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Health Boosting Super Fruits You Should Try Today

Fruits that boost immune system – Eating whole, natural and organic foods is the best way to go when healthy nutrition is of concern. Our bodies are specifically engineered to process these complex nutrient sources meticulously.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

Nature builds nature, so the more natural your food sources are, the more beneficial they will be to your health.


One of the most amazing natural food sources is fruits. If you really think about most fruit, they are almost expertly designed to be enjoyable in return for assisting in the proliferation of whatever species of plant they come from.


And from a nutritional perspective, fruits are providing more than an attractive meal option. They are also a group of the healthiest foods on the planet.


Why Fruits Are So Important

As we mentioned, fruits are a unique and important component of life on the planet.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

The way they are designed and the purpose they serve mean that they are assisting two distinct ends of the ecosystem.


They are improving the quality of life of plants by acting as a vehicle for the reproductive success of the species, while at the same time, they are acting as a health-boosting nutrient source for the animals that share their space.


This link is pretty special if you really think about it and is actually one of the main drivers of life continuing on this planet.


But enough of that biology lesson, let’s look at some important aspects to consider when it comes to fruit consumption.


Things To Consider About Fruits

Most fruits contain a plethora of healthy nutrients. Many of these are essential. Others are health-boosting compounds such as antioxidants.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

Another typical trait of fruits is their high carb content in many cases.


The carb content of fruit is indicated by the fact that most of them are quite sweet, signifying an abundance of sugar in the form of fructose.


Fructose is not bad in of itself, but just as with anything, too much of a good thing can be bad.


In fact, certain people have fructose intolerances which cause them to react negatively to a vast number of fruits unless consumption is combined with specific supplements or medication.


In spite of this, fruit, when consumed in normal quantities shouldn’t pose a risk as far as carb content is concerned.


It is, however, worth considering if you are on a strict low carb regimen such as keto.


In that case, you will need to consider limiting your fruit intake to just the really low GI fruits.


Added to this, its best to avoid excess fruit juices, no matter how wholesome, fresh or cold-pressed they may be.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

That’s because fruit juice, while it contains all the healthy nutrients you would expect, is missing one important component. Fiber.


Fiber controls the uptake of sugar from your gut to your blood, and when this is removed from the fruit, you’re essentially drinking naturally colored and flavored sugar water with a few good nutrients, but still, mostly a bunch of sugar.


The moral of the story is, eat whole fruit as much as possible.


With that said, let’s look at some of our favorite whole fruits and how they benefit your health.


6 Healthiest Fruits That Boost Immune System


Avocado are an amazing fruit, and the fruits that boost immune system.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

Their creamy texture and mild flavor makes them an easy addition to many healthy snacks.


Their low carb, high-fat profile is perfect for keto, which is why it is one of the staple foods of a ketogenic lifestyle.


The abundance of oleic acid, a health-boosting fatty acid is the source of many health benefits and the avos reputation.


Avocados are also a rich source of potassium, one of the essential mineral salts, along with many other important nutrients such as magnesium and fiber.



Blueberries are amongst the healthiest food sources naturally available.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

High in fiber with a low GI reading, they are one of the best fruits for a low carb, low-calorie lifestyle.


They contain many of the essential vitamins and minerals you have come to expect and love from eating natural whole foods.


These include manganese, vitamin C, and K.


Blueberries are also supercharged with flavonoids.


These chemicals are present in the skin pigments of these berries have powerful antioxidant benefits, allowing you to gain numerous health benefits from their consumption.



Another berry on this list, cranberries are known for their healthy qualities especially when it comes to kidneys and urinary tract health.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

Pure cranberry extract is often prescribed as a treatment to alleviate urinary tract infections. This is thought to be due to a compound called A-Type proanthocyanidin.


Alon with A-Type proanthocyanidins, cranberries contain a host of other antioxidants that have potential health-boosting qualities.


Cranberries are also a great source of vitamins C, E, and K as well as minerals copper and manganese.


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This citrus fruit is a breakfast favorite, and the fruits that boost immune system. And being citrus, you already know it contains a decent amount of essential antioxidant ascorbic acid, known commonly as vitamin C

Fruits That Boost Immune System

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Grapefruits also contain compounds that help reduce insulin resistance as well as LDL cholesterol level, proving to be of great benefit to metabolic and cardiovascular health.



Pomegranates are deserving of the unofficial title of “superfood”. And the fruits that boost immune system.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

That’s because they contain so many healthy nutrients and antioxidants, it is hard to see them as anything but extraordinary.


The nutrient profile of pomegranates includes your typical essential vitamins and minerals, but it’s the antioxidants where this fruit shines.


The antioxidants in these fruits have been linked to natural testosterone boosting, cardiovascular health and assisting with lowering blood sugar levels.



Few fruits are as enjoyable as the watermelon.

Fruits That Boost Immune System

The yummy goodness of this fruit is second to none, and most importantly, it's pretty darn healthy.


Watermelon contains vitamins C and A in high quantities as well as numerous antioxidants such as lycopene.


Where watermelon really shines is the fluid content.


Sitting at 90% water, this fruit is just as good for nutrition as it is for hydration.


Because many people neglect their hydration needs since water is pretty bland, having a hydration source that is both tasty and nutritious is a triple bonus.



There are thousands of healthy fruit that you can choose from for a healthy diet. These are just a few of our favorites.


Do your research and always consider your nutritional needs and sensitivities with the guidance of a health professional.


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