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Is This The Most Harmful Food For Your Brain ?


Today, We’re talking about harmful foods that cause memory loss.


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First, the BAD NEWS… Foods that you’re probably eating right now may be harmful to your brain. Foods that cause memory loss, interfere with your ability to learn and mess with your memory.


Foods That Cause Memory Loss


What’s more…when you choose the wrong foods throughout life you significantly increase your chances of developing a terrible brain disease like Alzheimers and dementia.


Look there’s nothing worse than watching someone gradually lose their ability to think… Lose their personality and gradually forget their loved ones.


That’s why it’s so important to think about your brain health. And to take the necessary steps to keep your brain healthy, long before it’s too late.


Even if you’re only in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s choices you make now can have profound effects on your health and your ability to fight off degenerative diseases.


So let's dive in and look at some of the foods that could be harming your brain and what you can do to minimize their effects.


Ready? Ok the first brain harming food is Fructose. Research done at UCLA shows that a diet high in fructose can damage your memory and impede your ability to learn new things.


Foods That Cause Memory Loss


But it’s not just your brain that fructose can damage… Research also shows that high fructose intake can also lead to insulin resistance and eventually full blown type-2 diabetes and excess body fat.


If that weren’t enough to make you cut back, a diet high in fructose can also negatively affect your triglycerides and your bad LDL cholesterol causing plaques to form in your arteries.


In other words…


Consuming high levels of fructose can impair your memory and interfere with your ability to learn, increase your risk of diabetes,  put you at risk for heart disease and can make you fat.


Foods That Cause Memory Loss


Makes you think twice about reaching for another soda or a bowl of corn syrup sweetened ice-cream doesn’t it? Did you know that the average person eating our typical American diet consumes a LARGE quantity of fructose without even thinking about it?


Things like soft drinks, sweetened juice drinks, orange juice, processed junk foods as well as the high fructose corn syrup that's added to store-bought salad dressings, breads and cereals, and even condiments like ketchup.


Plus, many of the sports drinks you see advertised on TV as healthy can all contain large  amounts of corn syrup or fructose as their main sweetener and consuming them can be just  as bad for you as drinking a can of soda after a workout.


And fructose can be hidden too.


For example, agave syrup or nectar as it’s sometimes called is one of the most concentrated forms of processed fructose and it’s supposed to be healthy.


I suggest you stay away from agave sweeteners as much as possible. And it’s a lot easier than you think. You just have to be aware of what you put into your mouth.


For example, instead of buying salad dressing at the store, make homemade salad dressings from healthy olive oil and vinegar.


Drink unsweetened tea instead of soft drinks. Use organic ketchup made without fructose. Now the last thing I’ll say about fructose is that you’ve probably realized that fructose is naturally found in fruit and that is correct…


However, it is present in much smaller amounts. And it’s nowhere near the amount you’d find in things like sweetened juice drinks, soft drinks or junk foods.


Also in fruit you get the benefit of the phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber which can counteract the negative effects of fructose.


Ideally, you’ll want to keep your fruit intake to no more than 1-2 pieces per day.


And choose lower sugar fruits.


For example…


Foods That Cause Memory Loss


Did you know that limes and lemons contain virtually zero fructose? There is also only 3-4 grams of total carbs in a whole lemon or lime.


In contrast…


Oranges contain about 6 grams of fructose and 25 grams of total sugar per fruit. You can squeeze lemons and limes into either water or teas for a healthy flavorful drink.


Plus, fresh lemon juice has a positive effect on blood sugar response after a meal. Ok let’s move onto another brain harming food.


Now this one you probably already knew was bad for your heart health, but the long term cognitive effects are even greater.


I’m talking about trans fats… Trans fats cause widespread inflammation all throughout your body and damages your cells.


Trans fats are present in the hydrogenated oils hidden in processed foods and in deep fried foods too. You should avoid them completely if possible.


The next brain harming food isn’t really a food, but instead a heavy metal. I’m talking about mercury and according to scientists mercury pollution is rampant in both air and our water. That’s why fish like tuna, can often contain a lot of mercury.


If you’re a big fish eater try to limit your intake of things like tuna and swordfish to a couple times a month and instead consume more wild caught salmon, trout, and other types of smaller fish to reduce your mercury load.


Wheat-based foods are another example of brain harming foods. According to experts, wheat contains compounds called “exorphins” that have an effect in your brain similar to opiate drugs.


In other words it can be very addictive. That’s why giving up bread, cereal, pasta, and muffins can be so hard for people. Have you ever noticed that after a big pasta dinner it’s so easy to go back for seconds and thirds?


It’s almost impossible to stop eating. And if that weren’t bad enough just a few hours later you’ll be tempted to go back for more.


On the other hand, if you bypass the pasta and just eat lean protein and vegetables for dinner, you’ll be satisfied and you won’t be affected by cravings later on in the evening.


Luckily there are plenty of healthy foods, herbs, and spices that can actually protect your brain. For example the spice turmeric has been shown to be helpful in protecting the brain.


In fact, in India where turmeric is consumed in high quantities daily, the rate of Alzheimers is among the lowest in the world.


Foods That Cause Memory Loss


In addition, omega 3 fish oils have also been shown to protect the brain. And one of the most powerful brain-protecting nutrients is something called trivalent chromium.


Chromium is a trace mineral proven to help improve cognitive function. And one of the ways it helps with brain function is through its ability to support a healthy  blood sugar and insulin response.


Blood sugar plays a vital role in brain health and when we’re insulin resistant the brain really takes a beating. That’s one of the reasons we created GLUCOZINE.


Our proprietary blood sugar supplement uses a patented form of trivalent chromium called TRAACS chromium.


And GLUCOZINE is the first and only scientifically formulated blood sugar support formula specifically designed to reverse the effects of insulin resistance.


You can learn more about GLUCOZINE by clicking here



Foods That Cause Memory Loss


Foods That Cause Memory Loss


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