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Swiss Ball Exercises For A Healthy, Strong Core

Exercise ball workout – Exercise equipment is important in order to amplify the quality and accessibility of physical activity.


Exercise Ball Workout


The plethora of exercise equipment available, however, can make selecting the right stuff pretty confusing.


There’s so much to choose from, and often, the choices are nothing but pure gimmicks.


We believe that simple is effective when it comes to workout gear and equipment.


That’s because you want to rely on as much of your own biomechanics to produce a training effect than you do on a bunch of weird contraptions.


After all, exercise is our way of gaining back the ground we’ve lost to automation and machines, making us more and more sedentary.


That’s why we love the swiss ball as an awesome, simple but effective exercise ball workout equipment.


We especially love it because it is one of the best ways to target the core. And here’s why that’s a good thing.



The Importance Of Core Strength

Think of your body as a mechanical structure, well, it is, but now imagine this structure is comprised of two functional parts.


These are your upper and lower body.


Exercise Ball Workout


Your upper body (hands, arms and shoulder girdle), and your lower body (feet, legs, and pelvic girdle) perform all the mechanical functions that allow you to work and move in your physical environment.


In order to do this effectively, they need to be able to coordinate and communicate with each other.


This is where your core comes in.


This central mechanical bridge is the means by which your body is capable of full function. Having a weak upper and/or lower body in relation to your core is way more manageable than having a weak core in relation to your upper and/or lower body.


Your core is your central foundation, so making sure it is healthy and mechanically strong should be a priority when it comes to exercise.

One of the best ways to keep your core conditioned is by challenging its stability and strength with an unstable form of mechanical stress.


Exercise Ball Workout


That’s where the swiss ball comes in.


In this article, we’re going to introduce you to 5 of our favorite exercise ball movements which target the core and deliver an awesome strength and conditioning effect.



5 Awesome Swiss Ball Ab Exercises


V-up Passes


Place the ball between your ankles and clench for a firm hold.


Exercise Ball Workout


Now crunch upwards with your legs and upper body remaining straight by engaging your core and pelvic floor muscles until your body forms a V-shape.


Stretch your arms forward to grab the ball.


After that, gradually lower back down until you’re flat on your back.


Repeat the movement again, but this time passing the ball back to your ankles.


That’s one rep complete.




Again lying on your back, but with your knees bent and feet flat on the ball.


Exercise Ball Workout


Your arms should also be at your sides with the palms pressing down for stability.


Lift your hips off the ground by pressing firmly down on the ball with your feet.


Hold yourself at the apex of your hip thrust for 1 second, then gradually lower yourself back down to complete a rep.



Over the Fence

Set up a high parallel rail about as far up as your ankle.


Exercise Ball Workout


You should be lying on the ground with the rail parallel to your position.


Place the ball on one side of the rail and clench it with your ankles.


Now pass it over the rail to the other side and lower it down to the ground, repeat this going back to the other side for the completion of one rep.



Knee Tuck

Get into a straight plank position with your legs placed on the ball just below the knees.


Exercise Ball Workout


From here, pull your knees in, rolling the ball towards you until it is under your feet and your legs are tucked into your chest.


Now extend your legs back again, rolling the ball out until you are in the initial plank position to complete one rep.



Pike Crunch

Same starting position as the knee tuck, so begin in a straight plank with the ball positioned under the knees and the legs resting on top.


Exercise Ball Workout


This time, crunch your waist in with your legs straight, pushing your hips up towards the ceiling.


From here, lower yourself back down and roll the ball back to complete a rep.




To get the most out of these exercise ball workout, try and perform 4 sets of 12 reps each.


We advise you to do them in a gym so you can get assistance from a trainer if needed.


Exercise ball workout are not limited to a gym environment. You can enjoy them freely at home or outdoors.



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