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Exercise and Mental Health Statistics

Exercise and mental health Statistics – Whether you're just starting out with your fitness program or you're already an experienced practitioner, there are psychological phases in fitness that everyone goes through naturally.

If you are prepared for what is about to come you'll have much better success in overcoming the more challenging phases and you'll reach the moment where you enjoy everything you do to better your fitness and health.


The Link Between Exercise and Mental Health


Make Decision

The first of the five phases in fitness starts with the decision to improve the way you look, your health, your strength or whatever your main goal is.

Exercise and Mental Health Statistics


It doesn't take long to decide starting a fitness program but it will take you about two to three weeks to change your everyday habits. In this phase you will feel extremely motivated and excited for taking the first step so use it to it's maximum potential.



After the excitement passes the second phase appears and it brings doubt. You will start doubting if you're on the right path and if you're able to achieve what you actually set as your final goal. There are only two ways out of this phase.

Exercise and Mental Health Statistics

Either you come out with much stronger will to succeed in accomplishing your goals or you come out a bit demotivated. Doubting yourself and the path you chose is completely normal so the best thing you can do is to accept it and focus on getting past it.

Keep in mind that this phase might repeat itself in the future but if you know how to use it wisely it will help you increase your will power which will effectively get you much closer to your goals.


Self control

This is one of the most exciting psychological phases in fitness. Effects of exercise on mental health, this particular phase you realize that you have gotten doubting yourself and your abilities and you are able to achieve much more than you thought possible at the beginning.

Exercise and Mental Health Statistics

In this phase you are also introduced to the connection between the mind and the body which increases your self control. You also realize that all lessons that you learn by increasing your physical strength and energy can be applied to a number of different spheres of your life.



This is the phase where your confidence grows exponentially and you start witnessing positive changes in your identity. Psychological benefits of exercise, you look at yourself as part of a group which is composed of healthy and fit people but what's even more important is that you are feeling fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

Exercise and Mental Health Statistics

Eating healthy became a habit and the unhealthy habits are no longer so attractive. In this phase you become a good example for the people around you, showing that healthy habits can only bring positive change.


Higher goals

Since your confidence level has grown in the last phase and in most cases it never stops growing, exercise and mental health Statistics, in this phase you realize that you are more than capable of achieving your goals and you start searching for other challenges in fitness or maybe another sport or hobby.

Exercise and Mental Health Statistics

This is the moment where you truly understand the quote “Fitness is a journey, not a destination.” and you start completely enjoying the ride.

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