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Female Fat Loss: Basic Fat Loss Diet Plan For Females

Fat loss diet plan for female, for many in our modern world, the need to shed excess body fat is a pressing health issue. Statistics indicate that western populations are on average, overweight. This trend seems to tilt more towards women. The main cause for this rampant issue is the quality of food in a typical western diet, and when it comes to women, this is compounded by many biological factors.


Fat Loss Diet Plan For Female

Our modern western diets consist of highly processed foods. In many cases, it becomes a bit of a stretch to even refer to it as food. The amount of mechanical, chemical and refinement processing our food goes through is astounding. Not to mention all the genetic engineering and biological manipulation that occurs before processing even begins. This leads to the hefty inclusion of excess trans fats and refined sugars. These substances contribute greatly to the obesity crisis that plagues modern humans.


Why Women Have More Body Fat

diet for weight loss for female


Diet for weight loss for female, Looking at women, we see a number of biological factors inherent in the female physiology that contribute to a higher affinity in storing fat. Firstly, the reproductive functions of women both encourage and require more fat stores. Women are biologically designed to create new human beings. During pregnancy, the development of the fetus naturally puts extra energy demands on a woman's body. Because of this, women carry around an extra bit of fat in anticipation of gestation.


The whole reproductive body fat system is so smart in women that once it dips to a certain level, the entire reproductive system takes a break. The menstrual cycle stops and all functions associated with female reproduction slow down. That's because the body has recognized that it is not in a good enough state to develop a baby. Other factors that lead women to a higher body fat index are a relative lack of testosterone and abundance of estrogen as well as an average slower metabolism and energy output.


Fated to be Fat?

So what does this mean for women trying to lose weight and lean out? Does it mean it’s a lost cause unless you’re willing to sacrifice your biological gift of childbirth? Does it mean you are fated to being fat? Wrong. Although women have a higher body fat index, it doesn’t mean you can't look absolutely lean and mean and still be a reproductive machine. You just have to understand the fundamentals of diet and weight loss. Perhaps also a little patience. A basic fat loss diet for females follows the same principles as one for males, with a few girl friendly tweaks of course. Here are the do’s and don'ts.


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Do’s and Don'ts of Female Fat Loss Dieting



Do: Track your Intake and Output


The first thing you want to do is to do the math. When it comes to losing weight for anyone, keeping tabs on your net calories is essential. In this case, you want to be at a caloric deficit. Fat loss diet plan for female, What does that mean? It means you want the amount of calories you take in to be less than the value you burn through daily activity.


Fat Loss Diet Plan For Female


The best way to do this is to understand your body’s metabolism. You do this by figuring out your BMR (basal metabolic rate) and AMR (active metabolic rate). Gone are the days when we relied on arbitrary measurements like body mass index to determine metabolic rate. Consult a nutritionist and strap on a fitness tracker for more accurate readings. Next you want to keep tabs on the energy value of EVERYTHING you eat. Reading food labels is just the beginning. Keeping a food scale to measure your portions is how you step it up. From there it's just simple math.


Don’t: Do a Crash Diet

Fat Loss Diet Plan for Female


A crash diet is when you place a drastic calorie restriction on your eating habits for rapid weight loss. In very few cases such as athletes who need to meet certain weight or physique requirements, it's an OK thing to do. For the average person however, crash dieting is a shortcut to long term disappointment.


This is because the rapid weight loss and nutrient deprivation triggers the body. Your body goes into full panic mode trying to prevent catastrophic loss of nutrients, so it slows down your metabolism. This means your body’s natural fat loss ability is restricted. When this happens, it will become more difficult to lose weight efficiently once it’s back on, and it will come back on. That's because you haven't trained your body and more importantly you mind and habits to live a lifestyle that demands lower body fat.


Crash dieting as a woman also leads to serious complications as mentioned with your reproductive cycle. Other complications include irregular heart rate, dehydration and weakened immunity. Stay away from crash diets.



Do: Eat Fewer Carbs, Eat More Protein

When it comes to a healthy basic fat loss diet for females, protein is your friend. Not only is it giving you more muscle and less body fat, it is also an essential nutrient for many functions. Your digestive enzymes that facilitate correct digestion and metabolism of fats, the ribosomes in your mitochondria, the little metabolic engines of your cells as well as many energy and fat burning qualities are found in protein.


Fat Loss Diet Plan for Female


Carbs on the other hand, can lead to increased fat storage, depending of course on which carbs and how much. This is because carbs are the most insulin triggering molecules you consume. Increase insulin leads to an increase in fat storage. Low GI carbs for the most part are okay as they don't lead to a drastic uptick in insulin response. These include whole grain and unrefined sources. High GI carbs, however, are what you generally want to watch out for. These include sugar and refined carbs such as white breads and pasta. Carbs aren't evil, but their quality and quantity should be kept in check.


Don’t: Go Completely Fat Free!

We get it, it sounds like it makes sense, eating less or no fat should directly translate to efficient fat loss. This is true on the basis of caloric value, because if you're eating x amount of calories in fat and burning y amount of calories, a value less than x, you will pack on the pounds. But if the overall caloric value of your food is lower than what you're burning (a caloric deficit), it won't matter even if most of your calories are fat based.


Fat Loss Diet Plan for Female


It's also very important to consider the type of fat being consumed. Saturated fats are ok-ish in moderate quantities. These fats are solid at room temperature. They are commonly sourced from animal tissue but some plant sources exists such as coconut oil. Trans fats, on the other hand, are to be avoided. These cause inflammation and oxidative stress in the body as well as spiking your bad LDL cholesterol levels.


The most abundant source of trans fats is in processed and commercially fried foods. Vegetable fat spreads such as margarine are concentrated sources of trans fats. Finally, we have our unsaturated fats. These are the health fats everyone raves about when avocados enter the conversation. With special regard to polyunsaturated fats, you actually need them. Polyunsaturated fats contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are essential for healthy nerve and cardiovascular tissue. Moral of the story is: eat a tiny bit of saturated fat, a bunch of unsaturated fat and avoid trans fats.


Final Words

As a woman, losing weight and going on a basic fat loss diet plan has its own unique set of rules on to of the general fat loss protocol. It's also important to remember that even further than this, each and every human body has its unique set of specific needs. Because of this, it’s always advised to consult a qualified nutrition expert when trying to lose weight.




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