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11 Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels

Today, We’re talking about 11 Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels. Blood sugar problems don’t just affect those with diabetes. Erratic blood sugar can affect anyone. And if you’re trying to lose weight, get fit or you just want more energy to tackle  your day.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


Blood sugar issues can really derail you. And of course diet plays a huge role. The problem is, we’ve been lied to when it comes to how we should be eating. As a result, we’ve become a society dependent on carbs and very often the foods we think are healthy are doing us  the most harm.


They’re messing with our blood sugar, causing us to gain weight and putting us at risk for more chronic health problems.

Let’s take a look at some foods you may  be eating that are messing with your blood sugar.


Food #1 –




If you’re looking to balance your blood sugar and are looking for healthy foods that don’t make you crash. The first and most obvious food group to watch out for  breads and cereals. And trust me  I know,  it’s a tough group to leave behind. Most of us grew up eating cereal for breakfast, toast and of course bagels.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


The good news is that you don’t have to abandon these foods altogether. The bad news is that you do need to limit your  consumption and choose healthy whole grain options. Bagels are often  the worst, because  they’re dense and filling.


In fact, bagels can  provide the same amount of carbohydrates as six slices of bread or 4 to 6 bowls of breakfast cereal. Crazy huh? If you must have a bagel, I suggest eating only half at a time. And by using a healthy smear like no sugar peanut butter, you can  get some healthy fat and protein in there which can help take the edge off.


The next blood sugar spiking food is…


Dried Fruit


Everyone thinks that dried fruits are healthy, but I have news for you. They’re just concentrated sugar. Plus, dried fruit is often sweetened with additional sugar, which can throw your blood sugar levels into overdrive.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


But even without the extra sugar, dried fruit presents a problem because the natural sugars inside can be substantial. Also, because dried fruit has had all of its water removed, it’s super easy to eat way too much. Which means, if you think you’re  being healthy by putting dried fruit in your trail mix instead of chocolate, you’re not.


And speaking of fruit, let’s move on the next food…


Fruit Juice


Most people looking to lower or stabilize their blood sugar  are smart enough to avoid things like sugary soda and fancy Starbucks drinks. At least I hope so, but the truth is, fruit juice can be just  as bad even if it's made with  real fruit.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


That’s because fruit juice contains a lot of sugar, even if it’s just natural sugar. Think about it, even if you’re juicing at home,  how many oranges, apples or pineapples do you need to juice to make just one glass? A lot.


And the same goes for store bought juice too. Not to mention, many of those are filled with added sugar too. If you love fruit, then have a piece of fruit. But eat the whole thing fiber and all. The fiber slows down  absorption of the sugar and minimizes the sugar spike. And since we’re talking about drinks, let’s move on to the next food.


Sports Drinks


A lot of people think sports drinks are somehow good for you simply because they contain the word “sport” in the name. Others feel like they deserve their sports drink because they just got done with a sweaty workout.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


And still  others feel that  because it’s not juice or soda it’s ok, but that’s just not true. In fact, unless you’re a very active individual competing at a high level, you probably don’t need to consume sports drinks at all.


In most cases, sports drinks contain a substantial amount of sugar, which of course can seriously spike your blood sugar. If you’re just looking for something to get you through a tough workout, there’s nothing better than good old fashioned water.


You can also drink our delicious watermelon Flavored RECOVER filled with Amino Acids to help in your workout recovery. .


And continuing with our discussion about drinks…


Let’s talk about  alcohol…


Now, let’s be honest. Most people don’t look forward to Friday night because they get to drink more juice or soda. Lots of social events are linked to alcohol and it’s hard to avoid. The problem is that a lot of alcoholic beverages are loaded with sugar or carbohydrates.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


Drinking just one or two of them can cause blood sugar levels to spike. And because many partiers enjoy far more than one or two. Well, you can see the problem. If you do decide to drink, make sure you don’t overindulge. Stick with low sugar options like vodka, gin, water, and club soda. And drink plenty of water during and after.


Our next food is also a drink. I’m talking about…




Now on it’s own, coffee isn’t really a big deal. The real problem is that very few people like their coffee black. Instead, most coffee drinkers like to spice things up by adding milk, cream, sugar, or specialty syrups that add a kick of vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut. And that can be a serious problem.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


Especially if you’re not making the coffee yourself. Many of the major coffee chains in the world load up their coffee with sugar…alot of sugar. These “specialty” drinks can really cause your blood sugar to spike.


Ideally, you should ask for black coffee and request sugar free flavors and add your own sweetener and opting for sugar substitutes like stevia and monk fruit are great Options.


And the same goes for the next item on our list…




Most people think tea is a healthy beverage, and in many cases it is. Chamomile tea relaxes you and helps you sleep. Green tea can help boost your metabolism, Ginger tea is great for digestion. And black tea can give you a nice little boost of energy through caffeine.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels



But, like coffee, tea can be quite unhealthy if it’s loaded down with sugar, cream, or heavy milk. And the wide variety of flavored tea drinks out there are loaded with sugar. As with coffee, the best idea is to get your tea plain while adding sweetener to it yourself.


Another  blood sugar destroying food is…


White Rice


Rice is often used as a side-dish to healthier foods. But white rice can be a big problem for your blood sugar. Like white bread, white rice is a simple carbohydrate that’s processed quickly in the body.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


So it’s best to avoid it. If you like sushi try wrapping your rolls in cucumber, most sushi  places offer this option. And if you’re looking for side dish options, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and quinoa are great alternatives.


The next food is…


Milk and Dairy.


Most of us grew up drinking milk. We had it on our cereal, a glass with dinner. It’s even the beverage of choice for school lunch. And while  milk does contain protein, calcium and other vitamins. It also contains sugar.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


In fact, most types of milk contain lactose, a form of sugar that for some people is hard  to digest. The good news is that milk isn’t as bad as soda, fruit juice, or sugary alcoholic beverages. But it can  still be a problem for some people. I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk whenever I need a little bit of milk.


Same goes for other dairy products…

Which brings me to our next food.




Yogurt has become a lot more popular these days, primarily due to the popularity of probiotics. Most major brands of yogurt have jumped on the bandwagon and are using the probiotic angle to promote their products.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


Just keep  in mind  that most types of yogurt contain their fair share of added sugars, while plain yogurt (not to be confused with vanilla yogurt) has very little  if any sugar added. There is new brand I found that has very little sugar. It’s the TWO Good brand of yogurt. It’s only 80 calories and has 12 grams of protein with only 2 grams of fat and 2 grams of sugar.


And finally our last blood sugar spiking food is…




We already discussed fruit, we talked about dried fruit and fruit juices too. But some fruits are very high in sugar and should be avoided. One of them is bananas, bananas are among the sweetest and therefore more dangerous types of fruit for blood sugar control.


Everyday Foods That Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels


Grapes, mangoes, and cherries too. Eating any of these fruits can cause an immediate spike in blood sugar. And while they do offer several key nutrients, There are better alternatives such as berries.


If you have any questions you feel weren’t answered in this video, please drop us a comment and we’ll get right back to you.


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