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High Fiber Foods You Should Try Now!


High fiber fruits and vegetables – When it comes to dietary requirements, there is one nutrient that is synonymous with healthy eating.


high fiber fruits and vegetables


You may have heard of it, it's called dietary fiber, or fiber.


Fiber is an important part of the diet, without it, the very cat of digestion would be near impossible and downright unhealthy.


Naturally speaking, we get fiber exclusively from plant-based foods.


So we know its good for us and comes from plants, but what does it actually do and what is it?

What Is Fiber?

Fiber is a structural carbohydrate found in plants. It is made up of very complex carbohydrates called polysaccharides.


These multi-chain carbohydrates play an important structural role in plants and mainly function to form cell walls.


Unlike animal cells that are bound by just a thin membrane, plants have a hard rigid wall that encases their cells.


Because plants don’t have inbuilt support structures like skeletons, cell walls collectively combine to give plants their rigid structural integrity.


But what does this mean human health?


Well, because of the complexity of these carb chains, they cannot be digested, but serve other important functions, as we’ll see…

The Role Of Fiber In The Diet

Fiber has 3 major roles in the human body.


The first and most widely known is the regulation of bowel movements.

high fiber fruits and vegetables

Fiber is a structure that when introduced to the digestive system, stimulates peristaltic motility of the gut, especially where removal of solid waste is concerned.


So basically, fiber helps you poop better and more healthily.


Another effect of fiber with regards to digestion is how in some cases, it nourishes gut bacteria, allowing them to metabolize helpful substances such as certain vitamins and short-chain amino acids to be used in digestive functions. And you will get it from high fiber fruits and vegetables.


In this way, fibers that nourish gut bacteria are known as prebiotics.


Fiber is also useful in regulating blood glucose levels. It mediates the uptake of sugar from the gut to your bloodstream, helping maintain insulin sensitivity, which can benefit weight loss and reduce other risk factors.


On the topic of weight loss, fiber also assists by adding non-caloric bulk to food.


This is because fiber can’t be digested, but still registered as food mass and thus promotes a feeling of fullness.


This is a clever way to restrict calorie intake while not forcing yourself to go hungry.


So that’s what fiber is and what it can do.


In this article, we’re going to introduce you to our favorite high fiber foods.


6 High Fiber Fruits And Vegetables!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away as the saying goes.

high fiber fruits and vegetables

There is indeed a correlation between consuming apples and better overall health. Aside from all the nutrients, you can expect, apples also have an abundance of good dietary fiber.


This fiber is in the form of pectin, a soluble form of fiber. Apples are 2.4% fiber.


Artichokes are indeed super healthy.

high fiber fruits and vegetables

Artichoke extract, a concentration of flavonoid compounds found in the vegetable has many profound benefits and is considered one of the true hangover cures.


Aside from this, artichokes are super high in fiber, coming in at 8.6%.


Avocados are the darling of the high fat, low carb diet. They are nutrient-dense, a great source of potassium and are especially appreciated for their healthy fat content.

high fiber fruits and vegetables

Despite their low carb reputation, avos do contain an abundance of carbs, but just in the form of non-digestible fiber, which is available at about 6.7%.


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The nutrient density of broccoli is one of the highest out there.

high fiber fruits and vegetables

Aside from having most of your usual essentials, it also contains some unique compounds such as indole 3-carbinol, known to help with erectile dysfunction.


When it comes to fiber, broccoli sits at 2.6%.



Quinoa is an awesome food, some consider it a superfood based on its nutrient profile.

high fiber fruits and vegetables

This is especially true when considering the high complete protein value it contains compared to other plant sources.


This is why it forms a popular staple in plant-based cuisine.


Quinoa contains 2.8% fiber.



Raspberries are an amazing source of nutrients and an especially great source of antioxidants.

high fiber fruits and vegetables

Just like many berries such as Aronia and blueberries, the antioxidant qualities of raspberries are off the charts.


As far as fiber is concerned, raspberries have it in the form of pectin and contain about 6.5% fiber.



Fiber is important to living a healthy functional life that's why use more high fiber fruits and vegetables in your diet.


We often neglect it or are deficient owing to the prevalence of highly processed foods devoid of adequate amounts of plant material.


This list is our favorite food sources that contain fiber, although almost all plant food sources will give you a good dose of fiber.



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