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How Sugary and High GI foods Negatively Affect your Immune System

Sugar that comes from natural sources such as fruits is often considered good where in fact the sugar itself isn’t what makes fruit good for us. It might provide us with a small burst of energy and pick us up but the reason fruit is considered good and healthy is because of the vitamins and fiber it contains.


When taken in low to moderate amounts sugar won’t harm us and will even provide our body with the necessary carbs it needs to function properly but when people consume it constantly and in high doses, it can interfere with many things and processes in our body, including our immune system.


To learn how sugary and high GI foods negatively affect your immune system we decided to do our own research and write our own piece on this matter in a clear and concise way so it’s easy to understand for everyone.


Basically what we found out is that high sugar consumption prevents our immune system cells from targeting bacteria and alter the way our defenses work against bacteria and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.






Here are the areas where sugar is able to negatively impact your immune system:


  • Disturbs Your Hormonal Balance

Consuming a lot of sugar and sugary drinks that go over the limit of the recommended daily intake of added sugars may disrupt your hormonal balance, specifically, increase the resistance of your body to insulin which has an important role in regulating your blood sugar levels.


Insulin maintains the blood sugar levels and if you’re constantly eating a lot of sugar your body might become resistant to the signals this hormone sends and develop an insulin resistance that may lead to type 2 diabetes which brings on a lot of issues and one of them is a negative impact on your immune system.



  • Triggers Inflammation

Sugary drinks and foods high in GI might cause chronic and low-grade inflammation that may lead to developing a more serious issue in the future. This happens because the refined sugar that we drink is broken down into two, glucose and fructose. Glucose is compatible with almost every cell in our body but the fructose can only be used and metabolized by our livers and having too much of it can cause stress on the liver because it won’t be able to metabolized the fructose as fast as you’re consuming it.


Furthermore there is research that suggests that fructose might increase inflammation and increase the level of cortisol in your blood which is also known as a stress hormone.



  • Causes Oxidative Stress

Too much sugar can increase the oxidative stress on your organism which is a major player in almost all degenerative diseases and chronic conditions. Oxidative stress is actually put on the body by free radicals which are produced from cellular metabolism and because the system that is put in place to defend against these free radicals can only deal with so much, putting extra pressure on our antioxidant defenses might put too much stress on it and be the reason for a drop in your immune system.



  • Advanced Glycation End

This is also harmful to the entire immune system and it’s caused by sugar molecules. Glycation happens when sugar sticks to the protein and diminishes the capacity of that cell to do the job as it’s supposed to.


Eating more sugar increases the chances of developing an advanced glycation end which is very harmful to our immune system and body if it’s in high amounts because it can trigger a lot of diseases.



  • Highly Addictive

Sugar is considered to be highly addictive and can cause unhealthy cravings for it the more you consume it. Research done on the addictiveness of sugar compares it to the addictiveness of cocaine and believes it’s even more addictive.


The addictiveness to sugar occurs because of the chemical reactions in the brain that are triggered when we consume it. It releases dopamine which is a hormone that makes you feel good but it doesn’t last for too long and when it passes it negatively impacts our brain causing feelings of depression and unhappiness.



  • Psychological Health

Sugar may also have a negative impact on your psychological health too because it messes with the insulin balance and creates insulin resistance when consumed in higher quantities. The insulin in your body might over-compensate and drop your blood sugar way lower than you want it to be which might be the reason you’re feeling fatigued or have mood swings that can be very stressful and a real burden on your psychological health.

Consuming lots of sugar might also have negative effects on your adrenal glands that are in charge of creating cortisol which is a stress hormone and research done on this topic suggests that sugar can keep the levels of cortisol high to a point where it becomes chronic condition. When our cortisol levels are constantly up our organism increases the amount of visceral fat because of the stress it’s under which is a pre-cursor for type 2 diabetes among other complex conditions.



  • Lower Nutrient Consumption

When you indulge yourself in sugary and high GI foods you usually leave less space for nutrients that are actually good for your body. Most foods that are packed with refined sugars have mostly that without any of the important nutrients to keep your body healthy.


Even if they have some, it’s really low amount that is almost insignificant. The nutrients are needed for your immune system to work as it supposed to because they provide it with the needed energy so it can be in the top shape. When we are nutrient deficient we expose ourselves to infections and other illnesses that wouldn’t have a chance if we were healthy.



  • Possible Obesity

Consuming a lot of sugar might lead an individual to becoming obese which is an overweight state of the body and it’s extremely unhealthy and it’s closely related to the strength of your immune system.


People who are obese show increased inflammation in many areas which triggers the body to keep excess weight and that leads to an increased risk of getting ill or developing a chronic condition.



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