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Hamstring Stretch


Hamstrings are the large muscles in the back of your thigh and if those muscles are tight they limit your motion in your pelvis which might eventually lead to an injury which is especially true for activities like running that involve striking your feet on the ground with straight legs. Having a regular routine of stretching your hamstrings is something that can lengthen those muscles and improve their flexibility which will make them less susceptible to injuries.


Even though it takes a while to loosen tightened muscles it doesn't mean you should just avoid stretching if you feel like you have this problem. An important thing to note is that you should start slow and make sure you keep breathing when you stretch. You shouldn't bounce while doing the stretches, just do one movement and hold the position you get to and you feel the stretch. Of course depending on your level of tightness you should start slow with beginner level stretch.


Seated chair stretch


hamstring stretches for flexibility


Seated hamstring stretch This stretch is performed using a chair. So while you're sitting on the edge of the chair you need to straighten one leg in front of you while your toes are pointing to the ceiling and your heel points to the ground. After you do this you need to make sure your back is straight and you need to lean forward toward your toes. When doing this you should feel the stretch in the back of your thighs and if you want to increase the stretch just pull up another chair and put your heel on it.


Supine hamstring stretch


hamstring stretches for flexibility


This stretch is performed while lying on your back on the floor. While you are lying on your back you keep one leg bent in the knee with the foot flat on the floor and the other one flat out on the floor. Using your abs you need to pull the leg you keep straight on the floor slowly upward. If you feel like your hamstrings are too tight you can use a towel or a belt to wrap it around your foot and hold on to the ends in order to help lift the leg. When you start feeling a stretch in the back of your thigh you should hold it for about 15 seconds before lowering the leg on the floor. Repeating this three times per leg would surely improve your hamstring flexibility.


Wall hamstring stretch


hamstring stretches for flexibility


This is also an exercise that you do while lying on your back. You need to be close to a wall corner to do this stretch also. So while lying on your back you need to place one leg on the wall while your hips are straight on the floor. Doing this with each leg and holding for about 15-30 seconds should gradually improve your hamstring flexibility and prevent muscle tightness.

However hamstring injury doesn't always mean muscle tightness and sometimes just stretching isn't enough to make sure you are doing all you can to prevent injuring yourself. Sometimes doing a short movement routine to warm up might be everything you need to lower the risk of an injury. So if you're regularly doing sports that require running and quickly changing directions you should consider doing the following two exercises before your game starts.


Lunge with a twist


hamstring stretches for flexibility


Doing this simple exercise as part of your warm up routine will help you, hamstring stretches for flexibility which will extend their range of motion. So what you need to do is step back with your left foot into a lunge position until you feel a stretch through the front of your left hip flexor, then slowly twist your torso to the opposite side while keeping your left hand on your right knee. Performing this movement eight to ten times on each side will surely decrease your chance of injury during your workout.


Glute bridge


hamstring stretches for flexibility


Doing the glute bridge is actually a great exercise because the stronger your glutes are the more they help hamstring stretches back pain take the burden off your hamstrings and that makes them less likely to be strained. This exercise is the simplest way to activate your glutes and make sure they work properly during your main workout routine. What you need to do is start by laying down on your back and bending your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Make sure to tighten your glutes and abs before you move. Lift your hips up by contracting your glutes and form a straight line between your knees and shoulders while focusing on really squeezing your glutes. Hold this position for five seconds and do around ten repetitions with a short rest between the lifts.

Combining the exercises for your warm up routine and incorporating the stretches at the end of you workout as a cool down routine would drastically lower the chances of hamstring injury and everyone should definitely make sure to do these exercises and stretches especially if they had a similar injury in the past.

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