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Effects of Cortisol On Female Health

Many testosterone enhancers on the market focus on just that, enhancing your testosterone. This is not ideal for several reasons.

Not only are these enhancers not tuned to suit your unique female body chemistry, but they also ignore the importance of a hormone that affects how your body responds to testosterone.


That hormone is Cortisol.


To solve this, LifeRenu has specially formulated the female factor supplements to give your body just the right amount of testosterone you need, while enhancing your response to it by first, lowering your cortisol levels. All in one capsule!

But what is cortisol and why is it important to lower it first? Let’s find out



What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is known more commonly as the stress hormone. This helps us understand better exactly what it does in our body.

The hormone is released in your body during times of, well, stress. Situations that lead to its release include

  • Inflammation

  • Infection

  • Low blood sugar

  • Dehydration

  • Tissue damage or injury

  • Perception of danger or stressful situations


Once released, the hormone works to help you respond to the above scenarios, which we can call “stress triggers”. This isn’t a bad thing.


What is bad is how much cortisol is released.



Lack of Sleep


See, in today's age, we are constantly bombarded with stress triggers. Most of our diet options induce inflammation, we don't drink enough water always, and the general hustle and bustle of being an adult lead to plenty of stress and anxiety.

What this results in is a chronically elevated level of cortisol. Other than decreasing the levels of testosterone in your system, higher levels of cortisol have other harmful effects on your health.

Some of these effects will cause you to struggle to maintain a good physique, reduce your libido, decrease mental performance, and even make you age faster.

Let us take a look at how cortisol impacts our health in more detail.




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Cortisol makes it harder to stay in shape

In a state of stress, your body will want to hold on to as many resources as possible.

As such, the secretion of cortisol into your system will amp up your appetite causing you to uptake more calories and eventually store more fat.

Maintaining muscle mass requires a lot of energy expenditure. As such, the secretion of cortisol will cause your body to sacrifice your muscle mass to bring resource use down even more

The combination of decreased muscle and increased fat is, as you can imagine, doing no favors to your physique.

The effect is slightly exasperated by intense workouts since these also increase your cortisol levels.

It thus makes sense why the Female Factor supplement ingredients are formulated to reduce your cortisol. It is a vital step in helping you hit and maintain your fitness goals.



Identifying the Onset of Menopause


Cortisol reduces sexual desire

A decreased libido and increased cortisol levels go hand in hand.

Not only does cortisol actively inhibit your body’s production of testosterone, a hormone largely responsible for your libido, it also works on other parts of your body to mute your sexual desire.

This leads to a reduction in libido and sexual desire. Increased cortisol can also make sex less pleasurable and even impact fertility.

After all, it’s difficult to think about sex if you’re always stressed.

By working to both decrease your cortisol and increase your testosterone, LifeRenu Female factor pills have a two-fold benefit on your libido.



Cortisol Makes you age faster.

We were always told as kids that worrying causes wrinkles. Cortisol has a role to play in that.

Research has found elevated cortisol levels to cause a breakdown in your skin’s collagen and elastin. Couple that with the reduced muscle mass as well as a decrease in bone density, and you will end up looking older than you need to.

Cortisol also makes you feel older. The physical weakness it brings about is one part, but the stress hormone also impacts your mental performance.

Studies have shown a decrease in mental clarity and memory performance associated with elevated cortisol. You are also more prone to anxiety and depression if your levels are too high.

The main goal at LifeRenu is to get you to look and live younger, we formulated the Female Factor to tackle cortisol even before giving your body a testosterone boost. Oh and by the way, testosterone actively works to slow down some of the natural markers of aging, so it's yet another double win!


So, knowing how cortisol affects your body, it's easy to see why it is a crucial part not only in any testosterone enhancement supplement but for general health and wellbeing. This makes it easy to see why the Female Factor supplement has received so much acclaim compared to other testosterone enhancers.

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