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Unhealthy Foods You Ought to Avoid – Important Things You Might Not Be Aware of


10 Foods you should never eat – Today there is a definite push towards health consciousness. When it comes to fitness and nutrition, more and more people are gaining an awareness and appreciation for wholesome lifestyle habits. Because of this new surge in the social consciousness around health issues, a market has inevitably developed to cater to a growing demand.


10 foods you should never eat


Nowadays, many food products and nutritional supplements are being developed and marketed to a mainstream consumer base. These products align themselves directly or indirectly with the benefits of good health. This messaging is achieved through use of explicit messaging in the form of labels and scientific data. It is also achieved by implication through simple association or elements that bear certain connotations such as color or imagery.


While many health foods and supplements are of great value to your well-being, some fail to live up to the hype. Because of the demand, many big food corporations’ resort to buzzword campaigns. Common terms used to describe the healthy properties of certain foods become saturated, ending up on a majority of food labels with little to validate the claim.


In some cases, food companies will attempt to rename traditionally unhealthy ingredients to disguise their presence in the food you eat. Whatever the case may be, here are a few food items and standards you might not know are harming your health.


Sugar, The Silent Killer

Since the advent of what we now know as the obesity epidemic, fat was seen as the main culprit in causing obesity, after all, being obese is due to an excess of body fat, so it makes sense to draw that conclusion. While to an extent this is true, the data was inaccurate. Fat was only part or the problem, maybe even less than, you guessed it, sugar.


10 foods you should never eat


Sugar has been tipping the scales for decades. It’s use in the human diet has shot up dramatically since the industrial revolution. Sugar use has gone up exponentially with improvements in manufacturing of processed food items. Sugar is also a cheap preservative and an addictive additive, driving up the demand and market value of most commercially available food. It affects the body in a similar way to alcohol, just without the psychoactive disruption. It is considered a hepatotoxin (liver poison) in medical literature, just like alcohol. This means it can lead to fatty liver disease, just like alcohol. And we feed it to kids, just like…wait.


Sugar is also the leading cause of type 2 diabetes, a condition caused by the total shutdown of your blood glucose management system. This happens when chronic excess of blood glucose leads to insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes. This has many negative health implications and is likely to shorten lifespan if unchecked.


So with this realization many of the population are staving off sugar. Either by limiting or eliminating total use of sugar from the diet. The only problem is sugar is everywhere. It is found in up to 70% of all processed food items and is not going away any time soon. So with the increasing shift away from conscious consumption of sugar, its presence has gone underground.


Sugar in Disguise

Sugar is the backbone of the commercial food industry. Without it, profit margins would collapse. So without being outright deceptive, many food companies have opted to instead be misleading. This is done in two ways. One way is to rename sugar using one of its many synonyms (different words that mean the same thing). This way consumers are tricked into thinking they are going sugar free. The other way is to overshadow sugar content. This is done by promoting high sugar content foods by only mentioning their healthy benefits, ignoring their unhealthy food status.


Sugar Synonyms

If going sugar free is your bit, you might want to look out for these words in the ingredients.





High fructose corn syrup

Brown rice syrup

Barley malt

Agave nectar


These tricky words sound fancy and even healthy in some cases. This is an exploitation of consumer psychology we all must be aware of it. Also, check the values index to see just how much of the food contains sugar. A typical adult shouldn't be consuming more than 22 grams of sugar per day.


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Overshadowed Sugar

In some cases. The true nature of sugar content is neither confirmed nor denied. It is simply ignored in favor of a few health benefits or implied nutritional value of the food as a whole.


Fruit Juice

A classic example of this is 100% fruit juice products. These juices will often go the extra mile in proclaiming health benefits such as vitamin content. All this is helped along by the “100%” label and calming images of fresh succulent fruit. What the box or bottle won't tell you as explicitly is that you are consuming more sugar than the same volume of a typical soda beverage.


10 foods you should never eat


This is because most fruit contain a high concentration of fructose (fruit sugar). Fructose is actually the part of table sugar that makes it so bad for your liver, thus and unhealthy food. To top it off, most of these juices are blends of a certain fruit mixed in with mostly apple or grape. This is because apple and grape contain some of the highest fructose levels in commercially viable fruit. The sweeter the juice, the sweeter the profits.


You may be thinking that means fruit is unhealthy? Not quite. Eating whole fruit has the added benefit of moderating sugar uptake due to the presence of fiber. Fiber slows down the uptake of sugar from your gut into your bloodstream. This allows the pancreatic insulin mechanism to function at a normal pace and for your cells to respond to insulin in a normal way.


Oh, Honey, Why?

Another food that gets away with this is honey. It is a heavily dense source of sugar. It is undeniably sweet, that should be a dead giveaway. However, because it has some amazing health benefits, this fact is categorically ignored.


Healthy Grains?

 Also steer away from breakfast muesli and trail mixes. These cereal based foods are often marketed as healthy get up and go snacks or morning meals. They promise a healthy dose of wholesome energy with the benefits of fruit, nuts and whole grain. While these foods would be healthy in their original state, the processing and literal sugar coating they undergo makes them into devastating sugar bombs.


The Dangerous Deli

Sugar is one thing to avoid, but there's a whole world of secretly unhealthy food at your local deli.


Truth About Luncheon Meat

Luncheon meat or cold cuts have been the cornerstone of convenient deli foods for generations. These meats are processed by smoking, curing and preserving in order to increase shelf life and value of meat products from with they are derived. It is increasingly understood that meat in this form is often very nutrient deficient.


10 foods you should never eat


Recently it’s starting to come to light than not only are these meats nutrient deficient, they are actually unhealthy food. Modern processing methods include many chemical additives such as sodium nitrate. These chemicals are linked to increased risk of cancer, high cholesterol and the harboring of pathogens.


Deli Salad: The Cold Truth!

The word salad rings synonymous with health and wellness. However, many salad options available through convenience food outlets such as delis and takeaways are unhealthy food. They end up doing the exact opposite. Often filled with sauces and seasoning dense with sugar and trans fats, its best to buy fresh ingredients and make your own.


In Conclusion.

It is now increasingly important to be aware of the deeper story behind the food you eat. Gone is the days when you can take food on face value and assume you know what's good for you. 10 foods you should never eat, having a moderate scientific understanding of the biochemistry behind the interaction of your body and certain foods is a big benefit.




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10 Foods You Should Never Eat


10 Foods You Should Never Eat


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