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How Proper Gut Health Improves Brain Health

Gut Brain Connection Probiotics





Gut brain connection probiotics – Continuing the subject of your brain gut axis and why having an optimized brain is so important is because an optimized brain and an optimized gut, together, create such great health benefits for you. I want to make sure you undestand the population of these microbes in your Gut which are generally called microbiome.

We here at LIFE RENU not only teach about these things but we practice what we preash. You see I guard and so does everyone else here. We guard our microbiome by taking, first of all our GI RENU product that puts healthy bacteria back in our system and it gets past the stomach acid into the intestines where we need it the most, unlike other probiotics that don't do that. Another great thing about GI RENU is that we also include prebiotics in it.

Prebiotics are the food the Probiotics will eat, giving them a better chance to repopulate. Then we eat healthy. My mid morning snack is actually a gluten free toast with a spread on it which is almond butter.

Gut Brain Connection Probiotics

I usually consume almond butter throughout the day because I love it, it's really just fresh ground almonds. Healthy nuts are an important choice in your diet. Also keeping gluten extremely low or eliminated is healthy for just about anyone.


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And afterwards I'll wash it down with my protein shake and keep high quality protein with just a little bit of structured carbohydrates or some good healthy fats in there to be extremely healthy and for my body, my muscles to be replenished after a workout.

So listen, we practice what we preach, we're hoping you're going to do the same. Gut brain connection probiotics, make sure you are supplementing, make sure you are getting plenty of probiotics in your system. Of course we recommend GI RENU because we believe it's one of the best products on the market.


Gut brain connection probiotics – This is Dr. Ron Eccles as usual and I hope you found the information above useful. Make sure you check out our other tips, posts, articles and recipes in order to get more healthy advice on how to start your healthy way of life and stack the deck in your favor.



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