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How To get in the mindset to lose weight

How To get in the mindset to lose weight  – We all know healthy weight loss requires lots of good nutrition and exercise.


Having a great diet that ticks off all the boxes for what your body needs in order to burn body fat is definitely essential. You cant expect to lose weight with the wrong quantity and quality of food.


The same can be said about exercise, you need a solid game plan in place in order to maximize your metabolic potential for healthy weight loss.


All that considered, you have to remember that implementing these strategies requires a great deal of mental focus, especially if you’re basically turning your life around.


Mind Over Matter

A lot of people talk about what you need to do to lose weight, but very few will tell you what you need to do to get there, and by that, we mean the mentality of weight loss.


Unless you’re at the mercy of force-feeding and forced exercise, good diet and activity with a weight loss goal is a huge mental shift.


The main sticking point for most is they become fixated on the grand event rather than the continuous process.



Habit Goals vs Outcome Goals

Forming good habits allows you to ride the process of weight loss rather than fumble anxiously through the day in anticipation of achieving your weight loss goals.


Having a habit oriented instead of outcome-oriented approach also allows you to have a healthy mental state through the process.


Focusing too much on just the outcome, and not being present with the process is a risk factor in eating disorders such as orthorexia, anorexia, and bulimia.


In this article we will look at 5 shifts in mental focus that will help you stay on track towards health and sustainable weight loss, not just as a once-off goal, but as a permanent part of a wholesome lifestyle.


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5 Mental Shifts For Healthy Weight Loss


How To get in the mindset to lose weight


1. Be Patient

Patience is a virtue as they say.


One of the leading roadblocks with healthy weight loss is the lack of patience many people have.


We unfortunately live in an age of instant gratification. Everything has to happen here and now or it’s too late and not worth it.


This idea has permeated all aspects of normal life, including the journey of weight loss.


People want to lose weight faster than they gained it, totally unnatural unless unnatural is what you’re after.



2. Stop Making Excuses

Another retreating comfort for people who are struggling with their weight loss is the excuse wagon.


Now there are two ways of rationalizing something. You have reasons, then you have excuses.


A reason is a factor that is actively and knowingly at play, resulting in a certain outcome. An excuse, on the other hand, is a factor that only becomes recognized retrospectively or after the fact and needs to be searched for or fabricated in order to rationalize an existing outcome. An excuse might make sense, but it only really became an issue after the fact.


Use these definitions to figure out whether your weight loss shortcomings have a solid reason or have a flimsy excuse behind them.


If the latter, stop it! If the former, fix it or work around it.



3. Stop Comparing.

Another problem with the mental attitude behind weight loss is people tend to compare themselves or their desired outcomes to another person.


You don’t know what factors and variables were at play for an individual to achieve their current state.


Over Comparison opens you up for disappointment as your brail more and more associates the ideal outcome with something that can't ever be achieved by mere virtue of the fact that you and the compared party are unique individuals.


Comparison might also lead to you inadvertently limiting your potential.


You just might be able to surpass a level set by someone else, but you’ve subconsciously set them as your limit, meaning your potential might go untapped



4. Focus on The Journey.

As we pointed out, one big thing you want to do is focus on the moments and not on the grand event of reaching a very specific weight loss goal.


Firstly, if you focus on it as a journey, it will help you form habits and incorporate it as a sustainable part of your lifestyle.


Losing weight is one thing, keeping it off is a whole different ball game which you will have to pay for the rest of your life, and that’s a good thing. Why would you want to go back to that slouch on a couch, junk food, and no exercise life anyways?


The other reason to focus on the journey is that it will help you be more patient with the process.


Time flies when you’re having fun, and focusing on the process of anything in life, rather than just the final endgame brings more joy and allows more patience



5. Health over Appearance

The last crucial mental tip for healthy weight loss is to try to focus on what you are doing for your health and less for your appearance.


Sure, you want to look good, and you will look good. Looking good and feeling comfortable with our image is important.


But what’s the use when everything inside is falling apart? Firstly you won’t look as good as you potentially could, and lastly, you won’t look great for long.


Make weight loss a matter of gaining better health, the looks will follow and will be at their best.


Healthy weight loss is a mental game first and foremost.


The diligence, discipline, and dedication required all come from the mind first, which translates into your work in the gym and what you put on your plate.


Focusing on the journey and habits is way more important than just focusing on a specific goal weight.

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