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Health Benefits of Home-Based Indoor Cycling

Health benefits of indoor cycling – We all want to get a good and regular workout, but sometimes the inconvenience of actually getting up to venture out and train is what holds us back.


Even with a conveniently located fitness club or boutique gym, we can struggle to stay on track with our health and fitness wants and needs.


Health Benefits Of Indoor Cycling


Daily chaos and demotivating factors such as having had a stressful workday can limit our drive to leave the house or apartment.


So what is a good quality workout didn't mean you had to leave your home.


What if you had it right there with you?


That's where indoor cycling at home comes in. you can literally enjoy a full cardio session in the comfort of your home with very little expenditure.


Indoor Cycling. How To Get Started


Health benefits of indoor cycling can be achieved in two ways.


The first way is to purchase a static bike, ready-made with all the bells and whistles.


Health Benefits Of Indoor Cycling


There can be found at any sports or home depot type of store.


Prices range from super affordable to “are you nuts” so make sure you match the value you want with your personal goals and priorities.


The next option is to simply get a mount that converts an ordinary road or mountain bike into a static cycle.


Just like purpose-built static bikes, these mounts come with a variety of features and a price tag that goes with them. Get the one that works for you.


So that's pretty much the how, but this article will focus on the way of getting a static bike setup at home.


Top 6 Health Benefits Of Indoor Cycling


1. Low Impact workout


One of the key health benefits of indoor cycling in general as compared to the other popular cardio exercise, running, is the reduced impact on your joints.


The footstrike that comes with regular running is so damaging to the joint systems involved (ankle, knee, and hip) when not done correctly, and running correctly actually takes some training.


Most people don't realize that there is a specific way to run, so most end up with joint issues due to the fact.


Cycling automatically corrects your form, since you are sitting in a pre-designed system. It's also a fluid, circular motion with no impact points such as the foot-strike you get when running.


On the topic of impact, cycling at home was the bonus of absolutely zero impact. When cycling on the street, and especially off road, you are exposed to some impact now and again.


2. Can Be Scaled from Low to High Intensity


Cycling can easily go from a chilled low-intensity workout to a challenging high-intensity burn session and back down again.


Health Benefits Of Indoor Cycling


Not only can you switch your personal effort level, but most bikes and conversion mounts come with programmable resistance intensity levels for a scalable experience.


3. Can Be Done in Safety and Comfort


Cycling out on the streets or in nature can present many risks.


Unpredictable terrain and weather conditions, traffic, bike malfunction, and even wild animals and criminals can present themselves as dangers.


One of the benefits of indoor, at-home cycling is eliminating any hazards or risks that come with traditional outdoor cycling, allowing you to focus on your workout and less on personal safety.


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4. Easy to Set Up


Indoor cycling is super easy to set up.


Most units are pretty space-efficient, especially the ones that simply convert an existing bike into a stationary cycle.


You can even get units as compact as just a set of pedals with adjustable intensity via a smartphone app.


Compared to other cardio machines like treadmills or stair steppers, stationary bikes are the best way to have a gym at home.


5. Affordable


As we already touched on, stationary bikes can be pretty affordable, it really depends on what you’re going for.


If you want full functionality, with all the fancy fitness tracking data consoles and online sync features with state of the art design, you can totally do that, and pay for it.


But if not, you can still enjoy a good at-home cycling workout for a decent and cheap price.


6. Conditions your Legs


Lastly, and just to come full circle, stationary biking is great for conditioning the legs.


Health Benefits Of Indoor Cycling


Ever look at a dedicated cyclist's legs and you’ll see what we’re getting at.


But besides having a jacked pair of trotters, the conditioning you gain from cycling helps provide strength, endurance, and correction for some joint issues, especially those of the knees.




And there you have it folks, six benefits behind getting a stationary bike at home.


You won’t need to wait for the next spin class either because, with technology and the internet, especially the new ground being broken in VR, you can jump in on a group cycle session from the comfort of your home.

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