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Flower Power! Echinacea’s Amazing Health Benefits

Echinacea health benefits – Many Ancient remedies are touted for their remarkable and often miraculous properties. As you would imagine, many of these have been blown out of proportion through misrepresentation of their true.


Echinacea health benefits


In a lot of cases, these ancient herbal remedies are mere placebo and offer no real benefit after being put through scientific scrutiny. There are a few, however, with which scientific evidence suggests there is some truth behind the ancient tales.


Medical and nutritional science has taken a spin around the block of ancient herbal remedies and come out with some true gems, allowing us to seek real and effective treatments that remain true to nature.


Things such as ginger and turmeric are known widely accepted as potent herbal remedies whose roots (no pun intended) stem from ancient origins. Another such plant extract is the echinacea or purple coneflower.


What is Echinacea?

Echinacea is a family of flowering plants native to North America. Often found in woodlands and prairies, this plant isn’t hard to come by if you look in the right place. Of the several echinacea species that exist, only 3 are really touted for their medicinal efficacy.


Echinacea health benefits


All parts of the plant contain useful, active compounds, however, it’s in the roots and the flower where you’ll find the real power. These parts are reduced and extracted into powders which are often then capsulated and tinctures in which the active compounds are concentrated in a solution.


Echinacea is also taken as a tea, often blended with other healthy herbs. The most amazing thing about echinacea is the diversity of healthy compounds it possesses. Instead of having just one main active ingredient and maybe a scattering of other trace compounds and nutrients, the purple coneflower has such a diverse variety of good stuff, it’s kind of hard to pick just one.


That’s why in this article, we’re going to take a look at several echinacea health benefits and what aspect of the plant puts them into effect. Before we do that, please make sure you drop by the Life Renu store and take advantage of some of the many amazing deals we have on offer with our range of natural health supplements. Try not to miss out! And without further ado, let's jump right into it.


5 Amazing Health Benefits of Echinacea

1. Antioxidant Powerhouse

Right off the bat, we have echinacea’s antioxidant properties. The purple pigment of the flowers is where the antioxidant powers are drawn. As you may be familiar with other plants and fruits such as blueberries, deep pigments are often a good indication of antioxidant potency.


Echinacea health benefits


In the case of the purple coneflower, a variety of flavonoids are found in the plant’s pigment. These include rosmarinic acid and cichoric acid. The effect these antioxidants have on your health is through limiting the damage caused by oxidative stress, a state that leads to accelerated cell and tissue damage.


This disruption of your healthy cells is caused by unstable molecules called free radicals. The echinacea antioxidants function as a cleanup crew, limiting the effects of oxidative stress and prolonging the lifespan of your cells.


2. Natural Immune Booster

Your immune system is your main defense and form of treatment against disease and foreign material. It is highly effective in this regard and science is still in awe as to how it actually works.


Echinacea health benefits


In spite of this, our immune systems aren’t infallible, and often need a leg up from external sources, especially under severe stress. That’s where echinacea comes in. Evidence suggests that the purple coneflower is an effective flu and cold remedy, helping shorten the active period of symptoms and infection quite significantly.


Echinacea is one thing you should have in your medicine cabinet, ready to deploy as soon as you feel a scratch in your throat.


3. Blood Sugar Management

Active compounds in echinacea have been shown to help manage blood sugar levels. This effect is achieved in two observed ways, giving more credence to the nutrient diversity of the plant’s extracts.


Echinacea health benefits


The first way is through the suppression of enzymes associated with the digestion of carbs. This limits their uptake and helps maintain a good degree of insulin sensitivity. The other effect echinacea has on blood sugar is through the increase of insulin sensitivity by the cells. It helps keep the protein receptors that respond to the signally of insulin open and active for the uptake of glucose to be stored as glycogen.


4. Natural Mood Booster

Echinacea has been shown to have an effect on cognitive function, helping fight stress, depression, and anxiety.


Echinacea health benefits


rosmarinic acid, cichoric acid, and alkamides are all compounds that have a positive effect on mood stability.


5. Improves Skin Health

The abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory active compounds in the purple coneflower has added benefit to the health of your skin.


Echinacea health benefits


Inflammation is one area of concern when it comes to skin health. It often leads to conditions such as eczema psoriasis and many other reactions. Echinacea’s cocktail of phytochemicals helps reduce and treat these conditions.



If you’re looking for a tried and trusted natural remedy, echinacea health benefits perhaps a little flower power is what you need in your life.


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