Epigenetics and the Influence of Our Genes


It's Dr. Ron Eccles from life renu here again with another article for you.


You're all probably aware by now that I'm regularly spending time reading and learning about what's going on in the world of nutrition. I read different journals, articles and I'm scanning all this information so I can figure out what is the best way of resourcing you so that you can become equipped and armed to stack the deck in your favor when it comes to your health.





Epigenetics inheritance examples. One of the things that I hope you'll begin to understand is that genetics doesn't play as big of a part as we used to believe it did regarding your overall health. In other words you were born with a certain gene pool and there's nothing you could do to change it. My parents have recently passed away and they've struggled with heart disease for many years and here I am at 60 having little to no trouble at all.


I‘ll admit that it's been slightly above normal levels but I've been working really hard at keeping my diet and my Exercise levels so that I can control it and not let it be a big factor in my life. So even though both my parents experienced heart ilnesses for many years before they passed away, I have none of them. I don't take any medicines but I'm big on supplements because I love putting stuff back in my body.


Back to the topic of genetics, there's a relatively new subject of epigenetics or the science of epigenetics. An explanation follows because you may have heard of the term before but you had no idea what it means. Essentially, genetics are the gene pool in our DNA and epigenetics is the way the environment around us is like the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we consume, the things we touch with our skin and get absorbed through our skin. All of these things combined with our own lifestyle. They all impact our genes and switch certain ones on and off.


Epigenetics inheritance examples


So what scientists are discovering is the better we treat ourselves, the healthier we eat, the more Nutrients we put back into our bodies, the more we protect ourselves, the healthier we become, the more we engage our brains, the more we are building a foundation of a strong body, epigenetics inheritance examples, strong mind and strong health.


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You see what we're actually doing is flipping on and off different genes. We're turning on the good ones and trying to turn off the bad ones. We believe there are a lot of ways we can influence the amount of cancer people are experiencing today, the level of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers and other degenerative disorders of the brain and nervous system. Scientists believe that many of the simple ways we can prevent a lot of bad genes to be turned on is by eating healthy and putting the right stuff in our bodies which will stack the deck in our favor and make things better.


I remember reading one study where they talked about the incidence of Alzheimers in people that will just exercise moderately three times per week goes down about 50% which is amazing! Personally I believe in exercising every day, I believe our bodies are designed to be in motion but we'll leave that for another subject.


I just want you to really grasp that epigenetics is about what you can do to influence your genes. Epigenetics inheritance examples. You can either turn on good ones or you can turn them off. You can turn on bad ones or you can turn them off based on what you eat, how you exercise and how you care for your body overall. So make sure you're putting the right nutrients in your body because they really matter when it comes to activating good or bad genes in your body.

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