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Exercise Can Actually Make You Look And Feel Younger Here Are Just Five Of The Ways

Now I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to exercise, I tend to focus on the way I look. I think most of us do. But exercise isn’t just about looking good.


In fact, aside from its health and physical benefits did you know that exercise in particular weight training and something called high intensity interval training can actually slow down the aging process?


It’s true!


In fact, researchers have discovered a way to actually shave as much as ten years from your age simply by using vigorous exercise.


And no, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym, run a marathon or anything like that. You just need to start getting some exercise into your life.

That’s because exercise has the ability to change every cell in your body. And it makes you feel stronger, more confident, happier and more focused.


By simply making the commitment to start exercising today, you can absolutely begin to look and feel younger, no matter how old you are.


See, once we hit our 30’s…most of us start to lose muscle. On average around 8-10% per decade. That means a 55 year old who isn’t exercising can lose up to 20% of their muscle mass or more. It also means that your metabolism gradually begins to slow and with it your ability to burn fat.


Best bicep exercises


That’s because muscle is the most metabolically active part of your body. And losing muscle means losing your ability to lose fat.


In a study done at UCLA researchers found that the more muscle we have as we get older the longer we can expect to live. And there are dozens if not hundreds of studies that show that your overall body composition…


Meaning how much muscle you have in comparison to how much fat you have is one of the best predictors of your longevity.


It’s no secret that getting older tends to lead to joint and bone problems and makes us more prone to arthritis. But lifting weight regularly helps to support your joints and minimizes wear and tear.


Plus, strengthening the muscles around joints also helps to lubricate your joints and strengthens your bones too.


And when it comes to weight loss, your muscles play a key role. In fact, your muscles are a strong driver of your metabolism. And your metabolism as you probably know is the rate that you burn calories and how much energy you have.


Health Benefits Of Exercise


Remember, as I mentioned before, losing muscle mass also creates a slowing of your metabolism. That’s why the easiest way to boost your metabolism is to start a weight training program. Adding lean healthy muscle is like adding rocket fuel to your body’s metabolism engine!


More muscle equals more powerful fat burning, more energy And more testosterone too!


Men looking to replace their declining levels of testosterone should be happy to know that just 12 weeks of strength training can significantly increase levels of free testosterone. And testosterone is not just about increasing bedroom performance…


It also helps increase our ability to burn fat, it helps prevent heart attacks, and helps with confidence and mental clarity too.


And ladies, this is for us too!


Women actually need testosterone for their libido, mental clarity, confidence and it increases our ability to burn fat too! And with weight training don’t feel like you need to set the goal of looking like a fitness model or anything.


Simply working out consistently can and will improve your health, your fitness AND your appearance. And strength training not only helps you burn off body fat. But your muscles will become more defined too.


Swiss Ball Exercises


You’ll stand a little taller and walk with a bit more confidence. Plus it helps get rid of that belly fat.


Harvard researchers found that healthy men who did 20 minutes of daily weight training had less of an age-related increase in abdominal fat compared with men who just did aerobics.


Exercise also improves your skin tone by tightening up your skin. Especially that droopy skin on the backs of our upper arms. By building up the strength in your arms you can firm up this area. It works for all those other areas that tend to droop too.


And because exercise speeds up your circulation and flushes out toxins, your skin begins to glow as well. In one study of almost 6,000 people here in the United States researchers found that those who exercise regularly are biologically younger meaning that they’re actually younger on a cellular level than those who don’t exercise.


In a separate study, researchers at Brigham Young University compared the telomere lengths in those who did regular vigorous exercise and those who didn’t.


Telomeres are the protective caps on the ends of your chromosomes in each of your cells. Every time our cells divide, the telomeres shorten. And when the telomeres become too small, the cells die, which is a big part of how we age.


Exercise can take about ten years off your age…


Even moderate physical activity can turn back the clock about seven years.

And who doesn’t want that? I know I wouldn’t mind being 7-10 years younger. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional athlete or compete in Iron Man’s to turn back the clock on aging.


Just 30-40 minutes of running or other moderate to vigorous exercise five days a week can do the trick. And one of the newest types of exercise out there gaining popularity is HIIT training or High Intensity Interval Training.

Exercise Ball Workout


This is a fast-paced, intense form of exercise that has a MASSIVE effect on your body and it does it in a minimal amount of time. HIIT exercise alternates short intervals of maximum effort combined with several short recovery times. Most of the time these intervals are 3-5 minutes or less of hard exercise with a couple minutes of rest in between.


And what makes HIIT training so effective is the fact that it can boost your metabolism for hours, melt off unwanted fat and build muscle all at the same time.


As if that weren’t enough…


The Mayo Clinic also says HIIT can make you younger too.


Their study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, included 72 sedentary adults in two age groups—young (18 to 30) and older (65 to 80). Next the test subjects were assigned to one of three 12-week workout routines.


High-intensity interval cycling, strength training with weights or a combination of the two. At the end of the study period, all three groups showed improvements in both strength and endurance. But the HIIT groups had noticeable changes at the cellular level.


The group of younger participants experienced a 49% boost in mitochondrial capacity which is the cell’s ability to take in oxygen and produce energy. And the older group had an incredible 69% increase!


Bottom line…


Adding short bursts of high intensity exercise to your routine is a great way to boost the benefits of exercise even more.


Obviously, if you aren’t used to this type of exercise you’ll want to ease your way into it.


With that being said, don’t ever feel like it is too late! Everything I’ve shared with you today works no matter how old you are.


So, start now. Whether you decide to walk, run, lift weights, do HIIT training or a combination of them all. Just do something.


You’ll not only feel better both physically AND mentally, but you’ll literally begin to age in reverse.


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