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Four Myths About Protein Based Nutrition

Fitness science is constantly moving forward and by doing so it either proves or disproves the claims you hear every day by people in the gym. Protein based nutrition has already been proven to be useful for people who are active but it's never a bad idea to think critically and do your own research.
Here are four myths about the protein based nutrition that science has already answered:

Protein based nutrition will get you fat

This myth is the furthest away from the truth. Consuming most of your daily calories through protein will help you increase your muscle mass and get rid of excess fat. Even if you consume more proteins that exceeds the daily limit of calories you won't get fat. Quite the contrary, you'll lower your body weight because you'll lower on your body fat.

This is proven by two different researches. In the first research the participants were “overdosed” with whey protein. The results of both researches show that only the excess body fat was lowered and there was no fattening of any kind.

Protein based nutrition damages the kidneys

I'm sure at one point or another you heard a comment like: “Take it easy with the protein shakes, you'll destroy your kidneys”. I know I have. There is a research on the impact on the blood and kidneys of taking 4 grams of protein per 1 kg of body weight daily.

The results show that people who are healthy and train with weights regularly have no negative effect of protein based nutrition. Participants in the research took 270 grams of protein daily in a span of 8 weeks while they kept taking their regular intake of other nutrients. After the 8 weeks there was no changes in their blood work or the state of their kidneys.

Protein based nutrition causes bone loss

This particular myth is based on the opinion that the protein causes blood acidification which results in taking calcium from the bones to regulate the acid in the blood that leads to bone loss. But research disprove this claim as well. High protein based nutrition doesn't cause changes in the biomarkers of the bone content. Proteins actually increase the absorption of calcium in the digestive tract. The increased concentration of calcium incite secretion of calcitonin in the thyroid and storing the calcium in the bone tissue. The conclusion drawn from this research is that protein based nutrition can better the health state of your bones.

Protein based nutrition causes unpleasant smells

This is true only if the protein based nutrition is too high on protein and very low on carbohydrates and fat. In that case your sweat may smell like ammonia because through it your body gets rid of high quantities of urea during high intensity training. If you are facing a problem of this sort just add a few healthy fat and carbohydrates to your nutrition.

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