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The Fitness Benefits Of Boxing

Exercising can be quite tedious. Repetitive, uninspired motions based on simplistic motivations devoid of any real passion can feel like a drag sometimes.


So in spite of the rewards and real health benefits, exercising can be pretty lame sometimes.


But you still need it, there’s the catch 22.


So what if you could take the idea of fitness and exercise and infuse it with fun, passion and an immersive challenge?


Well, that’s where boxing comes in.


The world’s most popular and time-honored combat sport is not always a total slugfest.


Boxing can be a super fun way to train and burn calories all while learning a pretty useful life skill.


The movement patterns and intensity involved in boxing actually provides an amazing full-body engagement, while stimulating your metabolism for a long and short term boost.


You can decide for yourself to take your boxing training to the next level and actually compete, fighting others for the glory and the passion of testing your wits against another.


But we’re sticking strictly to boxing as an exercise and not as a competitive sport.


So strap up and get your gloves ready as we reveal some of the exciting ways boxing can benefit your health and fitness.


Top 5 Benefits Of Boxing Fitness





Improves Explosive Strength

Due to the necessity to exert as much power into every punch, boxing is a great plyometric trainer.


Plyometric means power and power is defined as the rate at which strength or force is applied during a movement.


The faster this rate of force application, the more power produced.


Boxing takes this a step further by training participants in how to maximize the whole body’s movement capabilities for maximum power output in one effort.


Boxing teaches compound power whereas most power training methods tend to isolate power output to one muscle or muscle group.


Each punch in boxing drives from the feet, up through the hips and core, finally being expelled through the shoulder girdle.



Improves Cardio

The amount of stress boxing places of your cardiovascular system helps training it to be more effective in the long run.


Boxing may seem like a power struggle of furious flying punches, but at the core of it, it's actually an endurance challenge.


In a boxing match, you’re basically running a marathon with the caveat that you can try to punch out the person you’re racing against.


The benefits to your VO2max are profound.



Great Mood Booster

Continuing on with the cardio element of boxing is the benefits that come with it.


The runner’s high as it is commonly called is a blissful rush of endorphins that hits after a reasonably intense cardio session.


This happens because the body recognizes the completion of such an intense task as necessary for survival, resulting in a reward by the brain in the form of pleasure molecules.



Boxing can also have long term positive effects on your mood by building confidence and self-esteem as is often reported.


It's also a great way to let off steam and channel negative emotions, acting as a great stress relief workout



Amazing Cognitive Training

Still going with the brain benefits, boxing also promotes cognitive adaptation and development.


Hand-eye, coordination and spatial awareness become quickly entrenched with consistent training.


Gaining a better awareness of your body and the space it occupies makes you more effective in day to day life both for yourself and others who might rely on you



Weight Loss Benefits

Boxing, especially when applied in a HIIT format can place the right amount of metabolic stress to promote optimized fat burning.


High-intensity anaerobic training is one of the best possible ways to boost your metabolic activity and send you into a negative energy balance for great fat burning results.



While boxing may not be for everyone as far as a sport to participate in or even spectate is concerned. It’s definitely a great fitness method for anyone and everyone to give a shot at least once.

 Remember to only try a boxing class with a recognized boxing coach. One from a reputable gym or a known fight record perhaps

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