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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Green pasture cod liver oil – you may be well aware that fish is healthy for you.


In fact, many would consider fish to be the one animal-sourced food whose benefits far outweigh its negative impact on health.


green pasture cod liver oil 


That’s because, while may animal and meat products do have benefits that trump their cons, they have enough cons that moderate intake is the best way to really make use of their good qualities.


Our modern diets, unfortunately, place a heavy preference for the consumption of meat, especially red meat.


These meats are dense in saturated fats and are often prepared using trans fats.


Processed meats such as deli cold cuts and various types of sausage also seem to increase the risk of cancer according to modern research.


green pasture cod liver oil


A lot of these dangers come from not just the high volume of consumption, but also the way the animals are raised and kept.


Domestic breeding and farming deny animals to truly nourish themselves with the natural stock of beneficial nutrients nature has prescribed for them.


This leaves them with a less than adequate nutritional value than they really should have.


This is where fish such as cod really shine.


Most commercially available fish is wild-caught, meaning it has experienced the freedom of nature and the nutrient profile that comes with it.


The same cant easily be said about the last steak or plate of wings you had, free-range at best.


Green pasture cod liver oil cod is a great example of a health-boosting, wild-caught fish. It comes with your typical high protein, vitamins and minerals profile you’d expect from other cold-water seafood.


But where cod really shows its worth is with its liver oil.


In this article, we are going to delve deep into the depths of the Atlantic ocean and learn about this critter named cod, and why its liver has been such a popular source of nutrition for generations.


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And without further ado, let’s get into it.



Top 5 Green Pasture Cod liver Oil 


Heart Healthy

Green pasture cod liver oil is packed full of omega 3 fatty acids.


These fatty acids are essential to the body since you can’t naturally produce them.


green pasture cod liver oil


Omega 3 fatty acids are also profoundly healthy for your cardiovascular system.


They tip the scale of your cholesterol balance in favor of HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol).


This has the effect of keeping your arteries clear of plaque and nourished with nitric oxide, reducing the risk of chronic hypertension and heart disease.



Healthy Bones

Cod is a great source of vitamin D, an essential nutrient which means you can only get it from a healthy diet.


green pasture cod liver oil


Vitamin D is important in promoting healthy bones. Coupled with a good source of bioavailable calcium, vitamin D promotes prolonged bone health even into older age.


Since it is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in modern time. Cod liver oil might be your ticket to normal health.



2. The vitamin A levels

Cod Liver oil has so much vitamin A that a typical dose will grant you 90% of your daily requirements.


Because of this, green pasture cod liver oil is reputed for its benefits towards eye health along with the eye protective benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.



3. Mood Booster

Omega-3 has well-documented mood-stabilizing effects. Its anti-inflammatory qualities as well as the fact that it nourishes the structures of your nervous system mean it has an effect on cognitive function and emotional state.


green pasture cod liver oil


Along with vitamin D which is also associated with a mood-boosting effect, these two nutrients make cod liver oil a feel-good serum.



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4. Anti Inflammatory

Cod liver oil’s main constituent nutrients, omega 3, vitamin A and vitamin D are all involved in creating a good defense against inflammation.


One of omega-3 most frequent uses is the prevention of chronic inflammation. It does this by suppressing the proteins that cause it.



5. Nutrient Dense

Most of the benefits listed here are due to individual nutrients doing their thing.


green pasture cod liver oil


We feel it’s fair to give a nod to the general fact that green pasture cod liver oil is so nutrient-dense. It may not contain as wide a variety of nutrients as the actual meat of the fish, but the concentration of nutrients in the oil is amazing.


A typical dosage of cod liver oil takes care of most of your vitamin A and D needs.




Cod liver oil is an easy way to get some of the most essential nutrients your body needs.


This is especially true for vitamin D which is considered deficient in the western diet.


Vitamin A and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also present in large enough quantities to take care of most of your daily needs.


You can get the oil in capsules if you find the fishy taste a bit offensive.


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