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Fitness trends of the Present and Future

Fitness trends of the Present and Future

Nowadays it seems everything is moving, evolving and advancing at a breakneck pace.


Technology, society, and information seem to be changing faster than ever.


The same can be said about health and fitness  and the industry that sustains them.

With a rapid integration of technology along with new levels of understanding in health, exercise and nutritional science, fitness trends are taking a unique shape and following an unforeseen trajectory.


Being fit, strong and healthy has a different meaning and method from what it did, say, 20 years ago.

Fitness trends of the Present and Future

Today you can track your progress, keep an eye on your vitals in real-time and analyze a precise rundown of your activity and habits as they relate to fitness.


We are also learning new ways to exercise and how to exercise in different ways for different goals.


The resources available for health and fitness today are way beyond what one could have imagined not so long ago.


In this article, we’re going to look at some of the biggest trends in health and fitness today and going forward into the future.


We will look at trends that either expand remarkably on a traditional concept or ones that are completely new and disruptive. looking for Personal Trainer in Tampa Visit


We want to help you gain insight and take advantage of the advanced benefits of future fitness.


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With that said, let’s get into some future fitness trends

Top 5 Fitness Trends

1. Wearable Tech

Today, fitness is in a weird middle space.

Fitness trends of the Present and Future

it’s hard to look back and imagine a time with no wearable fitness trackers and it’s hard to look forward and envision the time where everyone and their dog (literally) have some form of wearable monitoring tech.


Wearable tech has become so integrated into our daily lives, it even links to rewards programs and health insurance schemes helping us maximize our benefits.


HIIT, short for high-intensity interval training isn’t really that new.


What is new about HIIT is its popularity and recognition, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Fitness trends of the Present and Future

That’s because HIIT is a form of training that stimulates a heightened metabolic rate, a key factor in healthy weight loss.


The evidence that supports HIIT’s effectiveness has led to a global fitness revolution that continues to grow.

3. Senior Fitness

Fitness is often seemed like a young person’s domain, but today, more and more people of advanced age are tending to their fitness.

Fitness trends of the Present and Future

This is partially because fitness is now received as a part of medicine and medical treatment and also because the senior and elderly generation of today were some of the pioneers of the social fitness revolution that is now booming today.


That means the next generation of senior will be so entrenched in fitness culture, it won’t even be a thing anymore to see a wide range of age groups in any gym

4. Mind/Body Fitness

Fitness, until recently, was mainly seen as a physical pursuit, but today, and especially with increasing global awareness for mental and spiritual health, fitness is shifting into a more holistic territory.

Fitness trends of the Present and Future

Things like yoga come to mind when speaking about mind/body fitness, but across all forms and disciplines, even traditional exercises like weight lifting, mindfulness if becoming a major component of the training process.


Breath control, visualization and meditative focus are carrying even elite athletes to greater heights and also allowing fitness to truly assist with mental health issues.

5. Health Apps

We spoke about wearable tech, well here’s the very thing that goes hand in hand with them, fitness apps.


Fitness apps started off as app-based workout guides, but since then, they have evolved into a diverse array of applications from nutrition trackers to gym booking platforms to activity monitors and everything in between.

Fitness trends of the Present and Future

Health apps often can integrate with wearable tech for a dynamic, real-time experience.


Some popular fitness apps include Samsung Health MyFitnessPal, Strava, and Down Dog to name a few.


These apps can also be linked to your health insurance policy in many cases.


So there you have it, 5 exciting fitness trends that you should catch on to and benefit from today.


As technology and our understanding of health and fitness continue to evolve, new trends will emerge while some of the old ones grow to offer more.


Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions


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