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Get Results or Make Excuses


You know in life you can do one of two things. You can either get results or you can make excuses. A number of years ago in my private coaching business, I worked with high end business owners and individuals who hired me to work with them on helping them reduce the stress from their extremely successful, very busy businesses.


Get Results or Make Excuses


One of them happened to have a health problem. She was overweight and completely out of shape. So we made an agreement because she doesn't like big movements or big changes that we would do small movements and small behavioural changes that we can slowly implement over a period of six months. The thing that happened after these six months, and I wish I had better result for you, is she just kept making excuses.


If I knew then what I know now, I would have released her as a client earlier. Not because I dislike her. We're still very good friends today, but the reality of it is that what she was trying to achieve, what she identified in our initial consultation, she wasn't really willing to work for it.


Get Results or Make Excuses


She was completely unwilling to get the results because she kept making excuses. Some of the things she said was that her mom, aunt, grandmother and every female in her family lineage is fat. And after she said that she said something else which was an illusion. She said: I'm a fat girl and my doctor says I'm as healthy as a horse.


First of all I told her she's not a horse and second, because of my background as a doctor, what I tried to convey is the following: Sometimes, in fact most often in life, symptoms are the last thing to come on when your body has already reached a tipping point.


In other words, the disease process has been going on for many years before you experienced your first symptom and sometimes it's a much more difficult battle to retrieve or regain your health once you lose it.


So here at LIFE RENU, we want to stack the deck in your favor. We want to resource you and equip you with the right information and one of the things we want you to do is get results, not excuses. We're going to provide you with top end supplements to help you win the battle in the war of epigenetics.

In case you're not familiar with what epigenetics is take a look at my previous article here. It's about switching on and switching off the right kind of genes to help you optimize your health.


So share this with your friends, let them learn for themselves and enable them to join the blue zone movement. I'm personally a blues owner for life. I've commited to eating healthy and making sure I optimize my body in every possible way, shape and form in which I have control over.


This is Dr. Ron Eccles and keep following my blog for more articles of this sort because I'm going to post more real soon. So make sure you stop back and get more incredible information and make sure you don't miss any of our new health tips and healthy recipes.



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