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Female Factor Review

Female Factor Review – With the explosion in public consciousness over health and fitness matters, influenced by advances in scientific understanding and spurred on by the information superhighway that is the internet. The world hasn’t been this hungry for health in a while, if ever.


Female Factor Review


This quest and desire have to lead to the growth of a burgeoning industry centered on fitness, nutrition and any possible goods and services that can be conjured up from these areas.


A lot of the stuff you can get your hands on and knowledge shared is fairly sound and beneficial, especially if it’s evidence-based or backed by independent science.


There are, however, a few irregularities shall we say. Female factor review, In what products are being peddled and what information is being proffered when it comes to health and fitness.


It also seems like a lot of these myths and scams are at the expense of women, but why is that?



Why Women Are The Most Targeted by Health and Fitness Scams


Health and fitness are strongly linked to age and beauty.


The healthier and fitter you are, the more attractive and age defiant you appear. Simple maths.


As you may be aware, especially if you are a woman of the modern era. Beauty is a coveted resource.


Achieving what one would deem an acceptable standard of beauty can come in many forms which is why female vanity is such a huge, huge industry.


Female Factor Review


It can be cosmetic in the form of hair, makeup, body composition, and grooming. It can be based on fashion which is clothing, footwear, and accessories.


When it comes to cosmetic beauty, one of the most sustainable ways to look good is to be fit and healthy.


And this is where the health and fitness industry catches the female market hook line and sinker.


More money is spent on health and fitness by women than by men, and while a lot of good has come from it, a lot of malpractice from business interests as well as just general misinformation has come from it too.


But how do you spot these myths or scams?

There are a few warning signs or red flags, but the first rule of thumb is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


One big red flag in this regard is the miracle cure.


Any product or service that claims to provide insanely favorable results in a fairly short amount of time through the single use of a single product is probably a scam.


Exercise During Pregnancy


Healthy weight loss takes time, building muscle or toning as it’s often referred to, also takes time.


Silver bullet solutions only exist in fiction. Female factor review, Even an extreme example such as liposuction will take time to settle in if you factor the healing process involved.


Another red flag is a celebrity endorsement. These are usually not outright scams, but the efficacy and validity of claims made are often exaggerated and the exaggeration is minimized by the endorsement a celebrity gives.


Unless it's a piece of sporting equipment actually used by a famous professional athlete, best to steer clear of any celebrity-endorsed products or services.


In this article, we’re going to round up a few of the most common heath and fitness myths and scams that prey more commonly on the female segment of society.



Top 6 Common Health Myths Aimed At Women


Lifting Heavy Will Masculinize Your Physique


Many women still believe that lifting heavy weights as part of a regular exercise will make them look like men.


Female Factor Review



This one has too many facts waiting to debunk it,  it would take forever to go through all the reasons it’s wrong and ridiculous.


A woman’s body’s response to training stimuli is to express genetic potential. If a woman is genetically female, heavy resistance training will just simply cause her to express her female genetics.



Diet In A Bottle…Or Tea Bag


We’ve touched on this one already in this article, the concept of a miracle diet pill or “skinny tea”, as they’re often referred to is simply absurd.


Sports Drinks


These products are ineffective at best, at worst, they can actually be harmful.


That’s because many of them contain heavy diuretic and laxative agents that essentially just make you sick and dehydrated for the sake of unsustainable weight loss.



The Quest To Lose Belly Fat, But Just Belly Fat

Belly fat is the bane of many women on the quest for a fitter, more presumably attractive body.


The problem with the industry and culture of female fitness is that belly fat is often incorrectly touted as something that can be eliminated through targeted isolation.


Belly Fat


Copious amounts of strenuous ab exercises along with the aforementioned skinny teas are often prescribed as a way of achieving washboard abs while maintaining the integrity of everything else.


This is terribly misleading. That’s because fat loss is never site-specific, it is gradual and general across all adipose tissue in the body.


If you want to train your abs for strength and endurance, go right ahead, but if you’re trying to train the fat away, you’ll be fighting a losing battle.

Female Factor Review


Female Factor Review



With as much good and useful information, there is out there on health and fitness topics, there is an almost equivalent amount of misleading and downright scammy stuff.


Most of it seems to be targeted at women simply based on the virtue that more women are seeking health and fitness solutions than ever before.


Just remember, these myths and scams often catch men too!


Buyer beware.

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