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Best Outdoor Activities for Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss – The great outdoors. Nothing makes life sweeter than spending time with nature. Do you know what else makes life sweet? That's right, being healthy.

healthy weight loss

Health really boils down to how you feel and how you function, and how you look is simply an indication.


When it comes to healthy weight loss, how we feel and function as well as how we look are generally the central focus.


The key here is good exercise and nutrition.


Let's assume you have your nutrition locked down. Now it's just a matter of finding the right exercise game plan.


Easier said than done. Because when it comes to healthier weight loss, simply exercising isn’t enough. You need a solid approach and the right form of exercise.


The Right Exercise for Weight Loss

Losing weight requires the right set of conditions in your body, nutritionally speaking, you’ll need to be at a negative energy balance. This means a caloric deficit or simply put, you need to be burning more calories than you’re taking in.

healthy weight loss

This can be achieved by simply restricting your intake.


But sometimes restricting your intake can be a bit much and borderline obsessive.


Your alternative route is, instead of limiting what you put in, you just increase the amount you burn. This is where exercise comes in.


But not just any old exercise. A popular misconception is that tons of cardio each day is an effective way to melt away fat. Wrong! Nothing could be further from the truth.


To really engage your body and put it in a fat-burning state, you have to go all out at a high intensity.


High intensity or anaerobic training happens through exercise methods such as strength/heavy resistance training and high-intensity cardio.

healthy weight loss

Both these methods of training put a huge amount of stress on your metabolism during a workout, forcing it to play catch up while you rest.


This leads to a higher overall energy burn that translates into healthier weight loss.


So you gotta get a gym membership right? Start an exercise program and spend hours each week repeating the same movements in the same enclosed environment?


That's where you’d be wrong.


This article will focus on giving you a little insight into exercise and the great outdoors.


With the right sort of activity, you can easily get a good burn and earn your way to a healthier, leaner body while enjoying the profound benefits nature has to offer.


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Now with that out of the way, its adventure time.


5 Awesome Outdoor Activities You Can Do To Lose Weight

1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an intense full-body experience. It is one of the most testing activities you can put your body through.


healthy weight loss


A bodyweight workout where any single part of your body is subject to extreme tension at any given time provides the right kind of resistance to give you that good metabolic boos required for healthier weight loss.


Rock climbing is a common indoor sport too, but for this, we say take a trip to the wild side.


2. Kayaking

Kayaking is an awesome water-based activity that pits you against the unstable and unpredictable forces of wild water.


healthy weight loss


Because of this, your muscles are constantly fighting against a unique form of resistance that is constantly shifting and playing against you.


This places tremendous amounts of tension on your upper body as you paddle through your adventure, granting you the benefits of a hard resistance workout.


3. Surfing

Surfing is often depicted as a fun, chilled cruise on a board through some awesome waves, but between each ride is a grueling amount of high-intensity work and limited access to normal breathing.


healthy weight loss


This high-intensity activity, together with the lack of oxygen puts a massive amount of stress on your metabolism, helping you burn more fat.


4. Obstacle Challenges

Obstacle challenges have seen a rise in popularity recently. The typical set up sees competitors clamoring over, under, up and down various sets of apparatus in various conditions of wet and dry.


healthy weight loss


This diverse set of activities all done for maximum speed set you up for an insane training effect that can lead to better weight loss.


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5. High Altitude Trail Running

Running at a moderate intensity typically doesn’t do the trick when it comes to fat loss.


healthy weight loss


Some people still hold the misconception that running can help lose weight in a significant way. This has been proven not to be the case.


However, how you run can significantly improve your odds with healthy weight loss.


One example is high altitude running. That's because, at higher altitudes, the air you will breathe has less oxygen. This leads to the right anaerobic conditions required to boost your metabolism for healthy weight loss.


Exercise isn’t only about weights, bars, and cables. In fact, this is a very new method of staying in shape as far as human existence is concerned.


Before all the gyms and workout programs we find ourselves inundated with today, working out was something we took for granted as part of our normal life routine.


A set of activities governed by the necessity to navigate our everyday world which we now refer to as the outdoors.


If you have anything you want to know which you feel we didn't answer, don't hesitate to hit us up in the comments below, and we’ll get to you ASAP!

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