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Food For Thought. The Best Foods With Nootropic Benefits

Nutrition is the centerpiece of how your body ends up functioning.


Your metabolism, immune system, reproductive system, body composition and even digestion itself are reliant on how and what nutrients your body processes.


One system that demands the most resources and is, therefore, the most affected by what you eat is, of course, your central nervous system.


The command center of the body which comprises your brain, spinal cord and the millions of peripheral nerve endings requires good, balanced nutrition to fuel its myriad of functions.


One of these functions is memory and cognitive activity. Your thinking and remembering capabilities are one of the most advanced and therefore most demanding functions your nervous system needs to execute.


These functions are influenced by chemicals or substances called nootropics.

What Is A Nootropic


A nootropic is a nutrient source, drug or supplement that provides notable benefits towards the cognitive functions of the nervous system.


This class of nutrient molecules can maintain or enhance the memory and mental activity aspects of the brain.


The science of nootropics aims to unlock the biochemistry behind cognitive enhancement similar to how the science of anabolic substances serves to unlock the biochemistry of physique and performance enhancement.


Nootropics have taken center stage in conversations on how to enhance human health, function, and quality of life.


We are intellectual, cognitive beings, so enhancing these faculties is seen as one of the main frontiers toward achieving full human potential.


While there are many drugs and supplements that promise nootropic benefits, some of them have proven to be effective, this article will focus on regular foods that have evidenced nootropic benefits.


Top 5 Super Foods With Nootropic Benefits


high fiber fruits and vegetables


Dark Chocolate

Pure dark chocolate has been reputed for its numerous health benefits.


Packed full of antioxidants, dark chocolate is a general health booster.


Keto Chocolate Bar Brands


It’s also a known stimulator of the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones associated with the brain’s reward mechanism.


Where dark chocolate really shines as a nootropic is its propensity in increasing blood flow in the brain, and specifically in parts of the brain where neurogenesis, the formation of new nerve cells occurs.


By triggering the growth and enhancement in the very physiological nature of the brain, cognitive functions are inevitably enhanced due to the increased operating capacity.


Look out for 70%+ dark chocolate in order to tap into this benefit.


Green Tea

Green tea is a great drink for maintaining health in general. Like regular black tea, it contains caffeine which already provides some nootropic benefits through the metabolic boost and associated enhancement in mental focus.


Green Tea Diabetes Blood Sugar


Along with caffeine, green tea possesses a special amino acid called L-theanine. This organic chemical alters brainwave activity by stabilizing the mood and promoting a state of clarity and focus.


It’s no wonder green tea is a common component of ancient eastern meditative ceremonies.



Eggs are a great source of complete protein as well as healthy HDL cholesterol.


As the cornerstone of a healthy breakfast, eggs are a go-to nutrient source for numerous reasons.


When it comes to the matter of nootropics, eggs have a special contribution.


That’s because eggs contain choline. Not only do they contain choline, but they also contain some of the highest concentrations of the chemical know in any natural dietary source.


What choline does for your cognitive health is it serves as a precursor to acetylcholine.


Acetylcholine is a vital neurotransmitter and is responsible in a major way for the impulses that drive all muscular contractions, both voluntary and involuntary.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is a super healthy food source.


With a myriad of benefits ranging from cardiovascular health, assistance in the maintenance of insulin sensitivity and its effect on male reproductive health, this oil has a firmly cemented place in the healthy food hall of fame.


CBD Oil For Anxiety


When it comes to your cognitive health, olive oil’s antioxidant benefits are where it shines.


It helps limit cognitive decline by staving off the oxidative stress of the nervous tissues, especially those of the central nervous system. This essentially reduces the age-related decline of nerve tissue, making it a sort of anti-aging serum for the brain.


The risk factors of age-related mental decline are reduced with regular intake, just make sure you’re using the good stuff in the form of extra virgin olive oil.


Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contains many healthy compounds, chief among these is the abundance of essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6.


Fatty Fish

These mono and polyunsaturated fat nutrients have a healthy impact on your cardiovascular system, but also nourishes the nervous system, providing raw materials for neurogenesis as well as giving antioxidant support that helps limit the risk of neurological degradation.


This activity is especially applied in treating conditions such as childhood epilepsy, a severe chronic cognitive dysfunction.



Nootropics are a branch of nutritional science that seems set to dominate the health and wellness space soon.


While numerous supplements are now popping up on shelves promising immense brain-boosting benefits, never forget that supplements are just that, supplemental additions to a good, balanced and natural diet.


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