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5 Best Exercises for PCOS Sufferers

Best exercises for PCOS sufferers – There is no doubt that people with polycystic ovarian syndrome must engage in regular physical exercise (PCOS). Consistent exercise aids in weight control, boosts mood, aids in fertility, and decreases illness risk, among other health advantages.


Exercises for PCOS


People with PCOS may avoid exercising or attempting new things out of fear. Perhaps they believe their size prevents them from undertaking particular workouts, or they may believe they are too out of shape. Body image concerns might prevent people from exercising since they don't want to be seen doing so. However, dread should not be allowed to exceed the advantages of exercising your body.


If you're ready to start moving your body for pleasure and health advantages, or if you're already a regular exerciser looking to push your body even farther, here are some terrific, fun activities for individuals with PCOS to try.


How Much Do You Need To Exercise if You Have PCOS

For weight control, the government recommends that Americans acquire at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week or 75 minutes of strenuous aerobic activity per week, in addition to two days of strength training per week.


polycystic ovary syndrome physical exercise


Aim for 30 minutes of exercise every day as a general objective. But don't worry, it doesn't have to be completed all at once. Two 15-minute intervals of physical exercise equal the same amount as one 30-minute stretch is perfectly fine. The same holds true for three 10-minute bursts of exercise. Just be sure to get your heart rate up and keep it between 60% and 75% of your maximal rate. A simple 10 minute walk after each meal is a very healthy habit.



Walking is one of the greatest PCOS activities since it can be done anywhere and requires simply walking shoes. Put on some music or invite a buddy to join you on your stroll if you don't enjoy walking alone.


pcos workout


Increase the intensity of your walking program by using intervals: Alter between walking at a moderate speed for 5 minutes and running for 5 minutes. Change your route from time to time to cover both hills and flat areas.


Weight Lifting

People with PCOS can quickly gain muscle, which is great if you're attempting to lose weight. Take advantage of this by lifting weights twice a week.


exercises for pcos belly


Not sure where to begin? Make an appointment with one of your gym's trainers for an initial instruction session.Click Here to Apply for a Free Consultation


In addition, to shake up your routine, try meeting with a trainer once a month or so to create a different type of weight training.


Go for a Swim

Swimming and water aerobics are excellent pool workouts for women with PCOS. These workouts are gentle on the joints and employ resistance to engage the entire body. Set distance or speed objectives for yourself if you're swimming laps.


Exercises for PCOS


Stand-up paddle boarding is an outdoor water activity that tightens and tones the entire body while improving balance. Kayaking is another fantastic activity to remain active in the water that exercises the upper body and core muscles.



Intervals require alternating between brief bursts of high-intensity labor and rest periods of lower intensity. It's a quick approach to improve your cardiovascular fitness, with added advantages for PCOS.


Best Exercises for PCOS Sufferers


Going hard on the spin bike burns more calories and decreases belly fat more effectively than a brisk stroll. Doing HIIT exercises can help you lose 5–10% of your body weight.


Losing body weight helps with PCOS symptoms by lowering excess testosterone and improving insulin resistance.


Core Strength Exercises

Being overweight may result in lower back discomfort and poor posture, so including core exercise in your program is critical. These muscles support the spine and knowing how to activate them guarantees that you don't damage yourself when exercising.


Best Exercises for PCOS Sufferers


Start working on your pelvic floor muscles if you're attempting to conceive. These muscles, which are also part of your core, help avoid incontinence, promote sexual health, and increase pelvic stability, all of which contribute to a safe pregnancy.


Make It Something youEnjoy

The most effective workout is the one you continue to do, so pick something you love. Seeking the advice of an experienced professional is a fantastic approach to ensure you're exercising appropriately for your condition.

They may provide you a customized fitness program as well as lifestyle guidance and assistance to help you achieve your health and well-being objectives. Learn or practice a sport to put your body to the test. Join a weekly tennis clinic at your level, for example, or sign up for golf lessons if you want to learn how to play.


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Best Exercises for PCOS Sufferers


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