

Strength training, often known as weight training, burns fat while increasing muscle mass and bone density. What's great about strength training is that it causes your body to burn more calories even after your workout is complete, which can help you maintain a healthy weight.

HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

Your body can better manage insulin when you have a higher muscle-to-fat ratio. This sort of exercise involves the use of weights, resistance bands, or your own body weight to force your muscles to work harder than normal.


Mind-Body Workout

Yoga, tai chi, Pilates, and qi gong are all physical practices that help enhance balance, strength, flexibility, and general health. Because of their elevated physical response to stress, women with PCOS are more likely to develop anxiety and depression. Mind-body workouts burn calories, enhance muscular strength and tone, and lower stress levels, all of which can exacerbate PCOS.

HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

Yoga appears to have a positive effect on cholesterol and insulin levels in PCOS women. Yoga is more helpful than traditional exercise in improving glucose, insulin, and lipid levels in teenage girls with PCOS, according to research published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.




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HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

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HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

Weight gain, emotional swings, disrupted sleep, and many other issues can be caused by thyroid hormone abnormalities. Thyroid health can be improved with the use of Thyrozine, a supplement. It reduces the amount of cortisol in the blood. A high amount of cortisol may interfere with the body's ability to produce and respond to thyroid hormones.


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Female Factor

HIIT Workout for PCOS Belly

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