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Revealed: Three So-Called “Healthy” Foods That You Should Avoid Eating At All Costs!


Foods You Should Never Eat

Hi, it’s Dr. Ron Eccles and it can be very hard these days to tell the healthy foods from the unhealthy ones – and if you are diabetic or concerned about becoming diabetic that can make your food decisions very difficult.


The truth is there are many so-called “superfoods,” that is to say foods that are widely considered healthy, that are actually bad for your Blood sugar levels.


Let’s Take a Look at 3So-Called “Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy!


Foods You Should Never Eat


The first is dried fruit and fruit juices.

Foods You Should Never Eat


Most of us think fruit juices are healthy. But here’s the truth: they’re loaded with sugar.


In fact, fruit juice is actually missing many of the things that make whole fruit healthy, such as fiber.


Keep in mind that drinking one glass of fruit juice is equivalent to eating several pieces of fruit at once. You’re basically getting all the Sugar from several pieces of fruit without the fiber.


All that excess sugar gets sent to your liver where it’s turned into fat. This in turn can contribute to fat buildup and insulin resistance (Diabetes).


Dried fruit is also high in sugar and calories. For those reasons, eating a lot of dried fruit could lead to weight gain, Type II Diabetes and heart disease.



The second food to avoid is Vegetable Juice (or V8).

Foods You Should Never Eat


Foods You Should Never Eat – The biggest problem with vegetable juices is the nutrients are lost and most of the fiber is removed during processing of vegetable juices like. Processed Vegetable juices also have added components that are of questionable nutritional value.


One more potential problem with veggie juices is that they can be very high in sodium.


Let me give you an example: V8’s original vegetable juice formula contains a whopping 481mg of sodium per serving. That’s a lot.


But even V8’s reduced-sodium juice is still high in sodium, it contains 140mg of sodium in an 8 ounce serving.


The third food to avoid is grains.

Foods You Should Never Eat


So let’s say you’re doing your part to avoid any added sugars and staying away from all candy and Junk food. You think you’re doing pretty good.


Then for lunch, you open your lunch bag and take out a turkey sandwich, prepared using two slices of whole grain bread.  Surely this is a healthy lunch, right?


Wrong. Foods You Should Never Eat. The problem with grains – even whole grains – is that they are still a form of sugar, they just have to be broken down.


In fact, wheat and corn may be two of the worst forms of Carbohydrates when it comes to accelerated aging, which can be an effect of elevated blood sugar levels.


The sad truth is these carbs may spike glucose levels just as fast in most cases as that sugary pastry that you avoided at breakfast.


In addition to the fact that these refined grains and flours may spike blood glucose levels, there’s also the fact that they’re lacking in essential nutrients.


They’ve been stripped of their vitamins, minerals, and fiber. What results is a form of empty calories.


Additionally, our modern sources of wheat have also been genetically altered to produce higher output from crops and to increase the growing speed,which has had devastating impacts on how our body responds to these foods.


At the end of the day, opting for a lower carbohydrate diet altogether may be your best defense against all the problems associated with sugar and insulin.


That and one more thing – you may want to consider taking a high quality supplement containing minerals and nutrients that are known to help balance blood sugar levels.


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One Such Supplement is Glucozine

Foods You Should Never Eat

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You could look and feel younger and more energetic and don’t forget the serious health conditions that you may be protecting yourself against.


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Foods You Should Never Eat





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