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Benefits of Regular Training

Health benefits of exercise – You’re reading this because you’ve decided to take your health seriously.
Well done, we’re glad to be a part of your journey, no matter how big or small our role ends up being.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


Being on a health and fitness mission is usually propelled by a desire to improve one’s physical appearance.


Weight loss and improved physique are the main motivators for people getting into fitness.



Why People Exercise


As we said, people often have initially superficial goals when it comes to signing up for a gym, trainer or fitness program.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


Some may also be trying to improve health or performance and functionality. Health benefits of exercise, No goal is unworthy, but goals often look at a fixed, rigid outcome, failing to see the bigger picture.



Perceived Goals vs Actual Outcomes


When a desire becomes a goal, our minds often perceive the singular outcome and that outcome is typically very “boxed in” so to speak.


That means we often expect a very specific thing to happen and that marks the completion of that task.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


The reality is a real outcome is a dynamic and organic evolution of the entire process and even once you achieve a specific outcome, it ends up just being a small component of a point in an ongoing journey.


That's why here at Life Renu we encourage treating your health and fitness journey not as one with an ultimate destination, but a process that forms part of your life.


This article will look at how fitness as a lifelong journey can benefit you as opposed to fitness as a once-off, single outcome effort.



Top 5 Health Benefits Of Exercise


Overall Feeling of Better Health and Wellness


The biggest benefit of health and fitness is being healthy and fit, believe it or not.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


What that means is you will generally feel good about yourself and where you are, what you can do and how well you can do it.


Energy levels, mental focus, and basic bodily functions all just work.


You’ll have that spring in your step and that glow of your skin.


You may have noticed we’re using some very vague and arbitrary adjectives for this one. Health benefits of exercise that's because its a feeling, and some feelings are better experienced than spoken about.



Sustained Weight Loss


Losing weight is one thing, keeping it off is a totally different story.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


The prevalence of the bodyweight yo-yo scenario is all too common in today’s health and fitness conversations.


That's because many weight loss protocols don't promote healthy ways to lose weight, to begin with, and they don’t offer a long term method of keeping it off.


6 week and 12-week weight loss programs are only effective within that set time. What is one to do after that period?


That's why regular, habitual health and fitness will give you sustained weight loss benefits.


In fact, you don’t even need to consider yourself as keeping any weight off, that's now your weight and your new and improved reality.



Improved Sense of Self Worth


Gaining confidence is common when knocking down fitness challenges. The sense of reward and the value of realizing that you are capable of more than you thought possible for yourself is very empowering.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


Imagine having these experiences sustained through your life? Constant achievement, progress, and development?


This would make anyone value themselves more and more each day and is one of the biggest gifts of getting and staying in fitness.



Improved Immunity and Disease Resistance


When we train regularly, your body's ability to respond to stressors is improved. These may be mechanical or biological. That means fighting off disease and infection becomes more effective.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


Regular exercise also causes your circulation to optimize in function, a key factor in keeping your body free of disease. This is especially true when considering the lymphatic system.


This system functions passively and requires skeletal muscle contraction to actually circulate lymph fluid.


This fluid contains a lot of the functional immune system cells you need to prevent and fight infections around your body.



Improved Resilience to Injury and Physical Degradation


Just as with disease prevention and immune function, regular exercise helps toughen your body to the physical forces which lead to injuries.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


With regular exercise, especially strength and conditioning, you’re boosting your odds against sustaining an injury.


That being said, accidents happen, and you’ll never be Superman, but even when you do get hurt, with a good strength and conditioning foundation, you are decreasing the severity of the injury as well as the time needed to recover.


With regular exercise you’re not just preventing injury, you’re also reducing the degradation that naturally comes with age or repetitive strain.


Those people that we can say have “aged gracefully” usually had a lifestyle dedicated to fitness behind them that has carried them well in their years.



So there you have it, the real benefits of regular training and exercise. Health benefits of exercise as you can see, being fit and healthy extends far beyond simple body composition and aesthetics.


If you ask us, looking good comes in the bottom when you consider these 5 essential life goals.


Focus on health and fitness habits rather than single goals and you’ll feel and enjoy sustained health.


If you have any other questions about this, or simply want to suggest some article ideas, please leave a comment in the section below.


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Health Benefits Of Exercise

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