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High Protein Keto Diet

High protein keto diet – When it comes to effective weight loss plans, keto seems to be a cut above the rest. Unlike most diet plans out there, which are simply that, plans, keto is different.


High Protein Keto Diet


Keto is a biological system function. Something that has been a part of us way before any Atkins or Paleo guides came into being.



It's a natural state our body entrees under certain conditions and now we’ve managed to tap into it for the very specific purpose of healthy weight loss.



So what exactly is it all about?



High protein keto diet Well, we’ve gone through that quite a bit on this site,  but if you’re new to Life Renu, here’s a quick intro into Keto.



What is Keto?


Keto or ketosis is a metabolic state where your body switches from carbs to fat as a primary fuel source.


High Protein Keto Diet


Your body uses macronutrients as fuel to create energy for life functions and typically prefers carbs, but will go into protein and fats in lesser quantities.



When your body is deprived of carbs for long enough, this signals starvation. High protein keto diet Your body will then kick things off to make up for the lack of carbs by switching to fat.



Your liver then takes fat and converts it into molecules called ketone bodies, which act as fuel sources just like carbs, this switch to fat-burning can be sustained with a very low carb, high fat intake and can lead to significant weight loss results.



This sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And while keto can benefit many, if not most people, there are some people or circumstances people find themselves in that are best to avoid keto.



In this article, we’ll be looking at that, but before we do, please make sure to check out the Life Renu shop for some awesome deals on our range of health-boosting supplements.



And with that said, let's take a deeper dive!



6 Types Of People Who Shouldn’t Go On Keto



1. Elite Athletes


While keto is great for body composition and daily activity energy levels, it's not the most effective energy delivery system when it comes to high-performance competitive sports.


High Protein Keto Diet


That's because of the turnaround time for energy produced through ketosis for muscular contractions and cardio activity is much slower than with carbs.



When your body uses ketones for energy instead of glucose, fat needs to first be transported to the liver, converted to ketones then pumped to where it's needed through the bloodstream.



Carbs are already lying in wait in our muscle fibers as glycogen. High protein keto diet as soon as we need a glucose kick, these glycogen stores are converted and used on site.



This means carbs are overall way more effective in delivering energy where elite performance is a must.



2. Pregnant Women


Pregnant women are energy cauldrons. Imagine being in an extended state of sustaining two life forms at the same time. One fully formed and another in a rapid phase of development.


High Protein Keto Diet


Just looking at it from that perspective paints an interesting picture.



That's why efficient energy is a must during pregnancy.



And as we discuss with elite athletes, carbs are the most efficient fuel for energy conversion.



There’s also the matter of the developing brain of the infant. Our brains are carb crazy. They prefer carbs over any other fuel source. So imagine a brain going through its most drastic growing phase.



It must really want to suck up that sweet sweet glucose.



3. Breast Feeding Women


After pregnancy, a lot of women opt for breastfeeding. this , in our opinion, is not just a sure way to get a baby all essential, balanced nutrients, it's also best for bonding.



While it's pretty clear that energy demands will spike in a woman’s body during this time, high protein keto diet the true effects of keto on a breastfeeding mother and infant duo haven’t been fully explored yet, so best to steer clear.



4. People With ED


People with eating disorders will need to steer clear of any specific or dedicated dietary protocols such as keto until they have undergone a reasonable amount of recovery.


High Protein Keto Diet



That's because keto requires a lot of mindfulness and premeditation around the food you eat.



This can easily turn into psychosis for those people who are already mentally unstable or have obsessive tendencies around food-related issues.



5. People With Kidney Disease


When on keto, you’ll typically consume more protein than usual as well as way more fat than usual.


High Protein Keto Diet



Protein becomes a more prominent part of the diet for two reasons.



The first is it provides the raw material for gluconeogenesis, which is a conversion to the glucose of non-carbohydrate substances. This helps give the brain its sugar fix.



Another reason is protein is satiating, meaning it makes you feel full much quicker, limiting the craving for carbs.



The problem with high amounts of protein is the prevalence of uric acid, which can affect kidney health, especially for those already suffering from kidney conditions such as kidney stones.



6. Vegans


People on a plant-based diet are hard-pressed when it comes to avoiding carbs.


High Protein Keto Diet


Carbs are  mainly sourced from plants, making it altogether hard to ignore them from the diet.



On the flip side, ignoring all animal-based foods such as milk and eggs really limits the benefits you can gain from a keto lifestyle.



A vegan diet is also a doorway to nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin B12 and iron.



So while keto as a vegan is not impossible, it's definitely an uphill struggle.





Here at Life Renu, high protein keto diet living is one of the things we advocate the most.



In doing so, it's good to be realistic and set you up for the best possible experience after taking your unique circumstances into consideration.



That means also consulting a doctor before you jump in so that you know keto is safe for you.



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